Zoologist Bee & Zoologist Chipmunk

Hello everyone, happy end of the vile wretchedness that was 2021! I’ve done a lot of reviews on Twitter in the past 6-9 months and thought I would share here for those of you who avoid the site, starting with two fragrances I liked from Zoologist: Bee and Chipmunk.

I am too lazy to retype everything here but if you click on the links below, you should be able to access the detailed threads (even without a Twitter account). Remember, these are threads which means that there are a number of consecutive tweets linked one after another. Most threads are between 15 to 20 tweets but don’t worry, the entirety of the scent description is a fraction of my blog posts due to Twitter’s 280 character limit, so you should be able to zip through things.

First up, Zoologist Bee:


Now, Zoologist Chipmunk:

I plan to post a series of other reviews in this format in the days ahead: vintage 1950s/60s Miss Dior EDT vs EDC, Antonio Gardoni’s LiTA for Bogue, vintage Cartier Le Baiser du Dragon, modern Obsession for women vs vintage Obsession for Women and vintage Obsession for Men, numerous Serge Lutens fragrances that I’ve covered on Twitter in the last year, 3 Francesca Bianchis, Slumberhouse Mond (when I get to it), vintage 1950s White Shoulders, and a few other scents.

By the way, Twitter is the best place to contact me if you need to do so: @Kafkaesque_Blog.

Have a great weekend.

17 thoughts on “Zoologist Bee & Zoologist Chipmunk

    • He’s a mischievous, exuberant, affectionate, hard-headed, stubborn, and highly talkative rascal who is too smart for his (or my) own good. I love him so much. If you’re on Twitter, you can find him at: https://twitter.com/ApolloGsd

  1. I have read lots of your reviews but never felt the need to comment however when I hadn’t saw any recent reviews from you I thought you had just stopped doing them,so glad to see you back as your reviews are so detailed and informative and have become a reference point in my decision to buy a new fragrance,by the way have you reviewed afternoon of a faun by etat libre orange it has become my new favourite

    • Thank you for your kind words, Mark. They mean a lot. I didn’t really stop reviewing, except in the hell that was 2020, but I mostly took it over to Twitter. Doing the long format reviews on the site had become too much; shorter Twitter reviews involove less pressure, significantly less time, fewer negatives, and less frustration. So it’s the compromise if I want to keep on covering fragrances instead of walking away.

      I haven’t tried or reviewed Afternoon of a Faun but I will keep it in mind the next time I order samples. 🙂

  2. Hello Kafkaesque, and may this year have much better in store for you and for all of us. I am glad to learn your new furry overlord is keeping you on your toes. A kitten adopted me last spring, and he has grown into a happy, loving addition to my cat family. As for the Zoologist fragrances, thanks very much for your reviews. Bee was nice, although unfortunately the synthetic sandalwood note was bothersome, persistent and prominent on my skin. Chipmunk is quite enjoyable; I might get one of the travel sprays later.

  3. I was delighted to see a new post on this site. I rarely look at twitter and I absolutely love the information you provide in your olfactory analogy of commercial fragrances. I know the blog became exhausting and I am glad you were able to take a break. Its so hard to find balance in things we are passionate about. Happy 2022 and thanks again.

    • Awww, thank you so much. Perhaps one day I can tempt you to read a Twitter fragrance thread. I’ll keep on hoping, but I’ll also understand completely if you’d rather not. 🙂 Happy 2022 and stay safe.

  4. Hi Kafkaesque. I picked up both Bee&Chipmonk this holiday season.
    I got them from The Pharmacy Boutique in Florida.
    I subscribe to their emails.
    I got deal on them.
    Finding deals on a Zoologist can be time consuming,
    but with these two, it was worth it.
    Glad to see you post here, and I wish you and the hairy hound
    the very best of 2022.

    • I love a good deal.

      It’s nice to see you, Eddie, and I hope you’ve been well, healthy, and safe. Happy 2022!

  5. Hello Kafkaesque, Thank you for these reviews. Just like my fellow reader Mark, I’ve not been commenting on your post but mourned when they stopped. I was very happy to see the notifications for new posts in my inbox just now. I understand your explanation in response to Mark’s comment. I always marvelled at how much time it must take you to write posts, edit them, complement with amazing images, etc. I still have a lot to read in the back catalogue, and I will be checking out your new ‘twitter’ posts on here too. Among all the other perfume blogs, I do cherish your entries lot. And a massive thank you for the Misia Sert / Chanel post.

  6. I’ve missed your posts so I’m enjoying the flurry of postings. Bee and Chipmunk, along with Hummingbird, are my favorites from the Zoologist line.

  7. My skin amps the labdanum to the point where Bee is almost a dupe for O Hira. Almost, not exactly, but for the price it’s close enough.

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