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Roja Dove is having a sale and, since we were talking just yesterday about super-luxury fragrances and their prices, it seemed like a serendipitous time to mention it, particularly as the news appears to be less widely known than I had thought.

Danger Parfum Pour Homme. Source: Paris Gallery.

Danger Parfum Pour Homme. Source: Paris Gallery.

The sale is at the Roja Dove Outlet Store, covers select fragrances and candles, and shipping is available almost worldwide. The sale originally began about 7 or 8 days ago, then suddenly the site went offline a very short time later. It came back again yesterday, Thursday, and things are selling quickly. A few fragrances have already sold-out, mostly the handful of Pour Homme parfums that had been listed. For example, I think I recall Danger Pour Homme when I first looked at the page last week, and the Fetish Pour Homme seems to have sold out between the time I went to the vet this morning and now. Now, mostly the Femme and soliflore Extraits remain.

Some of the fragrances still available are:

  • Fetish, Danger, Enslaved, and Risqué Pour Femme
  • Unspoken, Innuendo, and Mischief Pour Femme
  • Amber, Vetiver, Lilac, Neroli, Lily, Bergamot and Gardenia Extraits

Prices have really been slashed across the board, and are lower still if you opt for an unboxed item rather than boxed. For example, a 50 ml unboxed bottle of Danger Pour Femme is £40 instead of the regular retail price of £225 (for a bottle with the box). An unboxed bottle of Vetiver Extrait is £75 instead of £275 (boxed). Fragrances with boxes are a bit higher, like £95 for a boxed Lilac or Gardenia Extrait instead of £75 unboxed.

Quantities vary, ranging from 3 for Fetish Pour Femme to more than 20 for many of the extraits.

I had planned to buy the Lilac Extrait. I ended up deciding against the Amber Extrait after a quick re-test confirmed my issue with the clanging aromachemical part that had bothered me back when I reviewed it. But I was dead certain about the Lilac, and was pondering the Risqué.

Then, I saw the shipping costs, and I changed my mind about placing any order whatsoever. It’s £60 to the U.S., a price that is higher than some of the fragrances and comes to a bit over $90!! I have some weird issues about shipping and even moderate $10 amounts can occasionally trigger my cheapskate side, but $90 was at a whole new level for me. I literally reeled back upon seeing it. No, no way in hell will I ever pay that amount for mere shipping.

However, if you’re going to place a large order, it might be worth it for some American readers, and definitely for European readers who face a substantially lower price. It’s £10 within the U.K., or £15 to many parts of Europe (France, Italy, the Netherlands, or Spain). Alas, if you don’t live in Europe, you’re rather in the same boat as I am. Shipping is £60 to Canada, £65 to parts of Asia, and £80 to parts of South America.

One thing I want to draw your attention to is the notice on the site’s main page:

These are discontinued or end of line products at greatly reduced prices. All boxed products come uncellophaned and are sold as described.

Due to the high volume of orders, all orders will be processed within 2 working days (excluding weekends). You will then receive a further email giving you your tracking details and your expected delivery time. Please be aware all orders are only delivered to your billing address and may take between 5 and 7 working days, all deliveries will need to be signed for.  [Emphasis in bolding added by me.]

I honestly don’t know if the first paragraph means that Roja Dove is planning on discontinuing all of these fragrances. I have difficulty imagining that he’d completely withdraw such popular scents as Danger and Fetish Pour Homme, or Vetiver Extrait. On the other hand, I’ve been told that a few of them haven’t sold so well, like the Lily Extrait for example. Having tried it, I can see why. I was not a fan at all, and found it smelt cheap with excessive white musk that made me think of hairspray.

[UPDATE: I was just informed that Roja Dove is discontinuing the ENTIRE line of soliflore Extraits (Vetiver, Amber, Lilac, etc.). He is also discontinuing the Femme versions of Fetish, Mischief, and Unspoken.]

If you are contemplating some of the fragrances on that list, this might be your last chance to get it if discontinuation lies in its future. If you can’t make up your mind between items, I’ve reviewed a few of the fragrances that are still available:

I haven’t covered the Vetiver, but I’ve tried it and it’s a very good representation of the genre. Very nice indeed. The Lily Extrait, though… Bah.

So, go, check out the sale, and maybe the slashed prices will end up compensating for the shipping costs. Have a lovely weekend.

16 thoughts on “Roja Dove Sale

  1. As always K your timing is absolutely impeccable! Especially after yesterday’s absolutely amazing and most enlightening post!

    • Heh, it was such serendipity to have the sale happen now. I would have posted about it yesterday, but I really thought more people knew about it. It wasn’t until a comment on the blog’s FB page that I realised otherwise. But yes, definitely a fortunate coincidence, timing wise. I just wish all the men’s stuff hadn’t sold out so rapidly. Are you getting anything? You have the low £10 shipping rate! Since all the Extrait soliflores are being discontinued, it might be a great time to get your wife something as present. 🙂

      • Dude frankly I rather spend on rare ingredients and create something myself than buy anything. However I’m intrigued by unspoken

    • Ah, someone else with my shipping issues. lol. I’m sure it will be worth it to someone though, since quite a few of the fragrances are being discontinued, so this is like the last chance. But $90 for shipping makes me shudder.

  2. Very good timing, K ! It made me laugh after Reading your review about prizing and luxury perfume, I read Roja Dove’s sale website was online again so I bought both lilac and Unspoken extrait. Lilac after Reading your review had been on my list to try and Some scented candles for 15 pounds. Sorry to read postage is so expensive, otherwise I could have ordered and sent it to THE US. You can imagine I was glad to read postage was 15 pounds to THE Netherlands. Have a great weekend ! (Hope your dog is ok, my cat has a kind of flu virus so I was at THE vet as Well today)

    • The Lilac is gorgeous!! It sounds like you ordered some lovely things, Esperessence, especially with some candles being tossed in as well. BTW, I haven’t forgotten I owe you an email, but it’s been particularly crazy here between all the new fall releases, some family stuff, and my Teutonic Overlord having some issues as well. I spent over $500 on one-month’s worth of medicine today at the vet! Sheesh. Between his hip dysplasia, fistulas, allergies, and a huge surge in skin issues, the poor thing gets a pile of pills every day. Anyway, I have high hopes that a new pill that was prescribed for him today will help with a lot of his issues, so that’s the only thing that counts. 🙂

      Is your cat’s flu virus a serious thing? I haven’t had cats in so long, and never experienced feline flu with them, so I don’t know anything about the issue. Will she be alright? I hope so. Give her some ear scritches from me, and have a lovely weekend, my dear.

  3. Thank you, my dear K. I do hope those pills help for your Hairy German. Those are quite Some Bills. But for our pets, we’ll do anything. Whatever helps And makes them better. Does Zola take THE pills easily ? I have never had a dog so I have No idea. My cat Rubio had contracted a flu virus but after an injection he was already eating and running. Fortunately. He was not himself, too sweet and quiet. Looking forward to your reply 🙂 Much too tempting this Roja sale. Could not resist and ordered Vetiver as Well, especially after Reading this whole line Will be
    Discontinued, Thank you for mentioning this. Really look forward to Lilac as I love The scent of lilac as a flower. You wrote quite a handy overview and quickly. Enjoy your weekend ! xxx Esperanza

  4. By the time I got there the other day it was all pour femme offerings. I agree about the shipping. I was all ready to by the Musc Oil from Bruno Acampora Profumo last week because they had a good(ish) price for 20 ml. Then I saw the 80 euro shipping fee. See ya!

  5. I’ve seen it later that I would wanted to. I have missed again Fetish and Enigma pour homme (haven’t tried any of them, but they do sound like something I’d wear).

    But I’ve ordered Vetiver (tried it and loved it), Scandal pour femme (if you remember I’ve had doubts about getting Carnal Flower or Moon Bloom for my girlfriend; well, she loved Scandal as well so that’s that, Moon Bloom for another occasion) and Unspoken pour femme which sounded nice.

    Happy with the purchase, but sad as I really wanted to try Fetish and Enigma. Do you recall what price do these two had? The times I have checked the outlet page, never seen a mens fragrance.

    • My apologies for the delayed reply, Seb. I hope it didn’t cause difficulties, though I know the sale is closed until Dec. 1st and the two fragrances in which you expressed interest were sold-out long before. I don’t recall exactly and precisely the prices for Fetish and Enigma, but I have a vague memory of £45 or so for Enigma, since that is one that I had briefly considered for myself. At most, it may have been £65, but not more than that. Definitely not more. Check the site again when the sale starts up again on Dec. 1st, and maybe there will be some men’s fragrances listed at that time. Good luck! (BTW, you’re a good BF, and I’m glad your GF loved the Scandal.)

      • No worries, Kafka. I’ll be checking the site again on the 1st. I’d like to buy especially Fetish, if it’ll be available. Although I haven’t smelled it, if it’s similar to Puredistance M which I have tried one time and liked it a lot (and it’s one of your favorite, I’ve seen), I suppose I will like it.

    • Shipping costs within Europe are very reasonable, especially for large orders. Congratulations on your new fragrances, and enjoy!

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