Areej Le Doré: Antiquity, War & Peace, & Siberian Summer

Areej Le Doré (“ALD” or Areej“) is as, some of you know, my favourite artisanal brand. Today, a look at Antiquity (which I went gaga for), War & Peace, a stellar fragrance, and the bright, easy, sunlit Siberian Summer. All three Series 5 fragrances are excellent but, alas, now out of stock due to being limited-edition releases. Still, I thought my old 2019 reviews might be of some value for those who ordered samples or bottles and who might like a detailed analysis thereof.

Areej Le Doré Antiquity. Phooto: my own


My God, there aren’t words enough to describe how much joy and light that Antiquity makes me feel, long past the very first time that I sniffed it and it blew me away.

I will privately share with you that Luca Turin loved it as much as I did.

At the times of the Series 5 release back in 2019, a number of guys, including one actual rockstar who followed me on Twiiter, were excited about War & Peace more than anything else. Yet he, and several others, were astonished to find that Antiquity blew them away in a fashion that they had ever envisioned and far more than War & Peace. (FYI, my mother is cooler than I *AND* the rockstars because she is addicted to War & Peace and has almost finished a full bottle.)

To this day, Antiquity is a fragrance that I hoard to the point of turning to only in really bad times. You know why? Because it is classique Haute Parfumerie glamour, vintage elegance, and absolute decadence. And oh so rare.

It’s also easier going, in my opinion, that the more glam rock, decadent, Rolling Stones growwwwwwwwwwwling War & Peace. On me at least. (For what it’s worth, I love W&P, too.)

So let’s start with the reviews.


FYI, War & Peace is a major hit for my mother, so don’t assume necessarily that it is a masculine-only fragrance. Women who love skank, skanky musky, animalic leather, and resinous versions thereof ore should be as much a fan of W&P as men. Unfortunately, limited edition quantities and rapid sell-outs make this a moot paint. I’m sorry. (My mother, meanwhile coolly applies 3-4-5 sprays in a way that makes her presence clear on the International Space Station, much to my chagrin. *sigh*)


I thought Siberian Summer was lovely. I wish I’d bought it for myself.

I realise that most of these blog reviews are extremely late for limited-edition, time-sensitive releases, but there have been numerous obstacles in writing my old-form, detailed, 3,500 to 6,000 word+ reviews on the site.

This is the compromise I’ve come up with to keep me writing at all. I know it’s not ideal. Forgive me.

2 thoughts on “Areej Le Doré: Antiquity, War & Peace, & Siberian Summer

  1. I remember just how much I loved war and peace, sadly that sample is long gone. It actually made my brain buzz, I mean I genuinely felt high when I wore it. You’re making me miss my little sample…

  2. Recently I was going through some of my samples, and most of the later releases from Areej have dried up. His first couple of releases, the samples are still good. I still have a good amount left in Ottoman Empire.I have decants, partials and FB’s of most of the samples, but it was said to have seen them evaporate.

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