Niche & Artisanal Giveaway: WINNERS!

I have the names of the six winners of the niche and artisanal fragrance giveaway.  Before announcing them, however, I would like to explain the technical administrative and privacy side of things because there were 237 entries in total and a few people entered under similar or identical names. (To give just one example: Stephen, Stephan, Stefan, or Steven.) So I took the liberty of writing minor, innocuous information in brackets beside certain names in order to ensure that I had the right Stephen, Stephan, Stefan, and Steven and to separate them out. The bracketed information did not violate your privacy or reveal your personal identity. Typically, it was either the first initial(s) of your last name (where applicable), just a partial fragment of your email address, or your geographic location. It was merely enough to ensure that the right person collected their prize, nothing more.

So, without further ado:


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Niche & Artisanal Giveaway: Bogue, Papillon, Neela Vermeire, Ensar Oud, St. Clair Scents & Sammarco


For perfumistas, reading about fragrances is fun but smelling what you’ve read about is even better. As most of you probably know, Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez just published their Perfumes The Guide 2018, the first new version of the book in ten years. The authors sought to examine the changed perfume landscape since the original Guide was released and, consequently, there is a heightened focus on both niche and indie/artisan houses.

I haven’t done a giveaway in years and years, but this seemed like a good occasion to make an exception. One of the criticisms of the book, in some quarters at least, is that too many of the houses are small and unknown. That won’t be the case if you’ve been a regular reader of this blog because I’ve long emphasized niche and indie/artisanal houses over big designer ones. In fact, a good number of the brands that I’ve covered are reviewed in the book.

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Oriza L. Legrand Muguet Fleuri Giveaway Winners

Lily of the Valley, or Muguet.

Lily of the Valley, or Muguet. has spoken, and I have the names of the fifteen winners for the huge Muguet Fleuri perfume giveaway so generously provided by Oriza L. Legrand Parfums (“Oriza“).


There were 92 people who entered, and selected the following 15 names:

Shawna LiskStephanAna (A.)RnoceanThe Ascetic LibertineCarolyn GudgelNemoImeldaCarolineMalmaisonToraNancySGMegan in St. MaximeMaybell, and Anita M!

Kafkaesque Oriza Muguet Fleuri Winners

Congratulations to you all! You will each get ONE 10 ml travel spray of the new Muguet Fleuri from Oriza L. Legrand.

You have THREE (3) days to contact me with your shipping information. I will then forward that information on to Oriza in Paris. The deadline is end of the day, 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time in the U.S. on Monday April 21st. Please send an email to Akafkaesquelife @ gmail . com  (all one word, scrunched together) with the necessary information.

If I fail to hear from you within the deadline, I will give the gift to the next person on the list shown above, and/or move the winners up by one.


Oriza will send the prizes directly to the winners. Given that the company is located in the Paris, it may take some time (up to 2 weeks, depending on your location and Customs processing) for you to receive your gift. It may take even little longer if your country has really nightmarish customs issues.

Neither Oriza L. Legrand nor I am responsible for items that are destroyed by customs or that are lost in transit for some reason.


I would like to thank you Oriza’s two owners, Hugo Lambert and Franck Belaiche, for their enormous generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness in offering so many wonderful prizes. They have put their heart and soul into Oriza, trying to stay true to its great legacy, working to keep it relevant in today’s modern world, and doing it all on their own. I wish them nothing but the greatest success, and I fervently hope that this giveaway sparks more interest in a venerable house that goes back almost 300 years. 



I also hope the winners will let me know what they think of Muguet Fleuri when they receive it and have the chance to try it. 

For those who didn’t win today, you can always order samples of Oriza’s creations directly from the company. Almost all the fragrances (except for  Foin Fraîchement Coupé) come in a sample set that costs €9 for a total of 7 fragrances, each in a 2 ml spray vial. Oriza’s international retailers are also listed at the end of this post.

As a side note, if you are the U.S., Luckyscent will soon carry the entire Oriza line — including the new Muguet Fleuri, the soaps and candles, sometime this week. If you are in New York, you can always try Oriza’s fragrances at JuJu s’Amuse, though I don’t know if they’ve received the new release yet.

Thank you to everyone for stopping by, and have a lovely weekend.

Cost & Availability: Muguet Fleuri is an eau de parfum that comes in a 100 ml or 3.4 oz bottle, and costs €90. Muguet Fleuri is available directly from Oriza’s e-store. A great sample set is also available from the e-Store (scroll down midway to the page and it’s on the right.) The set includes 7 fragrances in the range, except for Foin Fraîchement Coupé, with each scent coming in 2 ml spray vials. The whole thing costs a low €9. Separate shipping is listed as €9, but a friend said he was charged only €7. Oriza ships globally, as I’ve had readers order the sample set from all over. In the U.S.: Luckyscent should get the Oriza L. Legrand line next week. Right now, it is carried at New York’s JuJu s’amuse. It has two locations, and I’ve provided the number for one, in case you want to check whether they do phone orders: 100 Thompson Street New York, NY 10012, with Ph: (212) 226.1201; but, also, 1220 Lexington Avenue (at 82nd Street), New York, NY 10018. Other vendors in Europe: Oriza’s perfumes are also sold at Paris’ Marie-Antoinette (which was my favorite perfume shop in Paris), as well as one store in Sweden. In the Netherlands, the Oriza line is carried at ParfuMaria. Germany’s First in Fragrance also carries the Oriza Legrand line, but Muguet Fleuri is not shown on their website at this time. Oriza L. Legrand is also sold at a few places in Japan. For details on those retailers and the Swedish store, you can check Oriza Points of Sale page.