Upcoming Releases: 7 Areej Le Doré History of Attars EDPs

Areej Le Doré will soon be offering a pre-order release of its 7th Collection, a continuation of its History of Attar collection and consisting of 7 sprayable, mixed material, and blended eau de parfums: Le Mitti; Beauty and the Beast; Gul Hina; Ambre de Coco; Mysore Incenza; Malik Al Motia; and Al Majmua. Given how quickly the sample sets sell out, I thought I’d share a few details with you about this Saturday’s launch.

Areej EDP sample set box. Photo: my own.

Areej Le Dore 7th Collection EDPs. Photo: ALD/Russian Adam.

This Saturday, October 8th, 2022 at 10 AM Los Angeles time or PST in the US, you will be able to order a full sample set of the 7 EDPS in the ALD 7th Collection and/or the full set of all 7 eau de parfums in full-sized 48 ml bottles.

If you buy the full 7-piece bottle set of all the EDPs during the pre-order period, you’ll receive a discount of cost of the set. The price will $1500 with free shipping (about a $200 cost usually) instead of $1725, and the fragrances will be sent directly to you from ALD via express courier.

As for the sample set, it will cost $65 for 7 spray atomizers, each filled with 1.5 to 1.7 mls of EDP. The set will be sent to you via ALD’s various fulfillment/distribution centers.

Russian Adam will not have any of these items up on his website until 10 am PST or Los Angeles time on Saturday, October 8th.

I can share a few details regarding the notes of the various eau de parfums from the insert to my sample set. Since I’ve been quite ill the last 5 days with a massive dental infection, I hope you’ll forgive me for simply sharing a photo of the official descriptions and the note lists instead of typing each one out from scratch.

Areej EDP note lists. Photo: my own.

Russian Adam has posted only a few photo ads with note list on Twitter as of this evening, but perhaps it will give you a better idea of the relevant lists than my admittedly poor photo.

Photo: ALD. Source: Russian Adam on Twitter

Source: Russian Adam on Twitter.

To give you an idea of what some of the individual bottles and matching boxes as well as what the inside of the sample set looks like, here are some photos:

Areej EDP samples. Photo: my own.

Areej EDP samples. Photo: my own.

Areej EDP Sample Set. Photo: ALD/Russian Adam.

Areej EDP Sample Set. Photo: ALD/Russian Adam.

Mysore Incenza EDP. Photo: ALD/Russian Adam.

Mitti EDP. Photo: ALD/Russian Adam.

Beauty and the Beast EDP. Photo: ALD/Russian Adam.

Ambre de Coco EDP. Photo: ALD/Russian Adam.

ALD Areej Gul Hina EDP. Photo via Russian Adam.

ALD Areej Al Majmua EDP. Photo via Russian Adam.

Individual 48ml bottle prices:

Le Mitti $75
Gul Hena $160
Al Majmua $190
Malik al Motia $260
Mysore Incenza $290
Ambre de Coco $360
Beauty and the Beast $390

Again, the pre-order window begins Saturday, October 8th, 2022 at 10 AM Los Angeles time or PST or 1 pm NYC (EST) in the US. For overseas readers and their convenience, here is a time zone converter or time differential calculator.

The only thing available during this time will be the sets. Individual bottles of the various fragrances will not be available for purchase until later. Russian Adam wants to give people the time to get their samples in order to decide what they may want to purchase without the individual bottles selling out right away.

I do not know when exactly the pre-order period will end and when the solo bottles will be offered. My guess is that there will be 3 to 4 weeks of staggered time between the two stages. All I can tell you with relative confidence is that the sample sets typically sell out early in the pre-order window.

I have already begun testing the eau de parfums. I will try to get reviews out as quickly as I can manage for all 7 fragrances. After that, I will move onto Slumberhouse and other brands.

[UPDATE: Reviews have been posted for Ambre de Coco, Malik al Motia, and Le Mitti as well as Beauty and the Beast and Mysore Incenza.]

If the ALD 7th Collection interests you, keep the Areej Le Dore fragrance page bookmarked.

Disclosure: My samples were provided courtesy Russian Adam/Areej Le Doré. That did not impact this post. I do not do paid reviews and my opinions are my own.

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    • I don’t know, but I doubt it. Luckyscent hasn’t carried a number of recent Areej releases or collections. It currently has zero things listed under the brand. I’m guessing that Russian Adam sells out on his own end too quickly and there is nothing left over to spare for LS.

      • That’s a bummer because I just went to his website and they charge $15 for shipping—that’s ($80) $12 a sample, and cost more than Le Mitti

        • That’s frustrating. I relate as I get a little weird about shipping myself sometimes.

          FYI, I’ll have a review up for Le Mitti (along with Ambre de Coco and Malik al Motia) later this afternoon.

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