Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Ambre Mythique

I’m a sucker for a really good amber fragrance and Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier‘s Ambre Mythique entranced me so much that I bought a bottle as a Christmas present to myself. Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier (“MPG”) is, in my opinion, a greatly under-appreciated brand that has some of the best ambers on the market.

Ambre Mythique.

If you’ve read me regularly for a while, you’ll know of my great love for Ambre Precieux, one of the great “cozy comfort” (yet also aromatic, sweet, and fluffy) ambers ever created. Ambre Mythique is quite different but wonderful in its own, much darker, more resinous, incense-filled way.

As a side note, MPG sells an Ambre Mythique room spray but it is quite different and lacks most of the key components and raw materials that I found so lovely in the fragrance.

I bought my bottle from MPG during the 20%-off pre-Christmas sale as well as a slew of 6-count discovery sample sets for around €8. I’m sad to say that many of the florals that I’d really looked forward to trying are filled with laundry clean white musk from the first sniff. (I’m pretty crushed to be honest about the two roses and the datura one.) But the ambers….gosh, they’re good. So, too, is the patchouli which I also ended up buying for myself last week early into my second test. (More on that in another review. I’m waiting to see if the discount retailer I bought from is any good.)

MPG currently has the 4 oz, 120 ml bottle of Ambre Mythique on sale for €185,00. I believe the regular price is €205 or something thereabouts. If the company does what it did for me and many others during their Christmas sale, they’ll probably take off an additional amount during checkout. There is also a 30 ml travel decant of Ambre Mythique for €65.

Luckyscent also sells Ambre Mythique and a sample thereof.

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    • Which amber? They have three main ones. Four, if you’re counting Ambre Precieux Ultime.

  1. I accidentally ordered the room spray a few years ago.I have Ambre P and the Ultime
    I want this one! It looks rather pale, though.

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