Serge Lutens L’Innommable

Let’s take a look at Serge LutensL’Innommable, a unisex, resinous, ambery, immortelle and floral leather fragrance.

L’Innommable. Photo: Serge Lutens

L’Innommable is an eau de parfum that launched in 2018.

My guess for the notes:

Davana apricot, rum, bergamot, dried fruits, cumin, immortelle, styrax, cedar, patchouli, vetiver, jasmine, tuberose, civet, labdanum, benzoin, methol, honey, herbaceousness, jasmine, tuberose, vanillin/vanilla & an ISO-like thing.

In the first tweet of the review below, forgive the exhaustion-induced error regarding Parfum d’Empires. I meant to say Histoires de Parfums. (I always tie the two brands in my head for some reason.) As you’ll see in reading the scent description, HdP’s 1740 Marquis de Sade came to mind quite a bit, then a bit of HdP’s Tubéreuse 3 Animale.

Bottom line, I prefer the Histoires de Parfums and Naomi Goodsir fragrances. L’Innommable is worth a sniff, I suppose, if you’re a fan of the notes and the genres of perfumery. Personally, I find it forgettable, subpar, disappointing, and highly overpriced.

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  1. I have histoires de parfums 1740 and I really enjoy it,however my good lady doesn’t care for it and turns her nose up when I wear it,I find serge lutens to be very expensive but I do have fumerie turque and on a cold evening it is very nice

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