ATon Perfumes: New Perfume House, New Releases

ATon Perfumes is a new perfume house founded by Anton Gerasimov, Russian Adam‘s younger step-brother. It launched a debut trio of scents on March 26, 2022: Roxbury, Patchouli Lave, and Bright Lights. In this post, I’ll share with you the official scent descriptions, notes, and relevant bottle, price, shipping, and sample details.

ATon Perfumes Roxbury, Patchouli Lave, Bright Lights. Photo: ATon

ATon Perfumes’ type-face singles out the letter “T” in both its fragrance descriptions and house name but, if you will forgive me, I shall omit that where possible in the interests of time and energy.

Roxbury, its scent, and its materials are described as follows:

Heavy dark sophisticated scent created to uplift your spirit and take you in the mature world of fragrance .
The main players in this fragrance are Indian patchouli, Oud, tobacco, and some spices.
Tobacco starts to appear at the back round, with some bold and elegant patchouli covered in oak moss and oud giving us a very vintage character style, going further we enjoy the spices with some impressionistic sweetness from labdanum, vanilla, and geranium, on the dry drown fragrance becomes smooth and glowing with aiming you the last kiss you will never forget .

Quantity: 53ml
In Roxbury, we used vintage characted patchouli that was aged in a traditional camel leather bottle for 24 years .
The leather bottle where patchouli was stored has the property of absorbing moisture and preserves oil in the best way .

( oakmoss, amber, vanilla, patchouli 1997, tobacco, black currant, geranium, labdanum )

ATon Perfumes Roxbury. Photo: ATon Perfumes.

ATon Perfumes Roxbury. Photo: ATon Perfumes.

Patchouli Luxe, its scent, and its materials are described as follows:

paTchouli lave 

A sweet fresh start with some powdery touches . From the opening you start to enjoy the cardamom and tonka bean mixed with a flower champaca, then patchouli and oakmoss add some depth to the scent . Going further we enjoy the dry down with white musk, which gives a sent even more of a floral taste .

Quantity: 53ml
In patchouli lave we used an Indian flower called “Magnolia Champaca” unlike white magnolia, Champaca has a deep silky smell that reminds us of tea, spices, and floral notes .

( indonesian patchouli, oakmoss, cardamom, tonka bean, champaca )

ATon Perfumes Patchouli Lave. Photo: ATon Perfumes.

ATon Perfumes Patchouli Lave. Photo: ATon Perfumes.

Bright Lights is described as follows:

The brighT lighTs

The bright lights kick off with some beautiful sharpness from cedarwood, Oud, and pink paper .
Then you enjoy earthy patchouli merging with sandalwood that gives a fragrance a little creaminess . Incense start to announce itself in the background likewise vanilla and on the dry down a fragrance becomes bold, with some rough edges from the Oud, unique and overwhelming .

Quantity: 53ml
In bright lights, we used Thai Oud (agarwood) that comes from Trat, province of Thailand .
Oud has a soft sweet smell and was aged for over 6 years .

( pink paper, thai oud, incense, cedarwood, vanilla, pine needle, sandalwood, patchouli, white musk )

ATon Perfumes Bright Lights. Photo: ATon Perfumes.

ATon Perfumes Bright Lights. Photo: ATon Perfumes.

I have given brief tests to two of the fragrances, Roxbury and Patchouli Lave. I have not tried Bright Lights yet. I liked Roxbury, though I need to spend much more time with it. It’s dark, rich, and vintage-skewing with a really lovely, aged patchouli note.

Speaking of which, I think Patchouli Lave is misnamed because it isn’t a patchouli scent, in my personal opinion, but, rather, a Cashmeran musk one. As Russian Adam told me before I tried the trio, two of them (Bright Lights and Patchouli Lave) are very modern in style. Knowing my tastes, he thought the third one, Roxbury, would appeal to me because it skewed vintage and he was correct.

Since many of you also know my tastes, including what a die-hard Patch Head I am, it should be telling when I say that Patchouli Lave is best suited to those who are not  Patch Heads and who adore the modern clean musk style of perfumery.

You can try all three of the fragrances, if you’re interested, via ATon Perfume’s sample pack, each of which comes in 2 ml spray vials. It costs $35. Shipping for the set within the US via USPS is $9. That amount will show up at check-out. International shipping for the samples is currently cost-prohibitive, in my opinion, because it is the same price as for full bottles.

ATon Perfumes sample set. Photo: ATon

Shipping rates for the bottles is as follows: $45 DHL/FedEx Express delivery around the world; and $15 USPS within the US.

You can learn more or samples the new releases at ATon Perfumes. To look at the individual fragrances, you can turn to the fragrance or trio page.

Disclosure: My samples were provided courtesy of the company. That did not impact this post. I do not do paid advertisements or endorsements and my opinions are my own.

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