Review en Bref: Serge Lutens Périlleusement Vôtre

A brief look at Serge Lutens’ Périlleusement Vôtre, a rose oud. I was not enthused, to put it mildly.

Périlleusement Vôtre

This is a very short 5-part review thread with an addendum added separately. There is also a general size/purchasing poll at the very end that derived specifically from the $375 price for the Gratte Ciel line.


If you’re interested, the $375 pricing for 100 mls in this Lutens line led to a poll about perfume bottle sizes and a lively discussion of how size may impact purchases for those with large fragrance collections:

Bottom line, thumbs down to Périlleusement Vôtre. Neither the scent nor the price for such a scent make it worth your time, in my opinion.

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