Pekji Zeybeck, Pekji Battaniye, and Pekji Ruh

A look at three fragrances from Pekji‘s first collection: Zeybeck and Battaniye, plus a mini review for Ruh.

Pekji Collection One sample set. photo: my own.

[Edited to add: my samples are old ones from after the time Pekji reformulated his fragrances to make them IFRA-compliant. I don’t imagine that the fragrances have changed much since then unless he’s reformulated them yet again. I have no knowledge of that, so I’ll just assume that my circa 2016 or 2017 samples are what the current bottles smell like. Forgive me for not clarifying that at the time of publication. I, like many of us these days, are mentally exhausted.]

Pekji Zeybeck:


Pekji Battaniye:


And a two-tweet review for Pekji’s Ruh includes Luca Turin‘s comments on the fragrance:

You can order Pekji samples, bottles, and a discovery sample set from Luckyscent and from Pekji itself.