Niche & Artisanal Giveaway: Bogue, Papillon, Neela Vermeire, Ensar Oud, St. Clair Scents & Sammarco


For perfumistas, reading about fragrances is fun but smelling what you’ve read about is even better. As most of you probably know, Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez just published their Perfumes The Guide 2018, the first new version of the book in ten years. The authors sought to examine the changed perfume landscape since the original Guide was released and, consequently, there is a heightened focus on both niche and indie/artisan houses.

I haven’t done a giveaway in years and years, but this seemed like a good occasion to make an exception. One of the criticisms of the book, in some quarters at least, is that too many of the houses are small and unknown. That won’t be the case if you’ve been a regular reader of this blog because I’ve long emphasized niche and indie/artisanal houses over big designer ones. In fact, a good number of the brands that I’ve covered are reviewed in the book.

I extended an invitation to six of them to join together for a sample giveaway, and they kindly, generously accepted. They are: Bogue, Papillon, Ensar Oud, Neela Vermeire, St. Clair Scents, and Sammarco. Every brand got 3 Star reviews, if not higher. None got below 3 Stars. If you’ve read the book and seen the preponderance of Ones and Twos, typically accompanied by withering, wince-inducing commentary, then you’ll understand that a Three (“Good”) is actually pretty darn good in the larger context. A number of the fragrances offered here, however, got Fours and there is also one Five. Relative to the deluge of frequently brutal One and Two Star reviews for both niche and mainstream houses, that’s excellent. My congratulations to them all. [UPDATE 7/22: my review of The Guide 2018 is now up.]

Most of the fragrances offered today in this giveaway were reviewed in the book, but not all. Neela Vermeire and Sammarco are each including one additional release which was not covered because the scent was too new. In the case of Ensar Oud, his two attars sold out before the book’s release, so he’s compensated by offering a set of sandalwood oils — real sandalwood, including a vintage Mysore one — with a few oud oils as well.


Please read the following details and terms of the giveaway carefully.

First, the giveaway is open to all readers regardless of location. In other words, it is an international one.

Second, to be crystal clear, what’s being offered are samples, not full bottles.

Third, and most importantly, I’ve divided the sample sets into two separate packages: Package A and Package B. Each package will have fragrances from three brands and each of those brands is offering three sample sets, so there will be three winners for each package. My thinking behind this structuring was to increase the number of winners so that there would be six instead of just three. It seemed like a more equitable way to spread the fun.

Package A has the following brands and fragrances (and the incorporated links take you to my reviews of the individual fragrances):

Package B has the following brands and fragrances:

Fourth, to enter, you must post a comment here, not on any of the blog’s social media sites. It’s easier for me to compile all the names together that way. Also, you can only enter once.

Fifth, when you comment, your name will be put on the list for both Package A and Package B, so that you have the chance to win either one. Howeveryou can only win ONE package, not both. I will be using to select the winners, so if your name comes up for Package A, then it will be removed from consideration for Package B or vice-versa. If there is one package that you wish to win above all else, then, if you want, you can specify which one in your comment and I will make a note of it but there are no guarantees.

Sixth, the giveaway starts tonight, Friday July 20th, and is open until 11:59 p.m. CST on Friday July 27th in the U.S. If you’re overseas, CST is -6:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Seventh, as mentioned up above, I will use to choose the six winners and I will announce the names in a separate post sometime on or around Sunday, July 29th.

After that, the winners have until Wednesday, August 1st to email me with their real names and addresses, which I will subsequently pass on to the brands associated with their particular winning package. Please send an email to: Akafkaesquelife @ gmail . com  (all scrunched up into one address. I’ve separated it out here to foil spam-bots). If you don’t contact me or if I fail to hear from you within the designated time, then I will give your prize to the next person on the list.

Eighth, the companies will send the prizes directly to the winners and as soon as they can. Please understand that it may take some time for you to receive your gift, up to 2 weeks depending on your location and customs processing, or possibly even longer if your country has really nightmarish customs issues or if your geographic location is on the opposite side of the world from the perfumers.

Ninth, and finally, please be aware that neither the companies nor I am responsible if items are destroyed by customs or are lost in transit for some reason.

 *   *   *   *   *   *

I would like to thank Antonio Gardoni, Liz Moores, Diane St. Clair, Giovanni Sammarco, Neela Vermeire, and Ensar Oud for their kindness and generosity in participating in this giveaway and for offering samples of their lovely creations without, as is sometimes the case in giveaways, any geographic restrictions. My hope is that six of you will discover something new that you end up falling in love with and that the rest of you might be tempted to give these great houses a look if you’re unfamiliar with them.

Good luck to you all.

273 thoughts on “Niche & Artisanal Giveaway: Bogue, Papillon, Neela Vermeire, Ensar Oud, St. Clair Scents & Sammarco

  1. I’m very excited about this giveaway! Sounds strange, I know, but I live in the forest just outside Yosemite and fast food is a far away luxury, let alone perfume! I also can’t wait for the new book. Thanks for the opportunity to smell something besides fire!

  2. I shall throw my name to the internet winds of chance. Thank you for the awesome blog.

  3. This is so exciting!
    I’m back in Greece right now, but returning to the US in just a few days to start the FIFTH year of grad school…this just might be enough to ease the pain
    Wonderful timing, K – thank you!

  4. Great timing. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy the depth and quality of your reviews.

    I’ve especially taken an interest to Papillon and will head to their London boutique this coming week.

  5. I love your blog and read it frequently. So excited for this. Thanks!!

  6. Beloved Kafka!!! I was wondering what you had to say about the “new” Guide! I myself have been quietly buying up the more “mass market” of the 5 stars!!! ( read: the ones I can still afford!) I simply can’t stop wearing Narcisco!!! I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have…it certainly made me long to jump back into perfumes once more, however it is not something I can entertain for now. I shall just have to paint pictures based on descriptions. I still prefer yours to theirs, although they have you beat at the snarky table, for certain!!! All my love to you and the hairiest one! Hope he’s doing well!!! The Kindest of Regards to you Kafka! Peace & Love!

  7. Hi dear Kafka
    Thank you for organising this fantastic giveaway and thanks to the perfumers for their generosity.
    I live in perfume-desert Japan. None of the brands mentioned are available here and I’d love to try them.
    My preference goes out to pack B.
    Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone.

  8. Dear Kafka, glad to see you are back. I hope the Hairy Germany Lord is doing OK. Believe it a not, me a dog person, got a cat. We adopted a stray 2 months old kitten from a shelter (well now she is 7 months old)!! I never thought I would do that, I never thought of myself as a cat person.Thank you for doing a draw.

  9. Dearest Kafka – I always look forward to reading your blog posts and am excited to participate in this giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Well. When we do hear from you it’s always in style! Thanks also to the sample contributors! If it makes a difference, I’ve sampled almost everything in package A so should the luck of the draw be in my favor package B would be rocking. Hope you and your teuton are doing well.

  11. What a delightful way to celebrate the second edition of Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez’s book. Many thanks to Kafka who is responsible for guiding me to the world of artisan perfumes and giving me hope that there are artists out there creating scents worth smelling. Personal preference is for Package B, as I am already the contented owner of several of the Package A items.

  12. How exciting! I have been reading your blog for some time now. You started me on my fragrance journey and I have been slowly exploring your favorites for a couple years now. Can’t wait to see what else you can teach me!

  13. Thanks so much for letting us know about the book. I’m sure I can’t resist buying it! Engaging the artisans in the giveaways is wonderful.

  14. What a fun and generous competition. It’s always a pleasure to read these reviews and this competition makes it even more exciting. I love Ensar Oud!

  15. I am already an wistful fan of many of these and very anxious to try the others! Thank you for spreading the fun around. Off to kindle I go!!

  16. Well this does sound like fun; I am sure I would enjoy and learn from either package, so thank you! Kind regards and best wishes to you and yours,


  17. This is an amazing giveaway! I look forward to getting the book as well to read about all the perfume treasures in it!

  18. What an amazing opportunity to try some new ones, Kafka! I’ve tried most of samples in Package A, but none in Package B. But that could be remedied! 🙂

  19. This is very exciting! Both packages are new to me! Excuse me if I posted twice, my comment isn’t appearing.

  20. How generous of you and the perfumers! I’d love to participate in the giveaway. I deeply appreciate your blog. I don’t comment much, but I love your deep analysis of the perfumes you review and the story of your personal experience with each scent.

  21. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I love your blog and you’ve introduced me to so many great fragrances over the years. Your knowledge and insight are unparalleled.

  22. Dear Kafka, This certainly is an amazing opportunity. Thank you for this giveaway.

  23. Thanks very much Mr. Kafkaesque for this rare opportunity to win some of these nice gems.

  24. Hello Mr Kafkaesque-
    What an amazing opportunity to win classics like those
    I cant wait for draw results

  25. Being able to experience a new artisan crafted scent is always a delight!

  26. Thanks for the giveaway. A great way to try some scents that I’ve been interested in!

  27. Wow! How wonderful! I had Salome and Dryad. So excited. Thank you K for the opportunity.

  28. I’m in!! I haven’t read the book yet but it’s on my list. Good luck to everyone, I hope you’re one of the OTHER five winners

  29. So exciting! I didn’t even know there was a new edition of the book. I’ve not sampled anything new for a while! My preference would be package B.

    Hope you’re well, Kafka, and thank you so much!

  30. What a wonderful opportunity indeed for people to discover those brands that are harder to get (especially in quarters around the world where Boss fragrances are considered en Vogue)! Thank you for doing it!

  31. How exciting, it’s so rare giveaways are offered internationally! Fingers crossed

  32. I absolutely love your blog! I really appreciate all the thoughtfulness, care and imagination that you put into each post. Thank you for educating and illuminating us on the world of perfume.

  33. Great blog, wonderful giveaway and I appreciate the perfumers for contributing their products. May the Internet winds of chance waft any of these beautiful perfumes my way….I am not picky. Good luck to everyone who enters. Cheers.

  34. Keen to get my hands on the book. Of the samples in the give away, I must call out Bogue MEM deserves its 5 star billing. It’s been one the most positively intriguing fragrances I’ve sniffed recently, one that kept my mind distracted for 18+ hours. And Bond-T.. Such a delicious fragrance.

  35. Dear Kafka, glad to see you are back and thank you for this exiting giveaway!
    I love to read your blog and the deeply reviews.

    I already have the complete samples set from both NVC and Papillon, it would be a pleasure to share 🙂

  36. Both your giveaway and the publication of the new book are a surprise and a delight.
    Luca Turin liking Liz Moore’s Papillons is great. So it’s Package A for me, please. He wasn’t so fond of Rania J’s stuff (which I have a sample set of) though. Kafka, what do think of this ?

  37. I love your blog! I’ve been reading Luca Turin book and looking forward to trying these brands!

  38. Oh Kafka …I have so enjoyed burning the midnight oil with your wonderful blog & have learned so much , Thank You !
    I have based purchases on your reviews & now to have a chance to “physically explore” such a gift ; whee !
    I am mentioning Package B … I understand no promises (either would be grand however I confess to still being an Oud addict)
    Peace & Be Well & Good Luck to all who enter for this rare opportunity :>)

  39. Dear Kafka,
    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! If I were fortunate enough to win, fingers crossed that it be Package B, only because I have every one of the fragrances mentioned in Package A and think someone else should have the opportunity to try those beauties. I understand there are no guarantees as to preference. In my own Guide, these fragrances would receive five stars, so thanks again for the opportunity.

  40. Dear Kafka,
    thank you for organising such a wonderful giveaway…..
    I am delighted to hear about the new book, without you and the blog I may have missed it….needless to say that I am always delighted to see a new post up on the blog….I learned so much more about the world of perfume since reading it…
    Happy summer!

  41. Amazing idea! Thank you and to all the perfumers who accepted to do a joint giveaway! This book has already broken the internet, and though still not in my possession, I feel like I have read it. Surprisingly, I know most of A pack fragrances, but I would like to enter for both , because I would like to give them away to someone else who hasn’t tried them. One more thing – love to see you back and hope everything goes well for you and your hairy friend.

  42. How wonderful and what a great giveaway….I can’t wait to get my hands on the book. Thank you for your inspiration over the years and the effort and love that went into creating your blog….

  43. I’m such a Bogue fan, this is a great opportunity! Thank you for putting together such a great event.

  44. What a lovely, generous thing to do! I was excited to see a new post from you (we have missed you so, dear K) and even more excited to see mention of the guide (obsessively following it up to release, as well as on basenotes since). A giveaway, from such superb houses to boot, really was the trifecta. Am overwhelmed with excitement and need to go lie down. But not before posting my comment and asking you to please count me in!

    I’d be delighted to win either of these. I have samples, or full bottles, of a goodly number from package A though, so this really would serve another better as an introduction to these beautiful scents. I will offer a preference for package B. I’ve really struggled to find the Neela Vermeire, and the only one I’ve tried – Ashoka – has been on my wish list for some time. Maybe when I’m next good ;). The St. Clair scents sounded utterly charming and I’m almost a little scared to get my nose on the Ensar sandalwoods as I suspect they will send me crazy with desire, or to penuary. Possibly, if not probably, both 😉

    Regardless, please convey thanks and admiration to the wonderfully talented perfumers who have collaborated with you to make this offer possible. Each of them is remarkably talented, and some of the samples on offer here (those I’ve smelled, anyway) represent some of of the most complex, polished and mature creations in recent years. The praise is well deserved, hats off to you all! K, you’ve steered us in the direction of quality as always. Am certain there’ll be some new loves for whomever is lucky enough to win 🙂

  45. Dear Kafka, what a wonderful initiative. These are all, without exception, great brands that are all in their own way very special. All of these brands are truly original and offer very high quality products. I’d love to sample more of these brands. Please count me in! Can’t wait for more of your reviews, you have opened my eyes to many great fragrances!

  46. What a generous draw, thank you and the brands so much! I’d love to win the B but would be happy with either one. – I will receive the book in a few days. After several mentions and citations I look forward to again being amused, astonished, bewildered

  47. Ohh, what fabulous news to read first thing in the morning here in Spain.
    Thank you for such a generous giveaway! Good luck to you all.

  48. Ohhh what great news to read first thing in the morning here in Spain!
    Thank you for such a generous giveaway. Good luck to us all!

  49. How amazing! Thank you Kafka and all the brands for their generosity! Me too I have had great fun reading the new Guide. I’ve always wanted to try the Papillons but sadly they don’t ship outside UK, not even just across the English Channel. Maybe this time I’ll be lucky! Since I know all the Neelas already, I’d prefer to enter into the Package A draw only if that’s not too much trouble. Thanks again for the giveaway!

  50. What a wonderful gift . Some very interesting fragrances in those lists . I have bought quite a few fragrances based on your reviews and always been happy. Do not mind which package as both sound great.
    Kind regards

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you so much for this wondefull opportunity, your blog is
      already good for interesting reading and now we all get a chance
      for soem bonus too!.

      All the best,
      b. Joe

  51. Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for this wondefull opportunity, your blog is
    already good for interesting reading and now we all get a chance
    for some samples too!.

    All the best,
    b. Joe

  52. Was only thinking the other day that I would love to smell new quality perfumes….

  53. I am so happy about this giveaway. Especially Ensar Oud being part of this project is much much appreciated as people would now know what real ouds smells like.

  54. What a lovely offer. I have been reading The Guide 2018 this week and thinking how great it would be to smell some of these rarer fragrances. Thank you for this opportunity.

  55. First of all, welcome back and thank you for this great opportunity and thanks to the Brands for following your idea.
    Just the day before yesterday I purchased the paper book !
    These artisanal independent brands need some well deserved spotlight.

    Have a great summer!

  56. Great initiative Kafka!
    I’m always interested in getting to know new perfumers (especially small ones).
    So I hope to be one of the lucky winners! 🙂

  57. Thank you for this opportunity. There are some fragrances here that I’ve long been wanting to try. And thank you for not making us choose between A and B! It would have been an agonising decision and either of the two packages would make me enormously happy.

  58. This is a great opportunity to try out something new. It seems like Unkle Serges has altered all my favourites so the drought here in Denmark is equal to my perfume drawer. Hope your hairy master is doing better han my girly. She has just had 2 tumor removed and it is cancer. Fortunately she’s still happy and playful. Goodmto have you back.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your girl. And poor you, you must have been worried sick. Were they mast cell tumors? Does the vet think they managed to remove everything and that they caught things in time before it spread? I hope so. Please give her a hug from me.

  59. I am relieved you had the time to post! Only yesterday I had a look at your blog to see if I maybe had missed your posts and was a bit concerned. I hope you are well dear K (at least, as well as possible in a world where ‘the centre cannot hold’), and ofcourse His Highness, and your parents. We are well, but sufferning an unusal drought here in the Netherlands, Angela (who wasn’t happy anyway after the visit of you know who ;-)) is suffering, as are we and everything else. The giveway is nice, (but it is much nicer seeing you post!), should I be lucky maybe one of the samples can lift me out of the perfume doldrums! XXX

  60. What a great idea! Very much appreciated… I must say I have only been introduced and tried some of these wonderful fragrances because of this blog: Salome, Anubis and Bond-T, just to make a few. Thanks again and as Ringo always says, peace & love- BK

  61. Thank you for the opportunity to win such wonderful samples! My fingers are crossed!

  62. What an awesome opportunity to sample such wonderful perfume houses and niche brands! I hope I am randomly selected!

  63. What a wonderful draw! I haven’t tried any of them, they all sound fascinating in their different ways. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  64. This is so sweet of you and all the perfumers!! You do not need to enter me, but I just wanted to say thanks from all of your followers and myself!

  65. Hello Kafka

    I am glad you have another post …. and it’s a giveaway ! 🙂 I am a long term follower. Thanks and keep up the righteous work. Good luck everyone !

  66. I don’t always agree with Mr. Turin and Ms. Sánchez rating but from the giveaway, all the brands I tried are
    solid five stars! I would love something of the package A if possible, thank you for the giveaway!

  67. This is a great opportunity.
    Both packages are awesome but package B is what i would like to get.
    Thank you Kafka.

  68. Wow! This is terrific…I’m getting the Turin book ASAP. I love your succinct reviews of so many perfumes. Such focus is a gift to read…I’ve purchased many an exceptional bottle thanks to you! You, sir, are the gift. Thanks!

  69. Hi Dearest Kafka!!! So very happy to see a new post from You!!! I know it has been quite a year for You and His Highness…All will work out in the end…. 🙂
    Kindest wishes of wellness and strength to You Both!!!

  70. A beautiful choice of parfumes and a terrific blog! I am a Maai fun as well as NV Trayee. Please enter me into the giveaway! Thank you very much for inspiring reviews.

  71. My nose agrees that MEM is truly a 5 star perfume. It is the only scent from Bogue I have smelled, I would love to try more. I have stayed away from reading the new Guide, it makes me want to try everything. I know in time my curiosity will win out. Thank you, kafkaesque, and to the perfume houses for your time and generosity in creating this opportunity for us.

  72. How lovely to get a chance to win a package with samples from these very interesting Indie perfume houses. I have tried two different ones from Papillon and really liked them. And thank you for a wonderful blog!

  73. Thanks for the giveaway! Throwing my name into the hat! (second comment, the first one isn’t showing up, but if it does, feel free to delete one of them).

  74. I always love the work you do to give press to the small and different houses!

  75. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks. I’m looking forward to some new posts from you soon.

  76. Thank you Kafka for the opportunity. I believe there will be around 500 comments for this thread. Please count me in.

  77. Thank you Kafka for this wonderful opportunity! Glad to see you back on the blog! I’m very interested in discovering Ensar Oud and St. Clair’s fragrances. Please count me in for Package B.

  78. Many thanks for the giveaway and years of insightful reviews. I shall also enter my name into the giveaway

  79. Many thanks for the giveaway and years of reviews. I would also like to enter the giveaway

  80. What a lovely giveaway! Thanks for putting it together and to the brands for donating.

  81. So very cool and exciting, Kafka! I’ve probably never commented, but I’ve been a big fan for years. Always enjoy everything you write. Thank you so much for the chance!

  82. This is so exciting! I love your reviews. I am especially interested in Package B. But, would be happy to win either. Thank you for this thoughtful giveaway.

  83. Hello Kafkaesque, it’s good to see a new post from you. Hope you are well, and thank you for the giveaway!

  84. I just ordered the new guide. I’d love to win one of the Set A’s! I’ve already had the pleasure of sniffing a bunch in Set B. ❤️ I am currently in love with First Cut; it is pure golden honey, hay, and sunshine on my skin. Thanks for the fabulous opportunities.

  85. Would love to try these. Especially the Ensar puss you’ve written so bueatifully about. Thank you for the oppurtunity.

  86. What a wonderful opportunity. Thanks so much for this. I hope the Hairy German is doing well. My four canine friends sent their regards. I was so glad to see you back again.

  87. What a great idea for a draw. I would love to win. Whatever set would be fine with me. Thank you for much for the chance. I read your blog all of the time and love your detailed comments about fragrance. I have missed hearing from you but I understand”Life gets in the way” sometimes. Thank you again.

  88. I’ve been waiting for what seems like eons for that book to be published! Hurrah! And hurrah and thanks to you and the perfumers for the lovely giveaway! Oooh!!!

  89. Hi Kafkaesque, good to see that you’re back and I hope all is well with you and your Teutonic baby .What an exciting contest Thank you. I would love to win set B

  90. What a great giveaway – thanks so much for organizing this!! I am especially excited to try package B 🙂

  91. Hi Kafka! I’m happy to have a chance to win but I equally wish you had posted a fresh review 🙂
    Hope you’re doing well!

  92. What a great selection! I’m only (very) interested in package B as I’ve tried (or own) each perfume in A except for Dryad. If I win the A, please give it to someone else instead, so they can explore what I know and love!

  93. Hello,
    I hope your summer is going well, and that your furry master is treating you well. It’s a chilly day here, and overcast-perfect for cooking and cleaning, and getting ready for the week,

    This is a very generous offer from you and all the perfumers. Both sound amazing but the second one is the one I’d like to try-the Neela creations have been on my radar for a long time.

    Still enjoying the Filles en aiguilles I bought based on your review, and also the SL series you wrote about. I really love that particular post.



  94. How fantastic. The list looks amazing, and all those winning will be so happy! Thanks!

  95. Even though I’ve never posted before, I do miss your writings. I also hope all is well, especially for the Hairy German. We have a 9 yr old cat, and 2 leopard geckos, one 10 yrs old and the other 12. The younger one had me worried recently, her shedding skin wasn’t coming off properly, which can become problematic. But a week of rubbing some oil on her finally helped. <3 Thanks for arranging the giveaway. Lately, even samples have become too much of a luxury to splurge on, lol.

  96. What a wonderful idea, as it was a very thought-provoking ebook! Thank you for doing this. Please count me in.

  97. GIVEAWAY TIME whoop whoop whoop .
    Incredibly awesome cool beans exciting stuff .
    thank you thank you thank you .
    mic drop yaaaaaaaaa .

  98. Oh wow this is a most generous giveaway! I have been dying to try Sammarco for quite some time – as well as all the others of course. I would love to be considered for this competition. Thank you!

  99. Very cool giveaway. Quite a few of these are on my list to sample so this would be great. Thanks to you and all the perfumers Kafka!

  100. Dear K,
    I have just bought the book on Amazon. I am quite disappointed that Ambre Loup is rated at 2 stars. Thank you for this chance. What a generous giveaway!

  101. I would love to try these fragrances – sampling is so much fun!
    Just recently I’ve been testing samples from various smaller companies and discovered some lovely scents that I might add to my collection.
    (Aromantik and top2base being among my favourite new discoveries.)
    Thanks for organizing the giveaway!

  102. I’ve been reading Your blog couple of years already and I must admit, I love the way You write and how You also use reviews from other enthusiast even if You disagree with them.

    Thank You for sharing Your thoughts and thank You for arranging this giveaway!

  103. I would love to get my nose on some of the indie fragrances I have been into fragrances for a few years now, but I am recently discovered your blog your a great writer. All the fragrances look very intriguing

  104. OH GOODNESS. Many of the perfumes included in this giveaway have been on my wishlist for good while now…of course I will enter!

  105. Wow- what a giveaway! I’ve been dying to try the Ensar Oud oils since you began your series on him but the price point has always made me a little worried to be admitted – and that’s not even to mention how delicious all of the rest of the fragrances you mentioned are up for swap sound!
    Thank you so very much for the opportunity, and good luck everyone!

  106. What a great giveaway !! I truly enjoy your site and maybe I will be lucky and win!!


  107. Greetings Kafka and esteemed Perfumers,

    Winning perfume samples is fun and I have been wanting to test many of these fumes for years. Thank you for thinking of your fans.

  108. What an exciting giveaway. I know you’re no great fan of Luca Turin, Kafka, but I hope we can hear your thoughts on the new book!

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  110. Thank you for this, I would most love to try package B as I have particularly enjoyed your reviews of Sultan Pasha attars and Ensar Oud but have yet to try any.
    All the best to you and your teutonic overlord….

  111. How very nice! After entering my comment, excited to read your take on the new guide.

  112. I Love all kinds of perfumes specially from montale By Kilian and Clive christian.Would love to try these New Scents.Will definitely read the book Perfume The Guide to enlighten me more in learning the intricacies of perfume making.

  113. Thank you for that giveaway. I have missed your writing a lot. I hope you are well and you come back to writing.

  114. I’m a long-time lurker but Package B is too good to ignore. Also, I’m glad to know that you and the Hairy German are doing all right. When a long time passes between your posts, I start to worry. Thanks for the giveaway.

  115. You are wonderful. Love your writing, both about perfume and life. Thanks you for your blog and the giveaway!

  116. This is very exciting as I’ve only just started reading Luca Turin’s first book. Thanks for this opportunity, love your blog!!

  117. Thank you very much. I read your blog with relish but some of the scents are almost impossible to find where I live. Good luck to me. 🙂

  118. Hello, I’m always willing to try new scents and I haven’t smelled a single one from the entire list of prizes so I hope to win something

  119. Thank you for this generous giveaway! I’ve just started reading Perfumes the Guide.

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    • Thank *YOU* for the kind comment.

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    • I’ve put your name on my list with (B) as your personal preference but just as an FYI regarding St. Clair’s shipping, they do ship internationally. The option was added like a day after my review and I updated the latter accordingly. International shipping is subject to a flat rate fee, while domestic US shipping is free:

      So that’s just a small FYI to let you know for the future if you’re ever interested. 🙂

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