Perfume News: Dior Discontinues Mitzah & Vetiver (La Collection Privée)

There has been endless talk on the internet about the situation with Dior’s beloved Mitzah from the Privee line (also known as La Collection Couturier). Three months ago, I spoke with the head Dior Sales Assistant at the Las Vegas boutique, Karina, who had just returned from a training session in Paris. She told me that Mitzah was not being discontinued. She asked Paris for me, again, and they said no, it was not being discontinued.

Karina just called me from Las Vegas, and told me that the company has officially decided to continue Mitzah. They had thought about discontinuing Grand Bal, but ended up opting for Mitzah instead. Just as shocking, they are also going to discontinue one of their biggest sellers from La Privée line: Vetiver. Someone from Paris has come to the Las Vegas store for a training session (pertaining, in part, to Gris Montaigne, the big new hit for the Privée line), and brought with them the official news of the company’s decision. Vetiver (which I reviewed here) is apparently one of the most popular Privée perfumes, so Karina has absolutely no explanation for its discontinuation.

You can order both perfumes from the Dior website, but I would honestly just call Karina at the Las Vegas boutique. Her direct number is (702) 734-1102 and her full name is Karina Lake. She will give you a free 5 ml mini bottle of the Dior perfume of your choice, along with 3 small 1 ml dab vial sample bottles. (Tell her the blogger, Kafka, sent you and she may throw in a few more.) By ordering from the store, you will get free shipping and pay no tax! But she may be busy with that Dior training with the Paris adviser for the next few days, so I have the general store number below.

Mitzah comes in two sizes: the 4.25 fl oz/125 ml costs $155, while the 8.5 fl oz/250 ml costs $230. I specifically asked how many bottles were left of each fragrance. This is what I was told:

Mitzah: 12 bottles of the Small size; 10 bottles of the Big.

Vetiver: 8 Small bottles; and 8 of the Big.

And that’s it for the one Dior boutique in all of the U.S. Of course, you can still order from Dior online, but Karina isn’t sure what their stock is like or how much longer they will still have bottles.

I’m pretty stunned by the news. My hands are shaking a little as I type this. Actually, I think Karina is even more stunned than I am. She said they told her, and confirmed with a straight face, three months ago that Mitzah would absolutely remain. She kept hearing rumours, but discounted it, especially after her trip to Paris. Whatever led to the company’s decision, those who love either fragrance should buy it now because the prices will skyrocket on places like eBay. Those of you who have been undecided on Mitzah can read my review of it, or order samples quickly from Surrender to Chance while you decide. But I would do it soon. If you love labdanum and incense, if you’re a fan of perfumes in the mold of Chanel’s Coromandel, then I think you’d love Mitzah. Unfortunately for us, Dior doesn’t seem to share our passion for it.

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  1. I LOVE Mitzah! I had heard the rumor, but then it was debunked, so I though I was safe!
    Thank you for Karinas number, will have to make this call!!

    • I’m so upset, you have no idea. I was working on a review for something else, and had to leave it as I can’t stop thinking of the Mitzah. As for the prior rumours, I get the sense that, although Dior had considered it, they had really planned to discontinue Grand Bal instead. That’s what it sounds like to me, at least. What made them change their mind and opt for Mitzah in lieu of Grand Bal, I have no idea. 🙁 And there is also no explanation for their decision on Vetiver, since that one is a huge, huge seller, according to what Karina told me. She has even less of that one left in stock than of the Mitzah.

      She’s going to be in a training session all day tomorrow, but will have her phone and will be able to take orders. If I were you, I’d ask that your 5 ml sample be of the new Gris Montaigne (which I’ve heard great things about). Since I don’t think they currently *have* the Gris Montaigne yet, she will give you something else and then promise to send you samples of it when it arrives. 😉 (Yes, I am a little crafty. lol) Tell her the blogger S. or Kafka sent you and she will make sure she sends you the Gris Montaigne when she gets it. She always keeps her promises. (And she’s promised me some too. lol)

  2. What ! what! what! This is awful! Aside from vintage Opium this is the one perfume I MOST associate with you, dear Kafka…terrible news 🙁 !!!

    • It’s terrible news. I was completely shaken, I must admit. That said, Mitzah wouldn’t be in my top 3. Just the top 5. Perhaps the one I love the most (after vintage Opium, of course) would be 2) Alahine, then 3) Puredistance M and, then, in 4th place, Mitzah tied with Ormonde Jayne’s Tolu. But Alahine…. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! I will call Karina as soon as Las Vegas wakes up. I have never smelled Mitzah, but based on your review, I think I wil love it. I am almost in a panic over losing something I never had!!! Crazy!!!! Karina is going to be overwhelmed by phone calls today, I bet!! Thanks for the heads up Kafka!

    • I know you love Coromandel, so I do think you’d love this. I know it’s extremely risky to order something blindly, but this is one bottle whose price and value will skyrocket in a little while, so even if you decide it’s not for you, you would have no problems selling it to someone. 🙂

  4. I couldn’t justify Mitzah given that I have a 6.8 ounce bottle of Coromandel. 🙂 But it is lovely, and I hope to try Vetiver. What a shame, discontinuing two greats! (Well, Vetiver is presumably great, I haven’t smelled it yet) At least the bottles are huge, so they will last for eons for those who choose to buy now. And for someone who wears a variety of things, even the “small” bottle will last literally a lifetime.

  5. Noooo! Mitzah is SO incredibly lovely, I can’t believe they’re really doing it…. I actually quite like several perfumes from this line, and think they don’t get enough attention. And of course, I ADORE Mitzah…. why do they always get rid of the best ones?

    • I can’t believe they’re doing it either! What makes it particularly upsetting for me is that there truly aren’t that many perfumes out there that I adore. How typical that one of those would get discontinued! I’m going to try/review Grand Bal soon because the comment about Dior originally thinking of discontinuing *that one* has made me completely paranoid now. In my paranoid state of mine, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have plans for Grand Bal down the line as well.

  6. Well, I called the above number a bunch of times today, and finally at 4:15pm eastern time the Dior store manager answered. She said Karina was not going to be available till Monday, and she was unaware of any conversation with you. I may have been silly not to wait, but I went ahead and bought a small bottle of the Mitzah untested. I know, it is crazy to buy before you try, but it just sounds so right up my alley. And worse case scenario, if I don’t love it, I am sure someone out there in perfume lover land will want to buy or trade for it. Even though I do feel a bit greedy and impatient, I went with my gut. I will for sure let you know how this impulse buy turns out!!!

    • My apologies for not replying sooner, dear Tora, but my WiFi and router were down all day. I knew that Karina would be in training all day but she had said she would have her phone on her, but I guess she couldn’t manage to pick up. She had said that there would be someone who would help if she couldn’t take calls, but I’m surprised it took so long for someone to answer. 🙁 At least you got the Mitzah though! I know just how risky it can be to buy blindly and, normally, I would never advise it. But, in this instance, you adored Coromandel, so there is a good chance you’ll love Mitzah, too. Plus, this is one bottle that will be very valuable soon, so you would EASILY sell or trade it.

      Notwithstanding all that, I’m so nervous now as to whether you’ll love it. In my heart, I know you will. It’s got the perfect textural weight for you. It’s not oppressively heavy. And your taste with the MFK Cologne over the MFK Absolue (as well as the Ambre Russe) shows me what sort of textures work best for you. I think this one will. You may find the opening 20 minutes of labdanum a bit intense, depending on whether you just like or truly love labdanum, but I have absolutely no doubt that you’d find the later development to be beautiful. Given all I know of your tastes, I just *know* you’ll love the Mitzah, I just know it!

      • Oh I love love love labdanum. You have such a great memory, Kafka! I am so impressed that you remember all my favorites.

        • I have high, high hopes that you will love the Mitzah, and not just because of that labdanum! It doesn’t seem hugely complex at first, so spray on a lot in order to see all the nuances! I’m counting down the days until you get it, though I now fear that I may have built it up a little too much. T minus 4….. 😉 😀

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  9. I got the call from Karina as well and was soooo bummed out… I know that I have more that 100 ml of Mitzah left in my bottle but the idea that there will be no more ever… I start thinking: should I buy more? It’s such a great perfume! What if I go through the bottle and want more?.. But, on the other hand, there are so many other perfumes I want to add to my collection…

    • How quickly did you go through the 0.25 ml of your bottle? If you went through it quickly and you think Mitzah is something that you’d definitely reach for often in the future, then you may want to think about it. That said, 100 ml is still quite a lot to have! I don’t know, it’s a balancing act. I know some people who do buy back-ups of their favorite fragrances without even knowing that they will be officially discontinued, so….

  10. Dear Kafka, a very dear blogosphere friend (you know who you are ;-))sent me some Mitzah to supplement the 3mLs I managed to decant into my travel spray from the NYC Dior boutique and getting the extra was fortuitous as it allowed me to wear it more often. The final decision? A bottle is coming my way 🙂

    • Hurrah!! Did you order it from online? What was your favorite part of it that ended up pushing you over and making you succumb to a full bottle?

      • I actually called Karina :-). What pushed me over the edge, besides the fact that it is being discontinued, and despite the cherry cola opening, the rest of the wearing is just simply comforting to me!

        In case any of your readers are interested in splits, “heperd” over at basenotes has Mitzah and Vetiver splits going on for 25 mLs and 50 mLs ($35 and $67, respectively, which includes the decant supplies and S&H). I’ve joined his splits before and he did a great job.

        • The Basenotes tip is hugely useful for others, so a big Thank You for sharing it!!! Those are fantastic prices, and I’m sure it will be a big help to someone. Again, thank you!

  11. Thank goodness I bought a bottle of Vetiver at Neiman’s while visiting San Francisco last weekend! The SA didn’t mention it had been discontinued, but did mention Mitzah had been.

    • First, welcome to the blog, Annina! 🙂 Second, I’m so glad you could find a bottle still! I’m surprised they had any left, especially as Vetiver seems to be incredibly popular, but I’m very happy for you. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your good news. 🙂

  12. I hate it when scents I like get discontinued. I haven’t worn Mitzah enough to know if it warrants a full bottle, but this might very well push me over the edge. The pressure of having to make up your mind fast!

  13. I smelled this at Bergdorf’s during Sniffapalooza this spring, and although I didn’t buy it then because of the large size and price point – and it was early in the day – I kept thinking about it. I googled around to see if anyone else thought it was as good as I seem to remember and found you. Thank you for the info that it’s being discontinued – that pushed me over the edge and I bought the big bottle online. I certainly don’t need any more perfume…but I had to have it – ha ha. At least I know it will be very difficult to run out.

    • Oh, I’m so glad you loved it and got a bottle! It’s such a beautiful, elegant, rich scent and I’m sure it smells fantastic on you. Honestly, I cannot understand why Dior would discontinue such a beloved, adored, and highly admired fragrance. It’s baffling to me! But enjoy your bottle which will one day be very, very precious. 🙂 And thank you for stopping by to let me know Mitzah has another big fan out there! 🙂

  14. Thank you Kafka for the wonderful review and heads up on Mitzah being discontinued. I’ve had a large decant for sometime, but really hadn’t given it a full wearing. Did that today – it seemed to me a smoother, less gruff Ambre Sultan, lovely even without the comparison to another fragrance. So – I took your advice and called the LV – Dior Boutique. They still have Mitzah available in both large and small sizes – the smaller 4.2 oz costing $155 – not part of the recent price hike of Dior’s Privee line-up. Very friendly service over the telephone and I received a complimentary miniature of Eau Noire, two hand decanted samples of Ambre Nuit and some others fragrance samples including Gris Montaigne. The personalized service and friendliness was really refreshing. Thank you for the warning about the discontinuation of Mitzah (and Vetiver) and the recommendation on the LV – Dior Boutique. Brilliant experience.

    • Oh, I’m SO glad you had a good experience and that they still had Mitzah! Did you speak to Karina? Have you tried Ambre Nuit before? I planned on testing Eau Noire next, but I actually got sidetracked by some other Diors that I receive samples of today from the summer Cruise line. In fact, that’s what I’ve got on today. 🙂 Also, good to know about Mitzah not being part of the Dior price hike. Do you happen to know how many more bottles of Mitzah they have left?

  15. I spoke with Marciella (sp)? – who said she was the manager of the Dior Boutique (I think that’s what she said.) I haven’t tried Ambre Nuit, but am eager to as well as Eau Noire. The reason Marciella gave for both Mitzah and Vetiver not being part of the price hike was that they were being discontinued. I didn’t ask how many more bottles they have, unfortunately, but the Dior website shows Mitzah in both sizes still available as well, though given the great experience with LV – Dior, I’ll likely got back to them instead of the website. So now I have Alahine, two bottles of Karl Lagerfeld (splash and spray) and a 4.2 oz bottle of Mitzah. Merci beaucoup pour vos recommandations, Kafka!

    Your review of Ambre Nuit was wonderful and very evocative (loved the tango video) and as I already have and like Rose 31 – lightly applied, am eager to try Ambre Nuit…a distant cousin, perhaps? I am curious as well about the Armani Privé ambers: Ambre Orient and Ambre Soie. I have a decant of Cuir Noir and if the amber in that is like either Orient or Soie, well, I’m in for a wallet reduction. Not earthshaking, but definitely comforting. I may start (or join) AA – Amberholics Anonymous – as this is feeling as if it may be getting out of hand!!!

    • Sounds like you had a great experience, and I’m very happy. Totally thrilled, in fact, that you succumbed to Mitzah and that they still had some bottles left. As for the Armani ambers, I’m very curious about them too. Let me know what you think of them when you try them. 🙂

      BTW, I may need to join you in Amberholics Anonymous…. 😀 😉

  16. very happy, finally I got a bottle mitzah evaluated 1.0floz (30 / 35ml) trading at 80US. I’m sorry to be very little juice, but happy to have this juice included in the collection.

    • I’m glad you managed to get a bottle. It’s a great scent. If you ever want a greater quantity, some of my readers in both the US and Europe have had success in finding full bottles hidden in the back of some retailers. Specifically, they have called individual European Dior stores and general department stores (like Bergdorf Goodman in the US), and found a lingering bottle of Mitzah hidden in the back. I myself was told at a Duty-Free shop in Paris that they had some Mitzah in the back, though it was a while ago. Bottom line, if you really want more, you can find a full bottle if you act like a detective. One American reader bought Mitzah as recently as last month, after calling around at the handful of department stores that carry Dior’s Privee line. Hope that helps, Lucas.

  17. Just wanted to give all your readers an update: the number above is for a Dior boutique which is closing as of Today, Dec. 26, 2015. And no they did not have samples of the discontinued items at all, though the store lady was extremely helpful and did agree to send me other samples.
    This article was so informative and helpful. Thank you so much

    • Sue, thank you so much for stopping by with the news. I can’t believe the main LV Dior store is closing! What on earth happened?! Anyway, I really appreciated the news, so thank you again for sharing it. Happy new year.

  18. Yet another update for anyone who’s tardy to the party like I am:
    I just tried Dior Vetiver last week. I’m smitten. Of course I keep seeing it’s been “discontinued” so I emailed Dior directly to see if perhaps they knew of anyone with it still in stock. The response I got read,

    “Please be advised, the item you inquired about has been discontinued in the US and is an international item.”

    If you have friends or family overseas ask them to look around for you!

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