Slumberhouse Mond

Tonight, a look at Slumberhouse‘s Mond, a fragrance that bears echoes of several past releases from creator Josh Lobb, including Sadanne, Kiste, Zahd, and Jeke.

Slumberhouse Mond. Photo: Adam Forziati

Mond is an extrait or pure parfum that was released in 2021. It was far more than I had expected when I kept hearing it described as a “pumpkin” scent; that’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of olfactory elements. However, Mond was not what I had expected when it came to performance, not by the standards of past Slumberhouse fragrances that I’ve tried.

My review thread posted just a short while ago on Twitter:

Slumberhouse Mond via Luckyscent

I’ve looked around a bit since posting the review two hours ago and Surrender to Chance is not the only place that currently sells samples. Scent Split has samples starting at $12.99 for 1 ml, going up in price and size up to 5 mls. Fragrance Line also has decants starting at $12.99 for 1 ml, and going up from there.

For full bottles, your best bet continues to be Luckyscent.

If you would like to read more Mond fragrance reviews, you can turn to Fragrantica or Basenotes.

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