New Perfume Releases: Ormonde Jayne “The Four Corners of The Earth”

Ormonde Jayne has a new collection of fragrances out on the market. I thought I’d share the press release as they sound fascinating. They are not yet listed on the company’s website, though I believe they will be soon. (By the way, all funky errors in formatting and in transferring the format of the original document are my own.)

OJ Four Corners




Linda Pilkington, founder and creative director of Ormonde Jayne, has relentlessly scoured the globe, obsessed with her quest to source the world’s most rarest and exotic oils to complete her exquisite perfume library.

The Four Corners of the Earth is a collection of four perfumes which pays homage to the different parts of the world that have inspired her and acknowledge the rich diversity of her hometown, London.

This extraordinary, cosmopolitan and ever-changing city is her epicentre – a crossroads from where she views the world and a unique location where diversity can be experienced on every corner. From this global village, Ormonde Jayne celebrates ‘The Four Corners of the Earth’.

‘At last I have fulfilled my lifetime’s dream – I have brought together some of the world’s rarest and most elusive scents:  from the deserts of The East, the jungles of Latin America, the ancient walled cities of China and from Russia of the Romanov Tsars’.

The Editions:
Montabaco: Latin America
Tsarina: Russia
Nawab of Oudh: India and the Gulf
Qi: China


OJ Montabaco

‘Montabaco is a perfume to capture the essence of Latin America: leather, suede, wood and tobacco leaf repeated over and over again creating a suggestive sensuality and Latino temperament. It sits above the rich floral presence of magnolia, jasmine and rose. It is all unashamedly seductive yet profoundly simpatico. 

top: air note, orange absolute, bergamot, juniper, clary sage, cardamom.
heart: magnolia, hedione, rose, violet, tea notes.
base: tobacco leaf, iso e, suede, sandalwood, moss, tonka, ambergris.
Size      100ml eau de parfum
Price    £260.00


OJ Nawab

‘Nawab (Ruler) of Oudh is a province of central India. The perfume is inspired by the Nawabs who once ruled over it.  It is a potent blend of amber and rose with a soft oudh edge. Yet surprisingly not one ingredient stands out from the others. It achieves a perfume synergy that defies traditional analysis, releasing a pulsating pungency, brooding and hauntingly beautiful, a rich tapestry of fascinating depths, a jewelled veil to conceal its emotional complexity and extravagance. 

top : green notes, bergamot, orange abs, cardamom, aldehyde. 
heart : rose, magnolia, orchid, pimento, bay, cinnamon, hedione. 
base : ambergris, musk, vetiver, labdanum, oudh.
Size   100ml eau de parfum
Price    £332.00


OJ Tsarina

‘Tsarina captures opulence and passion. It demands fur, leather, brocade, heavy silks in sweeping dresses and fabulous jewels to go with her haughty heritage. To call it a floral oriental is to misunderstand its rich complexity, it is more baroque. The perfume is profound, blending leather notes, rich Madagascan vanilla, amber and orris butter.’ This is a powerhouse perfume, ravishing and regal, distinctive and synonymous with the glamorous world of luxe.

top: mandarine, bergamot, coriander, cassis.
heart: hedione, freesia, jasmine, sambac, iris, suede. 
base: sandalwood, cedar, vanilla bean base, labdanum, musk.
Size      100ml eau de parfum
Price    £280.00


 OJ Qi‘Qi (pronounced “key” or “chi”) means Breath of Life. It’s an ancient word that permeates the Chinese language and everyday life. This perfume is inspired by the Chinese people’s love for the lightest and most delicate scents. Qi is constructed to make no great statement thus offending no-one, it does not tear down any great walls but is rather something more spectacular, like an amazing dawn, a softly-scented fragile breeze, Qi is an honest, open and natural perfume, it makes its mark for those who don’t want to be too obvious but may feel unfinished without it.

top: green lemon blossom, neroli, freesia.
heart: tea notes, osmanthus, violet, hedione, rose.
base: mate, benzoin, musk, moss, myrrh.
Size      100ml eau de parfum
Price    £260.00




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17 thoughts on “New Perfume Releases: Ormonde Jayne “The Four Corners of The Earth”

  1. *ears perk* “Russia of the Romanov Tsars.” Yes please! These sound wonderful, and I love the concept. 260 pounds, though! Eeek! Hope I can find a sample of each of these in the near future. I’m not particularly enamored with the idea of Qi (lightest and most delicate doesn’t do it for me, typically) but the rest sound pretty wonderful. I’d love to smell them all, though!

    • I *TOTALLY* thought of you when I saw “Russia of the Romanov Tsars”!! As for the price, it made me gulp and become quite despondent. I am sure, though, that she will offer a travel set or sample set as she has done for her other perfumes, so that is definitely a more reasonable option (even if the amount/quantity isn’t quite the same). Fingers crossed the samples that the company has sent me arrive soon so that I can get some reviews up. But I also want to cover some of her men’s colognes right away too, so let’s hope I can manage to be speedy Gonzalez. 😀

  2. I’ve read a post at NST about this launch and The Candy Perfume Boy already reviewed them too.
    Once again I regret I don’t live somewhere where they’re available.

    • I saw The Candy Perfume Boy’s review of them and it was wonderful. They all sounded wonderful. The company has sent me the collection to review so, I’m hoping it will be arriving here shortly and then I’ll be able to offer my own take on them.

      • Hahaha, I haven’t been to Harrod’s in a while but it’s always been jam-packed whenever I went. If you’re in London though, her two boutiques seem to be a better bet. Ms. Pilkington is usually in one of them, I believe. And the inside of the Chelsea one looks lovely from the photos I’ve seen of it! 🙂

    • They are and, I have to admit, my face dropped a little at the prices. Okay, a lot. 🙁 BUT, I’m hoping she will be offering either a travel set or a sample set as she does for her others. Those will be much more reasonably priced. I should be getting the Four Corners collection soon (assuming that there are no issues with the blasted new UK postal regulations), so I’ll be able to give reviews hopefully in a week to ten days or so.

      • Maybe you can write a treatise on postal regulations related to perfume! It is quite annoying. Besides, will the TSA ban perfumes from carryon and/or luggage because it is classified as a hazardous substance? Now THAT would be a nightmare and would spell the end of Duty-Free perfume shopping!

        • Ugh, don’t even remind me of postal regulation rules! I definitely need to look into what is going to happen in the US starting in February. I keep reading references to it, but haven’t had the time yet to see what or how the US postal rules will change with regard to perfume. And the thought of what the TSA may do…… *shudders*

  3. Oh boy they all sound wonderful. For me the one that seems to have my name on it is, well it is a tie between Montabaco and Nawab of Oudh… A little Nawab behind the ears…yes that would be nice. Great presentation I really enjoyed it.

    • Nawab sounds heavenly!! That and Tsarina are the two that most immediately made my heart beat faster, though they all sound fantastic. I hope sample sites in the US will start to carry all 4 very soon so that you can give them a whiff. 🙂 Have you tried anything from the Ormonde Jayne line, Lanier? I think you’d love their luxuriousness!

    • I agree, the bottles are a little plain. What frustrates me though is that these are all 100 ml bottles! It doesn’t appear from the press release that they are issuing more affordable, accessible 50 ml/1.7 oz bottles. The rest of the line has the smaller sizes but, if they were going to offer it for the Four Corners collection, they would have surely said so in the statement. And they didn’t. It’s disappointing. Plus, it just adds one more obstacle or layer of difficulty in buying the perfume for those who aren’t in London. 🙁

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