Perfume Giveaway Winners: Parfums Rétro Grand Cuir

I have the list of winners for Parfums Rétro’s Grand Cuir. Congratulations. [NOTE on 1/08/14 — There is an update with information on shipping below in the shipping section.]


The giveaway was restricted to 50 people living in the U.S. (or with a U.S. address), and 10 people in the EEC. The only requirements to enter the drawing were: (1) to tell me your favorite leather scent; and (2) to give me your location so that I could put you on the appropriate list. A few people failed to do that last bit, or to respond to my follow-up question about their location. As a result, they were disqualified.


Late yesterday, Jeffrey Dame of Parfums Rétro informed me that everyone who was on the U.S. list would win one of the 3 ml sprays of Grand Cuir! My full list is:

  1. Holly
  2. Hajusuuri
  3. MeganLisa
  4. Magmat412
  5. Jill
  6. DkChocoman
  7. FeralJasmine
  8. Walter Proetzel
  9. Mdrigotas
  10. Ellen
  11. Slpippin
  12. Patrick
  13. Walt
  14. Chris P
  15. Tanya
  16. John A. Gasbarre
  17. WeFadetoGrey
  18. Paul
  19. Kathleen Bryson
  20. Leathermountain
  21. Davis Brandao
  22. Tora
  23. Tomate Farcie
  24. Carole Macleod
  25. Steve Raul
  26. Ncmeyers
  27. James1051
  28. Ringthing
  29. Sorceress of the Dark
  30. Michele
  31. Tami H
  32. Lisa B.
  33. RockinRuby
  34. BuysBlind
  35. Ashley S.
  36. RVB
  37. Teresa Chapman
  38. Sandy Vasalos
  39. MonoAtomic
  40. Carolyn (T_of_A_H)
  41. Mimi
  42. Michael Reid Hunter
  43. Kathy Bible
  44. Irina
  45. Joseph S
  46. Madelyn54
  47. T. Gillis
  48. Dubaiscents
  49. Ella
  50. Sara
  51. Julie F.
  52. Cyn Nagele
  53. Cohibadad
  54. NancySG
  55. Celena
  56. Lizzy
  57. Stacey W.
  58. Edward Gomez
  59. M. Trombley
  60. Elizabeth Watson
  61. Hunter
  62. Lucille Shissler
  63. Cath
  64. Judith
  65. ESwift68
  66. Vlad
  67. LRyan
  68. Gabriel
  69. Colin
  70. Escritoria
  71. The Smelly Vagabond
  72. Fazal Cheema
  73. Olfacta
  74. Trocjoh
  75. Judy Ware
  76. Civet
  77. Holly F.
  78. Mary Beth
  79. Pudgy Fudgy
  80. Devon Hernandez
  81. Azar
  82. Arhianrad (Juvy)
  83. Frank
  84. Matt M.

Those who were not included are:

  1. Anne1iese
  2. Becky
  3. Nancy C.
  4. Cheryl
  5. Audrey
  6. xtopher
  7. Gwenyth

Those of you on that second list who are in the U.S. can contact Mr. Dame to have him send you the Grand Cuir. He is an extremely nice chap — far nicer than I am, in fact — and wants people to have the opportunity to try his perfume. However, if you are in the EEC, your names were not included in the drawing for the few perfumes available, and there is no other recourse. Sorry.


There were 27 entries for the 10 prizes available to those living in the EEC. I submitted the names to, and this is the result:

Grand Cuir EEC Winners

Congratulations to C, Dgambas, Maria A., Bruno, Esperanza, Alexandr, Ines, Martin, Alison, and Veni H!


You have THREE (3) days to contact Jeffrey Dame at Parfums Retro with your shipping information. Please do not contact me, but send an email directly to:

Your email should include your screen name with which you posted on Kafkaesque, and your mailing address. Deadline is end of the day, Central Standard Time (CST)  or GMT-7 in the U.S., on Sunday, December 29th. If you are one of the EEC winners and you fail to contact Parfums Retro with your shipping information in the proper time frame, your prize will be given to the next person on the list. The contacting deadline is firm. No exceptions.


Parfums Rétro will send the prizes directly to the winners, and pay for all shipping costs. For those in the EEC, it may take a while for you to receive your prize, depending on your customs and postal issues. Neither Parfums Rétro nor I am responsible for items that are destroyed by customs or lost in transit for some reason.

[UPDATE 1/08/14 — Jeffrey Dame has provided an update in the comments below. He’s written:

“A hello to all the Grand Cuir winners. Your prizes are now ready to sent out to you, but I have decided to add an extra treat in addition to Grand Cuir: new scents I am working on which are not yet released. These additional scents will be available at the end of this week and the prize packages will mail out on Monday January 13th. You will receive Grand Cuir plus a second scent of either the new man or new woman scents. There is nothing I love more than fragrances I have created out there on skin. Enjoy!” ]


I’d like to express my enormous gratitude to Jeffrey Dame of Parfums Rétro for his generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness in offering such a massive giveaway. I hope you will let either or both of us know what you think of Grand Cuir when you have the chance to try it.