Les Indémodables Ambre Supreme

Fragrances with real ambergris are not the norm in the fragrance world, so I was excited to try Les IndémodablesAmbre Supreme, created by the famous Antoine Lie.

After trying it, I’ll say this as a hardcore amber lover: I wouldn’t run a marathon or climb Mt. Everest to get my hands on it.

Ambergris. Source: the Mirror newpaper, Mirror.co.uk.

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Les Indémodables Iris Perle

Les Indémodables Iris Perle veers from a predominant iris focus laced with crisp lemon, crunchy green violet leaves, and a Chanel-style aesthetic to a scent that is more of a mixed floral bouquet with mimosa, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and orris-derived violets. It all depends on how much fragrance I apply. Let’s take a look at both versions, shall we?

Source: Dreamstime.com

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Les Indémodables Fougere Emeraude & Cuir de Chine

Today’s further examination of Les Indémodables centers on Fougère Emeraude (hereinafter spelled without the accent) and Cuir de Chine. One is far more of an aromatic floral and a floral gourmand than an actual fougère, in my opinion, while the other is a lovely fruity osmanthus leather.

Individual photos: Les Indemodables. Collage: my own.

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Les Indémodables: Chypre Azural & Brand Overview

Les IndémodablesChypre Azural is a radiantly bright, fresh, aromatic orange citrus fragrance that is far from a traditional chypre, in my opinion. Despite its extremely misleading name, it stood out for the high quality of its raw materials which is a specific focal point and signature for Les Indémodables as a whole. I’ll be covering a number of its fragrances in the weeks ahead and, since this is my first time writing about the brand, I wanted to start by telling you a little about it and, specifically, its key selling points and olfactory goals.

Les Indemodables collection. Photo: the brand.

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