Francesca Bianchi Under My Skin

Under My Skin by Francesca Bianchi Perfumes is a sexy musk perfume that surprised me. One reason why is that I’m not a fan of powdery fragrances and Under My Skin definitely has that element a lot of the times. However, it is also, personally speaking, the truest sort of intimate, quasi-erotic, semi-animalic body musk fragrance that I’ve encountered, the sort of thing that I’ve been looking for, and I might buy a bottle for myself. 

Under My Skin

Under My Skin is an extrait or pure parfum that was released in 2017. My detailed review:

Retail links are included in the tweet thread above.

Bottom line: another lovely job by Ms. Bianchi. Her house is clearly one to explore at length. I plan to do so.

3 thoughts on “Francesca Bianchi Under My Skin

  1. I’m considering Under My Skin, Sex Sea Neroli,and possibly Etruscan Water
    as a FB purchase myself.
    Getting a sample set from Les Indémodables soon.
    Have you sampled anything from this house?

      • I’ll let you know.
        Getting to order some Rouge samples.
        US based.
        No IFRA. No UK. Vintage inspired.
        Not sure if you’ve done reviews, I’ll check.
        Bon Monsieur sounds good.
        Have you heard about the price increases coming
        in Febraury in regards to perfumes?
        Roja, Carner, etc.

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