Friday, Hurricanes & The August Grab-Bag (+Update)

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been trying my best to work on a profile on Ensar Oud combined with reviews of three of his sandalwood oils, but I keep getting distracted by events.

Photo: NASA

Yesterday, my hosting platform, Dream Host, was hit by a “crippling” DDoS cyber attack on their global servers that, at one point, temporarily sent my site and thousands of others into a crashing void. Constantly receiving alarming messages about that was no fun.

Photo: NASA.

And, today, my city is in the bulls-eye center of a major hurricane with “life-threatening” rainfall predicted. It’s supposed to hit later this afternoon. I’m actually a bit nonchalant about it all except for one thing: The Hairy German is going to completely lose his mind. He hates storms, even minor ones, and even on Melatonin to calm him down, so this afternoon is not going to be any fun at all. And heavens only knows what’s going to happen by evening when he needs to go out to do his business and I have to try to explain about Category 3 level hurricane aftereffects. So, please, wish him luck. Not me, him.

Since I find it completely impossible to focus on serious writing with every news site warning of deaths and major flooding in my area, I thought today was a good day for one of my occasional Grab-Bag Posts about more lighthearted events and subjects. Consider this my laughing in the face of potential chaos. (Although I won’t be laughing if I lose all power and my arctic air-conditioning….)


I thought this was hilarious: “New Fragrances Let Sugar Babies and Daddies Sniff Each Other Out.” Racked’s description is even better than that title, particularly for one of the fragrances:

the sugar baby/sugar daddy dating site just dropped a collection of fragrances geared toward its very specific audience. It’s called “The Essence of Sugar Dating.”

First off, we have the Sugar Drop line, featuring Filthy Rich, Billionaire Baby, and Sweet Hustle. Top notes of condom wrapper and champagne? Sorta! In the press release, Filthy Rich is described like so: “Reminiscent of the most memorable nights, the bright and robust Filthy Rich combines powerful hints of berry and sea splash with an undertone of freshly printed money.” [Bolding emphasis to names added by me.]

Arrangement’s Liquid Assets via

That official scent description for “Filthy Rich” never fails to make me laugh. The other fragrances in the line don’t sound any better, and each one costs $99! This is Racked’s snarky take on some of the others:

For the gentlemen, we have the Papa-Gâteau Collection. I don’t speak French, but Google Translate tells me that translates to “Papa Cake,” which somehow sounds even more disgusting than “sugar daddy.” The scents on offer are Opulence, NSA (which stands for “no strings attached” — you can be excused, in light of recent headlines, for thinking it meant “National Security Agency”), and Liquid Asset. “A sexy, fresh, and aquatic aroma with bergamot, neroli, and tangerine, Opulence combines notes of rosemary and jasmine on a woody — err, woodsy — base.” That’s it, I’m not reading any of the other descriptions to you. [Bolding emphasis to names added by me.]

Moving on, some of you may have already seen this June article from The Telegraph, but I thought I would share it for anyone who may have missed it: “Stagnant water, charcoal, semen… 10 smells that changed the perfume industry.” It lists quite a few fragrances that are well-known to niche perfumistas, like Avignon, Molecule 01, En Passant, or Secretions Magnifiques. One fragrance was unfamiliar to me, however: Killian Well‘s 2015 Dark Ride. The article states:

The inspiration was a log flume ride so, “it smells of chlorine, stagnant water, pyrotechnics, and mildew,” says Catterall. “It absolutely stinks, but people love it.

I don’t know about you, but the smell of mildew is one of the things I loathe the most. I simply cannot imagine wanting to waft not only mildew, but mildew combined with some of the other things on that list. Have any of you tried Dark Ride? Does it really smell as described?


I’d planned to talk a little about Game of Thrones which I think has been wonderfully nerve-wracking, despite all its plot holes and bizarre time/geography issues this season, but my lights just flickered ominously, so I better wrap things up as speedily as I can manage.

Television I’ve loved this summer: Game of Thrones, Endeavour (the Morse prequel series), old seasons of the Great British Bake-Off, and some Scandinavian Noir shows on Walter Presents.

Happy Book/Movie News: I was delighted when I heard that enchanting, funny, quirky, and sweet bestseller, “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” is going to be made into a movie. It’s a lovely book. (Amazon link.) On the surface, it all seems very light-hearted, a book club formed by eccentrics in WW2, but there are darker veins running underneath because, as some of the publisher reviews state, the club is really a facade “to protect its members from arrest at the hands of the Nazis during WWII.” As one noted, “it is the tragic stories of life under Nazi occupation that animate the novel and give it its urgency; furthermore, the novel explores the darker side of human nature without becoming maudlin.” The upcoming movie reunites several Downton Abbey cast members, along with Tom Courtney and Michiel Huisman (Daario Naharis in GOT) under the direction of Mike Newell (Harry Potter, Great Expectations, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Donnie Brasco).

Music: I’m listening to Sisters of Mercy‘s Floodland because it seemed like a good choice for today. This Corrosion has always been a favourite of mine, although right now I’m not saying to “give me the rain”!

The Hairy German:  Some of you always kindly ask about my Teutonic Overlord and his iffy health. He’s okay. His three main chronic and/or life-threatening issues are under control, but he’s begun to frequently limp and go lame on one side, and I’m starting to worry about a neurological, degenerative condition (e.g., Degenerative Myelopathy) which his vet has said might be a possibility. We’ll see.

His Highness, The Hairy German.

Right now, I’m more concerned about how His Imperial Highness will fare during a hurricane and its aftermath. He has new toys, treats, tons of Melatonin in his future, and shall have his paws kissed throughout, but that still doesn’t answer the question of what we’ll do if he needs to go to the bathroom and there is a tornado or the expected 35 inches of water outside. Okay, he swims, as do I, but really, that’s not an ideal scenario for him going to the loo, is it? In hindsight, maybe I should have trained my giant German to use a litter box. Anyway, as you may have gathered by now, I’m not looking forward to the next two days at all.

So, what’s going on with you? Tell me about your news, fun stuff, things you’ve been reading or watching, movies you loved (was Dunkirk as good as reported? I’ve been dying to see it), your weekend plans, or anything else that you’d like to share. Between working on the upcoming Ensar Oud sandalwood article, testing more of his ouds, and the events going on outside, I may not be able to reply much (or at all), but I would love to hear your news and it will be a lovely distraction when Mother Nature turns my city into one giant swimming pool.

[UPDATE 8/27: We’re all well. Safe, but a little soggy. Thankfully, the predictions of another Hurricane Katrina did not turn out to be founded. There was no damage in my area, but parts of the city have, indeed, turned into a swimming pool:

Photo: Patrick McDonough

Some people are apparently canoeing to their houses and the airport is closed. Even so, things turned out to be much better than expected and feared. We were all a little unnerved when the hurricane was upgraded to a Category 4 late Friday, expected to be the deadliest to hit the state since 1961, and also compared to Katrina in its anticipated aftermath. Some parts of the region are suffering and, tragically, some people have died but my region was spared the worst.

I wanted to thank all of you for your good wishes and thoughts. It meant a lot.

UPDATE 2 — Noon:  The situation has worsened quite significantly, I’m afraid. Water levels are rising sharply while the rains are getting more torrential. Things are expected to continue this way for the next week with “catastrophic” and “epic” damage anticipated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This is what it is like already in some parts of the city:

Given the situation, the next post on Ensar Oud may be delayed a little. Thank you for your understanding.]

58 thoughts on “Friday, Hurricanes & The August Grab-Bag (+Update)

  1. Aww, good luck Hairy German! I wonder how many people will actually buy those Sugar Daddy scents. Yeesh!

  2. I hope you both weather the storm well. Unusually glorious weather here this weekend. Mid 70s no humidity. Living in a basement, I get my fill of mildew, thank you very much. SOTD: Elie Saab Le Parfum Intense. A little sweet for me but rather pretty. Hunker down and be safe.

    • I honestly can’t imagine anyone “loving” Eau de Mildew, no matter what that article or journalist claimed. Blech.

      Your weather sounds fantastic for your particular city. Hope you have fun weekend plans, Rich!

    • Thank you, my dear. It’s been a very weird two days, particularly as my city started to panic yesterday. People in certain coastal regions have evacuated, the giant supermarket shelves are barren, and I doubt there is a flashlight left for miles around. We get a few hurricanes from time to time, but this one is supposed to be BAD. I just worry about His Highness (and possible power outages). Fingers crossed it blows over and isn’t as bad as expected. :/

  3. Sending thoughts of safety, calmness and sanity your way. I think you might enjoy American Gods, which I’ve been watching on Amazon’s Starz plug in. So good I had to spring for the full cast audio version of the book. It’s a short first season of only eight episodes so you can binge without guilt.

    I’ve been meaning for months to thank you for your Sultan Pasha entrees, I’m completely smitten. But I suspect not even his magical talent would be able to make silk out of mildew…

    • First, welcome to the blog, lhamo55, and second, yay for finding new perfume loves. Which ones in particular left you smitten?

      Thank you for the tip on American Gods. I will definitely look for it. I remember a few articles raving about it earlier this year and I had planned to look into it, but forgot. Your reminder is a timely one since there is so little on TV right now.

      Have a lovely weekend and thank you for stopping by.

      • Thanks for the warm (hopefully still dry) welcome. American Gods was a delightful introduction to Neil Gaiman and I’ve been enjoying the process of listening and reading his work. The TV series is being made with his full involvement so the inevitable plot variations make sense. Janice Poon, the food stylist who did Hannibal is also on board for AG and her blog is a joy to behold with recipes and well researched info on the characters.

        Let’s see now – I’ve been smote by Sultan Pasha’s La Luna, Ensar Rose, Iris Oir, early prototypes of Dewania, White Truffles and Le Rayon Verte. I would succumb to even more but my fragrance wardrobe is in good shape for now.

  4. Oh geeze. I wish you and the overlord the very best, and may the time pass quickly. I have experienced earthquakes and devastating fire but not floods and hurricanes. We are going up to our house in Calaveras County where there was a horrible fire two years ago, the Butte Fire in Cali. We are renovating and fixing the house that remains that was my childhood home. I try to ignore the burned charcoal bits that the rest of the 10 acres look like. We recently lost running water because a pipe broke so we’ve been carrying buckets of water up from the creek just to flush toilets but hope to fix today. On the up, we are painting the interior, ripping up carpet, and have found a nice cedar wood floor from the 1930’s.
    About the Overlord, and, I’m sure you get much advice, but we’re not far from UCDavis Veterinary school, one of three top teaching Univ. in the world. It’s an amazing place, and several vets from there have had tremendous success with accupuncture for dogs with paralysis, and a variety other problems. You may want to look into accupuncture. Apparently, dogs do quite well during it. I personally have had both interesting and good results, albeit inconsistent (I have had a few treatments that left me groggy and “stoned” feeling, so it does….”something”). But dogs consistently do pretty well.
    May you all be safe! I hope this distracted you for at least another minute….

    • I’m so sorry to hear what happened to your childhood home! How heartbreaking. I remember reading about the Butte Fire and how bad it was. You’ve certainly got a LOT to contend with in terms of fixing and renovation. Crikey, the pipe/water/toilet situation sounds like a terrible hassle on TOP of everything else you have to deal with.

      Thank you for the acupuncture suggestion. I’ve actually spoke to His Hairy Highness’ main vet (he has 3, lol) about it in the past, along with Blue Light Therapy, but the chap didn’t think either would do much for my boy’s particular issues. What he really needs is a Total Hip Replacement. I tried repeatedly to have the surgery done in the past but underlying health issues prevented it from going forward each time. But I’m going to see if he’s not too old to have it done now and if the specialists think he is healthy enough to endure the long recovery.

      Thank you for thinking of him and his health, sweetie. It means a lot. And good luck today with the pipe situation today!

  5. Dear Kafka, stay dry. I hope the Hairy German is calm during the storm – from my experiences pets are impacted so much more by extreme weather.
    I am very excited about your profile of Ensar Oud!! Thanks to you I have been trying more and smaller producers (and am eagerly expecting my bottle of Ottoman Empire).
    I also wanted to thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge and sharing it with us. I have learnt so much from reading your articles.

    • Honestly, I’m just glad you find the articles interesting and aren’t turned off by a focus on smaller brands. I’ll admit, I’ve been concerned about that potential issue because I haven’t focused on well-known names since my return, and some people prefer reviews on big brands like Tom Ford, Guerlain, etc. I’ve actually bought a ton of samples of new releases from better-known niche names but so many of them leave me unenthused that it’s hard to summon up the will to write about them. The artisanal or indie houses are the only ones which seem to offer both quality and something interesting or appealing. Anyway, it’s lovely to know that you’ve liked the reviews on the smaller chaps in the industry. 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend, my dear!

  6. Wish you, but especially the Hairy German, all the best. Stay safe!

    Ah Sisters of mercy, glad to hear people still listen to them and like them 🙂

    Did some more reading this summer than usual. Was impressed by Cormac McCarthy and Shirley Jackson.
    Also very impressed by Siberian musk (see my comment over there).

    When I go to a really good and expensive restaurant, 9 out of 10 times I decide not to wear perfume. I want to be able to smell the food and concentrate on it. Is this silly? How about you guys?

    • I know a few people who skip perfume or cologne when going to top restaurants, so I don’t think you’re alone there but it would be interesting to see what others think or do. I personally don’t skip wearing scent when I go out at nights, no matter how good or high-end the food may be.

      I know Cormac McCarthy but not Shirley Jackson. I’ll look her up. Thank you for the tip!

      Also, a big fat Hurrah that you loved Siberian Musk so much! I was delighted to read that.

  7. I am so sorry for what you are facing with your dog, both in the short term and the possible longterm (DM). I have German Shepherds too and between cancer, DM, and allergies I wonder if my heart can handle another. Yours looks like a beautiful West German line dog, I wish him all the best. Best dogs ever.

    • BEST dogs ever!! I’m an utterly worshipful slave and addict. No matter what health issues I’ve had to deal with my prior or current furry ones (cancer and lupus before, perianal fistulas, skin allergies, hip dysplasia, and possible autoimmune again now), I’ll never have any other breed. They own my heart completely and obsessively.

      I’m incredibly sorry to hear you’ve had to deal withany of the same issues, but I’m beyond delighted to meet another GSD obsessive. Welcome, welcome!!

      You have a good eye; His Highness is from West German lines, Schutzhund and show. My prior boy was DDR, West German, and with a wee bit of Czech. One before that was a black Shepherd that I personally think had some Belgian blood in him. And my future upcoming pup will be West German with some DDR, if all goes to plan with the litter and wait list that I’m on. As you can see, I’m rather a breed die-hard. Lol 😉

      I would absolutely love to hear about your brood and furry ones. Welcome again, my fellow GSD lover!

  8. Oh good luck with the hurricane and your Royal Highness. we have that problem here with heavy rainfall and fireworks… the cat hates it but does not use the litterbox, ever…. stay safe there. had to smile when you mentioned the Great british bake off. just watched season 2015 and 2016. so much fun! We are also big Pointless fans. get back to us please after the hurricane!!

    • The GBBO is such a happy, comforting, fun, and cheery show. I was sad to hear about the changes, but a Guardian article on the new version actually sounded really positive and hopeful! Look it up if you can. The new version may not be as terrible as everyone feared. 🙂

  9. Siouxsie and the Banshees
    Cocteau Twins
    Love and Rockets , and this one from Peter Murphy ,

    For DDos and other related problems .
    Dark Reading Daily is an excellent hub .

    Kafkaesque , have you changed the factory code on your Smart TV ?
    It’s how the whole DYN rolling Netflix blackout happened last year in October.

    My Buddy Beasly of years past, every time after it thundered , would follow up with his rapid barking expletives .
    Wishing The Hairy German , and you, a safe Harvey.
    PS, Ottoman Empire (On Hold) .

    • Great, great music choices there, Eddie! Now I have to go pull out my Love & Rockets cd! Did you ever listen to the KLF? I hear they’re coming back!

      I will have to look up the issue of Smart TV codes because, no, I haven’t changed anything. :/

      Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and experiences with the Areej fragrances and decants you ordered.

      Have a great weekend, my dear.

      • KLF , yup !!! Had The White Room.
        This is a really good one from back then.
        Gene Loves Jezebel ;

        Love the attack/decay and saturation of the guitar.
        The echo in the song drips with the most wanting of deadly desire.
        Mmmm, an album that made , well two albums that made an impression on me back then ,Elvis Costello’s My Aim is True and both Joe Jackson’s , Look Sharp and Into the Night .
        Bands I am into now, Massive Attack , Cage The Elephant , Tame Impala , Fever the Ghost,the Source , Lorn , oh , I simple love ,love , love Aurora , Such energy. Her influences are ,Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen . I love both of them.
        Good link of Aurora .

        Huge fan of Portugal , the Man ,

        Also , Alt J ,


        Big fan a Vitalic.

  10. I wholeheartedly approve of your musical choice for the day!

    Good luck with the storm. Back in 2004 I lived in Orlando. Starting with Hurricane Charley, we had one hurricane a month for four months in a row. It’s tedious, to say the least. I hope the Hairy German is accepting of the circumstances!

    • Florida really does seem to be Hurricane Central. I’m glad for your sake that you’re out of there because 4 in a row sounds terrible. We get some over here but not many. Unfortunately, this one, Harvey, is expected to be hugely destructive, particularly in its aftermath with major, major floods. Let’s hope it’s just hype. :/

      Sisters of Mercy were great, weren’t they? I also loved New Order and DM from that time. Gosh, I miss 80s music.

  11. All the best to your Hairy German and you to get through the storms unscathed, and successfully relieved. I’m in the hurricane’s path here too, all hunkered down with my two nonchalant and comfy cats. People are going crazy at the stores. Trader Joe’s was doing a fine job dealing with the lines double-wrapped around the produce section, handing out mini chocolate dipped ice cream cones, restocking the shelves as best they could, and wishing everyone well. Hopefully this weather episode will not be so bad, not nearly as awful as the reports are suggesting.

    “Foyle’s War” on Acorn TV was one of the best series I’ve seen, not that I’ve seen that many but it really is excellent. Lately I’m enjoying “A Place to Call Home”, just got to Season 4.

    Mandy Aftel’s new book “The Art of Flavor” sounds intriguing. I may order a copy, considering how wonderful her perfumes and Chef’s Essences are (oh, the Sweet Basil)! I’d like to know if anyone has read this book and what they think.

    • Oh dear, you’re in Harvey’s path, too?! My best wishes to you and the cats in return. I hope they continue to be nonchalant. May all of you be safe and dry, and may there be no power outages for any of us. I’m worried about that last part and the flooding aftermath.

      I heard about the Trader Joe lines! Wrapped around the block for one store apparently. Ouch.

      Foyle’s War is one of my favourite old series. I think I’ve watched every episode at least twice. And I like “A Place To Call Home,” too. Other suggestions if you haven’t seen them already: Lewis, Midsomer Murders, and All Creatures Great and Small.

      I haven’t read the newest Aftel book but all the ones that I have read from her have been great, so I was intrigued as well. If anyone has already read “The Art of Flavor,” I hope they’ll chime in with their thoughts.

      Stay safe, Holly. Hope the next 2-3 days pass smoothly for you.

  12. Dear Kafka.
    First, I am Sending your Germand friend lots of hugs. Hopefully, he will curl by your side and the storm will pass with no mayor dramas for you both.

    Rare as that is with a bank holiday next Monday, it is actually rather sunny and warm in London. Perfect riding weather, so I shall be mounting my faithful VFR1200 steed, and set of in search of interesting roads with lots of bends.

    I am afraid my only reading companion will be my satnav … But my crash helmet is equipped with an awesome bluetooth stereo system, and I shall be listening to my favourite 80’s tunes as I ride into the sunset . Among them…

    No GOT for me… I have not seen a single episode. (I know, I’m a strange fish).
    Watching Allied on tv, and looking forwards to the upcoming Bladerunner rehash.

    That’s me for now.
    Batten down the hatches, open a nice bottle of wine and Stay well dear Kafka.

    • I love, love, love 80s music and it’s been a long time since I heard The Forest, so thank you for sharing that! I used to like cranking up Violator, sometimes Sinead’s “Lion and The Cobra,” or, later on, in the 1990s, Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack to The Rock, put my foot down in the gas, and just go. (I actually got a big speeding ticket once because of the Hans Zimmer music. It’s so perfect for high speeds. Lol) Who else do you love apart from The Cure?

      I know quite a few people who don’t watch GOT, so you’re not an odd fish at all. And I’m looking forward to the upcoming Bladerunner remake, too. I was most excited about the new Star Trek TV series, but since the showrunner left, the famous Bryan Fuller of Hannibal, I’ve tried to pare down my expectations.

      Have a lovely weekend, Viffer, and be safe on that bike!

      • My friends and family thinks I am weird for not watching GOT LOL.
        Speeding tickets…Yes, I have a few of those, I do like to go fast and on a powerful machine is very easy to forget you are on a public road.

        I used to be a Dj back in the early and mid 80’s and, I like a very wide gamut of musical styles… take your pick.
        Echo & the Bunnymen, Talk Talk, Depeche Mode, Talking heads, U2, Simple minds, INXS, Simply Red (the picture book album), David Bowie, Stray Cats,The Police, Prince, The smiths, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis…

        60’s- 70’s- 80ish stuff, Queen, Mike Oldfield, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, JJ Cale, Leonard Cohen, Simon & Garfunkel, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Grateful Dead, Nina Simone, The Eagles, Diré Straits, Don McLean, Gerry Rafferty, Harry Nilsson Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Ella Fitzgerald, Fleetwood Mac (specially the early stuff with Peter Green). Among many more…

        Newish stuff, Musse, Foals, Hozier, John Mayer, Junip, Kasabian, Sterophonics, Kings of Leon, La Femme, Suede, The Verve, Liars, Ray LaMontagne, …I could go forever LOL!

        Not a great fan of Star Trek ,or Star Wars. And what is going on with Ridley Scott? The last Alien film was not particularly good, nor was the Martian… I hope the new Bladerunner lives up to its legendary original, Scott is involved and with his latest releases being sub-par, I am not sure how it will turn out.

        Stay safe dear Kafka, I hope your German friend stays calm. My Cocker Spaniel is not to bad with thunderous storms… But, Postmen is a completely different dish, He goes crazy every time the door bell rings 😀

        • I forgot to say… I like to meet the man that invented the speed camera. Put him on the back of my bike, twist the Throttle and not stopping until a get a whiff resembling Serge Lutens MKK 🙂

          • My wife has been reading this thread and pointed out a few grammar mistakes to me… English is not my first language but, and still, I hate auto correct in an Ipad with 3 different keyboard languages loaded!

          • I promise, I never noticed! Granted, I’m starting to freak out over here because the hurricane just got upgraded to a Category 4 and they’re comparing its probable effects to Hurricane Katrina, but I generally don’t pay much heed to spelling or grammar because I automatically assume its an auto-correct issue. 😀 I make endless mistakes when I type on my phone. Everything gets changed around and one can’t always pick them up to correct them. Plus, in your case, I just assumed that you spoke more than one language.

            Bottom line, please don’t give it a second thought! I promise you, I never did.

        • Talk Talk!!!! Jean Michel Jarre!! Supertramp ! Brel and Dire Straits! So many names on your list that I never hear from others! I don’t know most of your modern selection, but based on the old stuff, I have the feeling we would be fast friends in real life. I’ll just excuse your Star Trek indifference, if you’ll excuse my Star Trek love. 😉

          I never saw you as a Cocker Spaniel fellow, but they’re very sweet dogs. Give yours a kiss from me.

          Okay, the winds are starting to pick up here, the sky is turning dark, and, given the latest dire news, I think it’s time for a glass of wine. Category 4… it’s going to be one hellishly long night ahead. :/

          • Oh Dear, I sure hope it will not be as catastrophic as Katrina!!!
            Do stay safe, and not too much of the old vino!
            You may need you wits about you!

  13. I hope everything is going to be fine with you and the Hairy One. When will your Little Hairy arrive ?

    • No exact date set yet for The Future Baby Overlord, but there will be an October litter for which she’s keeping me in mind. The issue is really to have the best personality fit for me, based on what I’ve asked for as specific character and temperament traits, so I’ve told her that I’ll wait for the perfect match even if it takes a year. Plus, that will also give me time to save up a little. The puppy prices are… well, let’s just say Roja Dove would be impressed. *gulp* Between that, the big deposit, transportation costs, training costs, insurance and vet bills, things will add up quite quickly, so I’m starting to cushion myself for all eventualities in advance and the wait is actually working out in my favour.

      I hope you’ve been well, Mi’Lady. Everything good on your end?

      • I was watching the news today, it looked awful – was thinking of you and hoped that you live on a hill… Take care !
        I’m having some health issues, which demands discipline : I’m not used to take regular medication and keep a strict diet. Anyway, next check-up is tomorrow – we’ll see. But in two weeks I’m off for my annual leave, this time it’s 2 weeks in Western Canada.

  14. I do so hope that you and your wonderful furry overloard will be safe. I’m in coastal South Carolina and the weather continues with daily torrential downpours. We expect much more rain due the hurricane, My backyard is flooded.
    I’ve read that wonderful book at least three times and never tired of it. Un Village Francais reminds me of it in some ways.
    I’ve been watching Turkish Television which is on Netflix. I’m hooked on Ezel, but Seyit vs Sura is also another one. So much fun. I must say that I haven’t found anything that entertaining in a long time with the exception of Game of Thrones. Love Ser Davos.

    Kafka, stay safe.

  15. As I read your post I am listening to my baby Charley cry because his Daddy is out with the neighbor repairing the fence blown down by Harvey. We are not in the current direct path but we are getting rain and some wind. I hope His Highness settles down and is OK throughout the storm (you too). Be safe!

  16. I am most concerned for your and His Highness’s welfare and I do hope as the night wears on that you and your family are safe. I have been through Florida hurricanes and they are quite scary.

    On a lighter note, I had never heard of the Sisters of Mercy – enjoyed the clip and it reminded me strongly of David Bowie. In the ’80’s I had moved in the direction of World music as well as Jazz, although I have always listened to Blues. Foyle’s war is on my Netflix list, and if you haven’t seen Black Mirror, do watch it on a night that is more stress-free.

    In the coming weeks I hope to offer my impressions of the many scents I have tried and bought thanks to your wonderful reviews. It seems we have very similar tastes.

  17. It is late in the game, but I do hope that you are in a safe and secure spot to weather out the storm. Praying for your safety and peace as you ride it out. Harvey is one bad dude.

  18. I hope you both stay dry and safe.
    I know that for small dogs there are special mats that can be used in garage or in the bathroom for their immediate needs if the weather isn’t permitting the proper bathroom ritual. But with the large dog I don’t know… I hope it develops better than we fear.

  19. I lone Preacher, Zelda, and Man in the High Castle. After Bern’s ascending aortic aneurysm dissection last summer, I’ve streamed more tv in the last year than I have in decades! His recovery has been a long, life altering road. I’m partial to the Jaquen H’gar is Rheagar Targaryn theory and have a personal theory that I’ve not seen anywhere that if that is the case, then Aria is Lyanna reincarnated. (Which is why, I think he allowed her to leave Bravvos.) I still haven’t figured out (in a way that is satisfactory to my constant obsession with having it all sorted out before it all ends) who the bloody Night King is??? All I know is that he scares the living sh$t out of me!!! I am keeping you and all my Texas relatives constantly in my prayers, and like Jon, I know nothing…about any good new frags, that is. Hugs to the Hairy Lord! <3

  20. Pee pads are a must have for big storms. When we had a greyhound who was on very high doses of prednisone and had to pee a lot and often I would lay out about 8 or 10 on the floor so he could go and I wouldn’t come home to puddles everywhere. I imagine that during a big storm that method might be useful. Since it’s too late to get them though I’d put down a tarp or plastic garbage bag on the garage floor with something absorbent on top and use that if possible. Getting him outside in a storm like that may be impossible.
    Stay safe.

    • I never thought of pee pads! Duh to me. I suppose it’s been so long since HRH was a puppy that it never crossed my mind, but thank you for the great idea and suggestion. Really fantastic. I will definitely keep it in mind for the next time. Thank you so much, Poodle.

  21. Glad to read you and the Hairy German are out of harms way! I managed to escape New York last month but have been pretty busy since (including dealing with events still going on there, but from afar.)

  22. I’m glad to hear you and yours made it through the storm and flooding unscathed. We’re all right here, with no flooding and fortunate to still have power. The kitties’ nonchalance has been ruffled a bit, but has held fast. Can’t say the same for me, I was up half the night fretting. Hopefully the worst is past us now.

    • I don’t know how I missed this comment, but I’m so sorry for not replying sooner, Holly. How are you holding up? How are things on your end?

      • Thanks Kafkaesque, the stress and exhaustion were the worst of it, but finally the storm has moved on. It was such a thrill to see the first ray of sunshine yesterday evening! The cats are happy to have their sunny windows back. I was very fortunate not to have any flooding, but like most of us here I know people who had several feet of water in their homes. Now the long road to recovery begins. All the best to you and yours!

  23. Kafka!! Please take care, both you and the Hairy German!! I’m a bit offline due to work but sending you wishes and good vibes. Stay warm and safe!

  24. I do hope you remain safe from the flood waters! I can fully understand that any further reviews might be delayed!! This weekend I am enjoying (and still discovering all the nuances of) my latest acquisition – Amouage Figment Man – a very wet, earthy, even (at times) muddy scent, as it would happen!

  25. Hope you are still ok and not flooded. I survived Hurricane Andrew and I literally have hurricane PTSD. If there is even high wind and limbs falling I freak out. I use melatonin to fall asleep every night. Great stuff!

    Love the new Endeavour prequels and GOT of course. And I really enjoyed the great british baking show this year. So glad Candice won. Loved her!

    I haven’t posted much because my son is getting married and we are downsizing so I’m torn in 50 directions. Have begun to explore the Stephane Humbert Lucas line and so far my favorite is Rose de Petra, ahh, divine! I used pee pads for my dogs – they wouldn’t even go out in normal rain. Iggies are notoriously finicky.

    • I’m okay. Dry but utterly exhausted and frazzled from the last 5 days, and sick to death of rain. We we’re lucky, though. Others have fared terribly, as the news shows quite well.

      I’ve missed seeing you, so it’s good to have your news. Congratulations on your son’s upcoming wedding!

  26. I hope you are still okay. The initial response we got from you was so positive, but the news is getting worse by the day, and it’s now Wednesday. This has brought back “fire memories.” Like Rickyrebarcco above, I have PTSD too. This kind of tragedy stays with you a lifetime. So I’ve been keeping you and his Hairy Highness in my thoughts, that you both are together on high ground. Stay safe and dry both of you, and your family and loved ones too. Much support and concern from California.

    • I’m okay, sweetie. We were lucky. Only lost power once, but no flooding within the house. But I’m exhausted beyond measure from the tension and stress of the last 6 days. It’s been quite nerve-wracking living with the specter of all hell possibly breaking loose as the water levels rose higher and the rains continued to pour down. I am trying to focus on how fortunate we were and to count my blessings, but the degree of hourly tension since Friday and the endless bad news everywhere have left their mark.

  27. Thinking of you, Kafka! Glad to hear that you, your family, the Hairy German and your house is okay. I can’t even imagine what it must be like down there. I hope it stops raining soon.

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