Perfume Giveaway: Parfums Rétro Grand Cuir

Parfums Rétro has generously offered to give away 60 prizes, each of which will be a 3 ml sample of Grand Cuir, a fragrance that I thought was one of the best new releases of 2013. I’m very excited, because I really think Grand Cuir is a scent that deserves more exposure and attention. The other day, I was making some samples of Grand Cuir from my small decant for a few friends, and I couldn’t stop sniffing the air as the perfume swirled around me. I contacted Jeffrey Dame at Parfums Rétro on the complete off-chance that he may be up for a giveaway, thinking perhaps one or two posters may get the opportunity to try Grand Cuir for themselves. I was utterly stunned by the generosity of the response.


There are essentially two different giveaways.

  1. The first and main one is for U.S. posters (or those who have the address of a cousin or friend in the U.S. who can send the perfume on to them): 50 people will each get ONE (1) spray atomizer of Grand Cuir in a 3 ml size.
  2. However, TEN (10) vials will be available for those in the EEC.
Ewan McGregor for Belstaff. Source: Twitter.

Ewan McGregor for Belstaff. Source: Twitter.

I put Grand Cuir on my list of Best New Releases of 2013. As I wrote in part of my review, contradictions and paradoxes lie at the heart of Grand Cuir, which explores leather from one end of the spectrum to the other under the most civilized and sophisticated of veneers. It starts as raw leather coated with birch tar and pungent herbs before turning into the expensive, new black leather of a biker’s jacket, then burnished, softly aged leather with amber, before ending up as the most refined of creamy Italian suedes infused with amber, lavender, and skin-like musk. It’s a journey that is at once animalic and aldehydic, soapy clean, beginning as a masculine scent that is an aromatic, herbal fougère with leather, before it transforms into something very different. And the whole thing is done sotto voce, with the quiet firmness of a confident man who doesn’t believe he has to be flashy and loud to draw attention to himself. Very well done, and very refined.

Anita Ekberg, Paris. Source: Lanier at Scents Memory.

Anita Ekberg, Paris. Source: Lanier at Scents Memory.

Despite the herbal, piney, birch leather opening of Grand Cuir, I do think it’s a scent that some women will enjoy. The storyteller perfume blogger, Lanier of Scents Memory, definitely thinks that Grand Cuir can be worn by women. In a review focused on Anita Ekberg and Paris, and entitled Mademoiselle Valentine, he writes, in part:

Grand Cuir by Parfums Rétro is a dramatically stunning perfume that recalls the lost last age of elegance. It is very classically French in its olfactory signature. Grand Cuir is purely rich and evocative of Pairs. It recalls an age of beautiful women who dress in chic elegant style at every hour of the day, who, for every occasion, had a perfume to match each mood, atmosphere and destination. Be that a shopping excursion, a romantic interlude or an evening alone at home reading “Bonjour Tristesse”. Yes it recalls all these things about women but when a man wears Grand Cuir it takes on the memories of women whom he has loved.  The perfume’s tag line reads “A leather with soul.”  This is true, it has soul, but it is not the soul of cool like in the late 60’s. It has the soul of chic from the earlier and too brief period between 1960 and 1964. It is complex, interesting, a bit demanding of your attention and utterly devastating.

George Clooney. Photographer: Sam Jones for TIME magazine.

George Clooney. Photographer: Sam Jones for TIME magazine.

For me, Grand Cuir was much more indubitably masculine, evoking a mix of Steve McQueen, George Clooney, and Ewan McGregor. I completely agree, however, that it is chic, refined, and elegant.

What I discovered the other night was that Grand Cuir somehow stays in your head, despite its notes swirling around in an air filled with other perfumes. Something about Grand Cuir’s clary sage, birch tar leather, labdanum amber, and clean aldehydic refinement stood out, making me sniff the air again and again, as well as the part of my wrist where I had wiped my pipette. I don’t even like aldehydes or soapy elements, but the contradictions and paradoxes make Grand Cuir incredibly interesting to me, drawing me in for more, again and again. So, I’m really excited that some of you will get to experience it for yourself.


The giveaway is limited to people living in the U.S. and EEC. The problem is that new postal regulations make it extremely difficult to send fragrances (classified now as hazardous materials) to certain parts of the world. So, we’re terribly sorry, but please do not enter if you are outside either of those two geographic regions (or don’t have a U.S./EEC cousin or friend whose address you can use).

EEC countries include but are not limited to: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Ireland, Spain, and Greece. The full, complete list of current EEC members can be found here. I know I have quite a few readers from Croatia, but neither Parfums Rétro nor I are clear on Croatia’s member status. So, Parfums Rétro has decided to assume that Croatia is an EEC member for the purposes of the giveaway.

To enter, you have to do TWO things:

  1. leave a comment about your favorite leather scent to date; and
  2. state if you’re in the US or the EEC.

I usually respond personally to every comment on a giveaway, but that won’t happen this time given that it’s the week of Christmas and I’m rather exhausted. Don’t worry though, I will keep a running tally of every name, creating separate lists according to your location, and submitting the names on each list to in separate drawings.

If you don’t tell me your location, I won’t be able to include you because I need to know which entry list to put you on, especially as there are few samples or slots available for the EEC drawing.


The giveaway ends on Thursday, December 26th, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) in the U.S. which is -6:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).


The winners will be chosen by, and will be announced sometime the next day, Friday, December 27th, in a separate post. There will obviously be two lists of winners, one for the US commentators and one for those in the EEC.

The nature of email contact will be different this time. Once I post the winners, you have THREE (3) days to contact Parfums Retro with your shipping information. Deadline is end of the day, my time, on Sunday, December 29th. Please send an email to Your email should include your screen name with which you posted on Kafkaesque and your mailing address. If you fail to contact Parfums Retro with your shipping information in the proper time frame, your prize will be given to the next person on the list.


Jeffrey Dame. Source: Perfume of Life.

Jeffrey Dame. Source: Perfume of Life.

Parfums Rétro will send the prizes directly to the winners, and pay for all shipping costs. For those in the EEC, it may take a while for you to receive your prize, depending on your customs and postal issues. Neither Parfums Rétro nor I am responsible for items that are destroyed by customs or lost in transit for some reason.


I’d like to express my enormous gratitude to Jeffrey Dame of Parfums Rétro for his generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness in offering such a massive giveaway. Some companies may give away one or two tiny samples, but 60 decants and 3 ml at that?! Amazing! I cannot thank Jeffrey Dame enough. Good luck to everyone! 

170 thoughts on “Perfume Giveaway: Parfums Rétro Grand Cuir

  1. What a wonderful, generous draw. Thank you so much Kafka and Parfums Retro! My sentimental favorite has to be vintage English Leather because it was one of my Dad’s favorites. I would sneak into my parents’ bathroom and smell their colognes and perfumes and he usually had this in his bathroom cabinet. I am in the US 🙂

  2. Oh my, this is a generous offer! I’m all for supporting companies like this. Grand Cuir has been on my list, and seeing it as one of your top picks of 2013 means it’s a must. I have to admit, I don’t have a favorite leather, and perhaps that’s because I’ve found that they do lack soul. Thanks so much for reaching out to Mr. Dame and extending this offer to us. Happy Holidays.

  3. Hello Dearest Kafka, I will throw my hat in the ring…I could have sworn I have sample and now I couldn’t find it. Given that this is 50 prizes, I would think that my chances are greater, no? Hopefully you’ll publish the winners before I depart for warmer parts on the 27th.

    As to my favorite leather scent, I’ll go with SL Boxeuses.

    I’m in the U.S.

    Thanks to Jeffrey Dame / Parfums Retro for their generous giveaway…and for you, Kafka, for being the great lemmingnator or lemmingator.

    • What time are you leaving on the 27th? Hopefully, I will have the post up in time, so that you can see it and if chooses you, you can respond in time. In any event, I think I may have your address somewhere, worst comes to worse, or you could send it to me again. Wouldn’t want to penalize you for travelling and having a break. 🙂

  4. Leather scent! Oh my, I’m new to this scent world! I used to just buy what smelled good with no thought to leather…but…I do have one! I love the Tocca 007 candles…leathery with something like scotch and tobacco too. Not sure but I do like them and they do seem to have that leather thing going on (I doubled checked via google). I’m US based! What a nice giveaway! Happy holidays!!!!

  5. Oh wow! What a great giveaway! I have yet to find a leather scent as I just recently entered into the wonderful world of fragrance. My favorite leather memory is the smell of the saddles at the barn where my sister worked and rode horses:) I am in the U.S.
    Happy Holidays!

  6. Very generous giveaway, thank you to Mr. Dame! My favorite leather seems to be discontinued/unavailable, it’s Madame X by Ava Luxe. Fragrantica says it was introduced in 2006 and that seems right, I had several sample vials and I always meant to get a bottle, but I still ave a tiny bit left. The Fragrantica notes are: jasmine, mimose, hay, civet, ambergris, castoreum, musk, coriander, incense, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, leather and oakmoss.

    It’s a lovely scent, I wasn’t as much into musk back then as I am now, or I’m certain I would have bought a bottle plus backups!

    I’m in the US 🙂 Thanks again for the giveaway

  7. Such a generous giveaway! My favorite leather scent thus far is From Tom Ford’s Private Blend Collection and it is none other than the wonderful Tuscan Leather. It is smooth, rich and luxurious. Furthermore, it actually smells like leather and doesn’t turn into a gigantic powder bomb! Which is great. I’m in the US. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I am an (almost) EEC participant and would absolutely love to try this (primarily thanks to your tempting descriptions, Kafka)! Thank you so much for this draw!

    • Actually, in all the excitement, I forgot to list my favorite leathers: Puredistance M (not a leather-leather), Xerjoff Homme, Knize Ten, SMN Nostalgia (also not a leather-leather), SL Cuir Mauresque.

  9. My favourite Leather is Xerjoff Homme by Xerjoff. It’s a scent I never tire of.
    Many thanks to You and Mr Dame for this tremendous giveaway.
    I’m in the EEC

  10. This is a wonderful giveaway. Thank you Kafka and Parfums Rétro! My favorite leather, with no doubt is Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque, a true masterpiece from Christopher Sheldrake. I reside in neither US or EEC, but I would like to enter for the US, since I believe my aunt have some friends there.

    • As long as the US Addressee can or will forward to you, it should be fine. Grand Cuir will get EU distributors in 2014, so if you win the sample and like it, you should be able to buy it for yourself at some point in the near future. I have put you down on the US listing, but you may want to check with your Aunt’s friends. lol

  11. What a generous giveaway, and thanks for being willing to do all the work involved. I don’t yet have a favorite leather scent, although vintage Jolie Madame gave me serious pause for thought. Many if them seem two-dimensional to me. This one sounds very much otherwise.
    I’m in the US.

  12. My favorite leather “ish” fragrance is Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels. I work in a hospital at nights and the nurses love this on me. Hope Grand Cuir is even better. I am in the US.
    Merry Christmas

  13. I’m in the EEC
    This month I’m wearing Mona di Orio’s Cuir but my favorite leather…this is rather difficult…maybe Atelier Cologne’s Gold leather is high in the list, and SL Cuir Mauresque and ELd’O’s Rien and a lot that are missing, so well, too many leathers maybe!
    Thank you for the draw

  14. Kafka, thanks to give us the opportunity to try this fragrance. Although this fragrance sample will not come to South America but I want to try this. Many greetings. Good luck to all.
    And I would like to add a comment I found:
    “All I can say is that I haven’t smelled another new masculine leather that satisfying and compelling in many years”.

    • You have the US addressee who is holding your Kalemat and will send it to you, so I have you on my US list, Walter. 🙂

      Nice comment about the Grand Cuir. Did you find that on Basenotes? I know the perfume has a few big fans there.

  15. I’d have to say Cuir Mauresque, but I’m also interested in Hard Leather after your description (I’m fanning myself) and of course, Grand Cuir. Now back to reading all of your posts for the year. Thanks for the draw. I’m in the U.S.

  16. This is so exciting! I’m wearing Coromandel for the holidays and would love to try something new! I’m in the U.S.

  17. Thanks Kafka and Parfums Retro. This fragrance sounds great. My fave leather is Cuir Ottoman by Parfums d’Empire. I live in California, USA.

  18. Favorite leather scents:
    Helmut Lang Cuiron
    Guerlain Cuir Beluga

    I am in the U.S.

    Thank you for this generous opportunity!

  19. Jeff,

    Please throw my hat in the ring, too. I’m a big fan of leather fragrances and quite fond of both TF’s Tuscan Leather and Cuir de Nacre by Ann Gérard.

  20. This is exciting! Thank you for the generous give away. So far, my two favorite leathers are Guerlain Derby and MPG Parfum D’Habit, with Parfum d’Habit being ahead by a bit. I’ve been hearing such good things about Cuir Grand…I look forward to trying it one way or another. Cheers! Oh…I’m from the U.S.

  21. This sounds so intriguing. I don’t have any leather scents in my collection. I would have to say that Kelly Caleche relays leather to me and I find it very warm and comforting. Would love to try this. I’m in the U.S.

  22. Wow! What an amazing sounding perfume! Leathers are among my favourite perfumes and I have a sneaky feeling that they will come back into fashion in the next few years. My favourite leather scents are Diorling, Bandit by Piguet and Equipage by Hermes. I am really intrigued by this scent – thanks so much for the draw..a very generous thing to do. A very merry xmas to you all ! I am in the e.e.c

  23. I am bit scared of the birch tar opening you describe,quite honestly; though I love masculine scents, I have a bit of a hard time with anything too piney. My favorite to date may be one you may not like (I know you dont enjoy much PG’s perfumes): L’Oiseau du Nuit which, by the laws of coincidence, I am wearing today.
    Im in the US.

  24. Thank you for this generous offer. My favorite Leather fragrance right now is Naomi Goodsir’s Cuir Velours. I live in the U.S

  25. Kayceebee says her favorite leather perfume is Cuir de Russie, followed by Dzing! I live in Lexington, KY, USA, Horse Capitol of the World. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  26. Really a great gift. I am in Brazil but have an american address. So it will be no problem i think….It is very hard to mention only one leather fragrance, as tehre are many masterpieces. But one that is wonderfull and is relatively unknown nowadays is the Trussardi, the vintage edition…and just to mention a new frag…it would be Tom of Finland.

    • Our main goal is to be able to get the perfume to you, without nightmarish customs or postal issues on either end. As long as there is an American mailing address, and a way for you to subsequently get the perfume sent on to you by your own connections, it’s fine. So, I have you on my US list, Davis. Good luck.

  27. You had me at elegant and refined leather, and the kicker was: Steve George, and Ewan. Triple swoon.

  28. What a great giveaway! I have a sample of it (and like it) so no need entering me into the draw but I wanted to say that I’ll spread the word. I think that it’s great when a brand with limited distribution does this type of promotions. Bravo!

    My favorite leather is Tom Ford Tuscan Leather on a man and Cuir de Russie for me.

    • I think it’s fantastic too, especially now that Parfums Rétro is finally finishing up its exclusivity deal with Luckyscent and the perfume will be going into wider distributorship starting in 2014. These samples will hopefully let some of the EEC leather addicts get the chance to try it before that happens, while even more US perfumistas will get the chance to explore it in the meantime. Thanks for spreading the word.

  29. Thanks to you both for the draw. I’m picking Kelly & Jones Cabernet as a new leather’s cherry, tobacco,leather and reasonably priced! I’m in the US.

  30. Holy cow! i love leather, and my favorite find this year was Prada Cuir Ambre. It’s really wonderful.

    Canadian reader here, with good friends in the US.

    Also i can never read about leather perfumes without remembering In The Skin Of A Lion by Michael Ondaatje.

  31. Since I got into this fragrance obsession only a little more than a year ago and still to this day, I am still memorized every time I wear Tuscan Leather. There are tons of fragrances that smell similar, some which people like more and claim are so how much more wearable or versatile. Sorry, no dice. This is the king.

    I am in the US. Thanks so much for this draw.

  32. Leather is a favorite note, and picking one favorite is difficult. I guess it would be Cuir Ottoman, by PdE; although if asked next week, I might say Cuir Mauresque, or Rien, or Habanita…etc.
    I’m in the US. And thanks very much for the opportunity to sample another great leather!

  33. What a great draw, thanks so much! I live in the US and my favorite leather perfume is Parfum d’Empire Cuir Ottoman.

  34. Thank you for this generous give-away drawing. I’m in the U.S. Hands down, my favorite would be Molinard’s Habanita. I have a few others, and others I’m waiting to try, but Habanita always garners attention whether I want it to or not. It’s a passionate potion that I adore.

  35. How lovely you are to offer us such a generous gift!
    I would have to say, the scent that reminds me of my father….Habanita. If I close my eyes, I can imagine him smoking a huge cigar or pipe out on the porch ( because my mum would not allow him inside with it!). Thanks for this giveaway, as well as the wonderful opportunity to have a scent and sense memory!
    I am in the US.

  36. Outstanding giveaway, thanks so much! I live in the U.S. and one of my favorite Leather scents is Imaginary Authors The Cobra & the Canary.

  37. Oh, leather! I live for leather scents. I think my all-time favorites may be vintage Chanel Cuir de Russie and Prada Cuir Ambre. But I love dozens of cuirs! Would love to try this one. I’m in the US.

  38. Thank you for the opportunity to sample Grand Cuir. I live in the US. My favorite leather fragrance so far has to be Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d’Empire. However, I’m still waiting to try Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford. I look forward to following your blog!

  39. My favorite leather fragrance is the original Bottega Veneta for women. I introduced it to my mother shortly after it came out as it was one of my favorite releases of that year and it actually became her signature scent. I live in the US. Thanks to you and Parfums Retro for the amazing draw and happy holidays!

  40. My favorite leather is Andy Tauer’s Lonestar memories.I’m in the US.Thanks for the draw! On a side note we seem to be scent twins….so I have done the unthinkable and completed 2 blind buys based on your recommendations….and I also purchased Ambra Aurea…what an AMBER! I also broke down and purchased Profumum’s Vanitas,an amazing take on vanilla.What a line!

    • Seriously??! Blind buys?! I’m chuffed to bits. And rather terrified at the same time, lest it be a complete disaster. lol Blind buys take serious guts and nerve! What did you get? 🙂

      Isn’t Ambra Aurea fantastic? So unbelievably rich. I’m really glad you love it. Hardcore, serious, undiluted amber to the nth degree. I wanted to put some on tonight, as it’s finally a wee bit chilly in my neck of the woods, but alas, I’m testing some (more) leathers. lol. With regard to Profumum’s as a whole, I think they’re a shamefully under-appreciated (or simply unknown?) house. I’m determined to work my way through as many as I can get my hands on, though I’ve only managed to review 7 thus far. I think there are 30 all in all, so it may take me quite a while. lol

      • You were absolutely right on the first….Chypre Mousse…unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever smelled.I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.It truly is like Midnight in a phantasmagorical Scandinavian forest.Hugo was nice to send me free samples of all the other scents when I asked.And I’m waiting on Kalemat…sounds right up my alley and at that price you almost can’t lose.I recently purchased Jubilation XXV so I’m interested to see how it compares.And the Profumum line really is vastly under appreciated.I wasn’t sure about Vanitas at first because of the sweetness but I kept getting whiffs of it all day and I mean ALL DAY.The Lasting power is beyond belief.I began to detect the chilly myrrh behind the sweetness and then suddenly…I got it.I’ve also tried Acqua di Sale and I do detect the amber in the drydown especially since I’ve been bathing in Ambra Aurea.I’m going to purchase that one before summer.It’s gorgeous and unique.And speaking of Ambra Aurea when I really let loose with a barrage of sprays on my arm someone asked hours later if I had jaundice or was ill! The whole of my forearm and hand had assumed a yellowish green hue….I’ve worked extensively with labdanum absolute and it looked exactly like the residue it can leave on skin.So I took some out and sure enough…that’s it! And whether there’s real ambergris in there or not(I have some real ambergris tincture) it’s as unique an amber as I’ve smelled.Next up to try is Patchouly and Dulcis in Fundo.I love your blog and look forwards to each new post.I really enjoy and appreciate the complexity and thoroughness of your reviews.And you honesty! Happy Holidays!

        • LOL at the comment regarding jaundice. That’s hilarious! There is definitely real labdanum in Ambra Aurea, but I think there is ambergris too judging by the salty, marshy quality of the opening. If you like smoky stuff, you should definitely add Arso to your list of Profumum scents to try.

          Re. Chypre Mousse, I just grinned at your bewilderment. lololol. It definitely can’t be compared to anything else out there. (You can imagine the difficulty I have when people ask me what it smells like, because… er…. it’s damn difficult to really convey its core essence.) Let me know how the Kalemat works on you. As for JXXV, how do you like it thus far? I hope it lasts longer on you than it does on me. My damn skin makes things so inconvenient.

  41. Thanx for the holiday draw treat :). My favorite leather is vintage Chanel Cuir de Russie. I am in the US. Thanx again!

  42. I love the scent of leather, soft and worn or sharp and new. Sadly, I can’t name any specific fragrance favourites, although I remember smelling one once that made me think of my grandfather, in the best way. The Body Shop’s (discontinued) Tobacco Flower, which I still have, has notes of leather on me that I always love. How lovely of Parfums Retro to offer up so many samples, even to those of us in the EEC.

  43. Bottega Veneta is my favorite that I own and Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille that I want. Thank you so much for the draw and Happy Holiday to everyone. I’m in the US.

  44. What a generous give-away! My favorite leather is probably Boxeuses but I’m definitely still exploring…. I’m in the US.

  45. What a gracious offering. Many thanks!
    I have only tried Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather with regard to “leather” scents and have a few on the list to try. I do have a couple of fragrances with leather in the notes (Murisaki EDP, SSS Fireside Intense). I live in the US.


  46. My favorite leather? It is hard to just say I love one as I love many but Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford and Ramon Monegal’s Mon Cuir are in my rotation this Chirstmas non stop.
    Thanks and I am in the US.

  47. Oh what a nice giveaway! I love leather, and as I was reading your best of list, I was wondering where to get Grand Cuir. Bummer for me, I live in Japan.
    For the record, import of perfume and cosmetics to Japan is allowed. Maybe next time Japan and Asia will be included in the giveaways.
    Happy holidays!

    • I think the situation with Asia is more a question of cost of shipping. When the US Postal Service raised international shipping rates at the start of the year, the tiniest package suddenly cost almost 3-4 times as much to ship. Something like a 300% increase in price, judging by how much I myself have paid for the tiniest packages going just to Europe. I don’t want to even think of how much it would be from the US to Asia.

      Perhaps if you have a friend or relative in the US, you could use their address and enter?

      • Thank you dear Kafka,
        I know posting is expensive, but I didn’t think from US to EU or from US to Jp would make a huge difference seen that from Jp to US and EU the prices are the same.
        Anyhow, I checked with my friend in the US and she said she will forward it to me if I win. So I’d like to enter the draw for the US list please.
        Thank you for hosting this great giveaway.

  48. Dear Kafka,
    What an exciting surprise! Big thanks to you, Jeffrey Dame and Parfums Rétro for their very generous give-away. My favorite leather scent is Tendre Est La Nuit by Delphine Thierry for Majda Bekkali: an intimate one to take to bed. I’m in the mountains in the US.

  49. Thank you for your thoughtful giveaway. My favorite leather is still vintage Bandit extrait except when I think a bit and then it vies with Doblis’ smooth suede. I live in Oregon

  50. Thank you for your year end reviews and the giveaway! I don’t have a favorite leather scent for either myself or my fiancé so I’m eager to try this one on us both. Your description is very persuasive! I’m in the USA.

  51. Wow…What a fun idea! One I’ve hoped to try. Absolute favourite leather is Cuir de Russie – Chanel, which I hold as the epitome of pure wealth. I’m in the USA.

  52. Great giveaway. My favorite leather scent is Gold Leather by AtelierCologne. I am in EEC.
    Happy holidays to you.

  53. This sounds like a wonderful leather scent. My favorite leather is Cuir de Russie. There are many wonderful ones, but that is still my favorite. Thanks for the draw! I am in the U.S.

  54. thanks for the draw
    My fav is Cuir de Lancome, I love many others but, still…
    I have an U.S. address

  55. thanks for the great giveaway, my favorite leather scent is Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather, I am in the US

  56. My fav is Cuir de Russie. Thanks for opportunity to participate. I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but have sister with France address. So I’m in the EEC.

  57. Oh , I would love to enter this contest . My favorite leather scent is Chanel
    Cuir De Russie . I live in the New York metro area .
    Thank You

  58. Great giveaway! At the moment my favorite leather scent is Cuir by Mona di Orio .
    I am in EEC (Italy).
    Happy holidays to all..

  59. Nice giveaway. My favourite leather is Pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta, although I have a few more too. I’m in the EEC, ty

  60. Thanks for this great contest!
    My favorite leather is Eau du Fier (Annick Goutal), and I live in the U.S.
    Happy holiday wishes!

  61. I have a few favs and singling out one is difficult: Serge Lutens – Daim Blond, l’Artisan – Dzing!, Arquiste – Alexandr. If I have to settle for one, I’ll choose Knize Ten.


  62. I have a few favs and singling out one is difficult: Serge Lutens – Daim Blond, l’Artisan – Dzing!, Arquiste – Alexandr. If I have to settle for one, I’ll choose Knize Ten.


      • Funny! To celebrate me winning of the ECC samples, I just put on Knize Ten and went here to see your comment. 😀

        I loved your detailed post on the couple of Knizes and thank you – together with Jeffrey Dame – for offering the opportunity to try Grand Cuir!

        • Hahaha re. the Knize Ten, and OOOPS. 😉 As for “detailed posts,” I seem to be incapable of doing anything else. lol. It’s interesting to me how very different the Grand Cuir is, as a birch tar leather fragrance, from a birch leather like the Knize Ten. Have you tried the Knize Gold, by the way?

  63. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Croatia is in the EU since July 1 of this year but it doesn’t seem to have registered widely. 😉
    My favourite leather is Cuirelle by Ramon Monegal (if I can enter the draw).

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • You can definitely enter, as I pre-cleared Croatia with Jeffrey Dame. He was the one who actually brought up the “EEC” which, I must say, confused me quite a bit as I’m not sure if that implies something different than the EU. I assume the EEC and the EU are the same thing, and I know the European Community was the old name, but I’m still unsure if Mr. Dame meant something that I don’t understand.

      Is there some technical difference in terms of the fine points of Customs regulations? Regardless, he said Croatia was okay, and a Twitter follower let me know about the July 1st admission, so it’s all fine, I’m sure. I have you on my “EEC” list at #13. lol Good luck, my dear.

  64. What a generous draw! My favourire leather scent is Cuir Ottoman from PdE. Grand Cuir sounds wonderful!
    I am in ECC

  65. I love leather scents so…I don’t have just a favourite one! Memoir woman is a very feminine leather (I was wearing it yesterday), Boxeuses a fruity leather (my first bell Lutens bottle), Cuir fetiche, mm, this one is classic, sometimes too classic…And my favourite leather is a fragance for men, and I don’t dare to wear it outside : 1740 Marquis de Sade. I loooove it!!
    I’m in Spain.
    Happy Holidays!!

  66. I have a lot of favorite leather scents but, I just wore Mona di Orio’s Cuir last night for the first time in a long time and absolutely loved it in the cool weather we are having. I used to think it was too masculine and now I am adding it to my full bottle list. I would love to try this one though, I am not afraid of those masculine scents 🙂 Thanks for the draw! (US)

  67. Love leather scents, and lately my favorite has been Mona di Orio’s Cuir.

    I am in the EES (which by the way – referring to your question above – includes the EU member states plus Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein) but also have an address I can use in the States, so feel free to include me in either category. 🙂

    • Do you know if there is any technical difference between the EEC and the EU/EES, at least as it may pertain to customs or postal regulations? I’m trying to figure out if a reference to the EEC (which is what I was told with regard to the 10 samples) is merely an old-school name, or something technically different. lol. How interesting that there is an EES on top of it all. LOL. Thank you for the information.

      I’ve put you on the US list at #47, as there are so few slots for the EU people. Good luck. 🙂

      • Haha. Oops, my bad! I am just making matters worse by confusing the acronyms. Let’s see if I can set it straight again: EEC (European Economic Community) is an old name for EC (European Community), now the EU (European Union). EES is the Swedish abbreviation for the agreement between the EU and the EFTA members (excluding Switzerland), in English called the EEA (European Economic Area). 🙂

        Thank you so much for the sample! I look forward to trying it.

  68. I adore leather scents so it’s hard to choose but I think I have to say Bandit. So chic, so much character! Thanks for the draw and please put me on the US list.

  69. I live in the US and my favorite leather scent to date is Cuir de Lancôme. Thanks for the draw.

  70. I love leather scents and lately my favorite is Cabochard Gres. I am from Romania, wich belongs to EEC.

  71. My all-time favorite leather is Bandit. Thanks to Jeffrey for this marvelous giveaway and thanks for hosting the draw! Have a happy holiday!!

  72. Yay. Another chance for a giveaway and one I haven’t tried and would love to try! Thanks Kafka and Parfums Rétro. I love leathers but if I had to choose I would pick Puredistance M. I live in the US.

  73. Today’s favorite leather scent for me is Bottega Venetta. I spritzed it with abandon this morning. I live in the US.

  74. I am just beginning to explore leather scents. So far, I have enjoyed Bottega Veneta. I live in the US.

  75. Thank you very much for the draw and Merry Christmas!!! My favourite leather fragrance is cuir de Lancome!! I live in the UK

  76. Amazing giveaway!! Thanks to you and Parfums Retro for the chance to try such an intriguing scent!

    My favorite leather to date is INeKE Field Notes From Paris–all rich dark well-worn coffeehouse leather, cured by steam and tobacco smoke, mmmmmmm. God, if only my DH would wear it, I would dwell in bliss 😉

    I am in the US.

  77. Tauer’s Lonestar Memories is my favorite although I also love many others. I’m in Croatia. Thank you for this giveaway.

  78. Ooh yes please Santkafka 🙂 – u just have the BEST giveaways !

    As for fave leather scent ever … mmmm, very difficult one as I have too many. But it will be one amongst Puredistance M, Cuir Beluga, Lonestar M. or Cuir d’Iris, depending on mood. But I’m sure I’m missing a few others, Knize10 even, (& one at least from ELd’O too), so … . 🙂 Like I said, a bit of a futile endeavour. – (And don’t even get me started on the ‘suedes’, heh heh.) 😉 …

    (Oh & EEC here)

  79. My current leather favorites are Cuir Beluga, Daim Blond and Atelier Gold Leather. Thank you for dreaming up this amazing draw and thanks to Jeffrey Dame / Parfums Retro for their generosity. I am in the U.S.

  80. My current favorite leather scent is Cuir Ottoman, followed closely by Rien, then Cuir Fetiche, although it turns into a soft, but lovely, skin scent all too soon. Thank you! I live in the U.S.

  81. My favorite at the moment must be Cuir Ottomane and MdO Cuir. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.
    Happy Holidays 🙂

  82. I love 1740/Marquis de Sade, although it isn’t something I wear too often. I do wear and love vintage Cabochard and Cuir de Lancome. Jolie Madame (vintage of course) is another fave…I know some people don’t get a lot of leather from that one, but I do. Thanks for hosting this very generous draw! I live in the USA.

    PS: I really enjoyed reading your 2013 in Review piece. There were a lot of perfumes on all of those lists that I have yet to try. From reading your personal favorites, I think that my (still developing) taste in perfume might intersect with yours. At any rate, your lists will be a valuable resource as I seek out new pleasures. I like complex, smoky, incense frags. I have sampled PHI Une Rose de Kandahar and it is fabulous!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the 2013 in Review piece, and I hope you find a few fragrances you love from those mentioned on the list. I’m always happy to try to suggest things if I know a person’s tastes, style, and preferences, so never hesitate to ask questions if you ever have any. 🙂 I have you on my US list at #62. Good luck.

  83. My favorite leather scent is Paco Rabanne La Nuit. I live in the US and would love to enter. I’ve been meaning to try this.

  84. Fab draw! I’m a bit of a novice on leather scents so I’ve only tried Rien, Cuir Venenum and Gold Leather. All very different and all fine but just starting out on the leathers really. Am in the EU.

  85. My favorite leather scent is Serge Lutens Boxeuses. I am in the US. I would love to try this… sounds fab! Thanks so much!

  86. I adore my leather ‘fumes [but probably like them even more so on my partner if I’m honest.] 🙂
    Lonestar smells absolutely fantastic on J’, probs my fave on him.
    On me though I’ve been rather fond of the more subtle buttery leather of Boxeuse lately, (not even quite sure exactly why yet ?) / BUT my all-time fave is probably the gorgeous ‘M’ rather ! [Though Cuir Beluga certainly way more often gets me ravished 😉 it’s almost a given.] LOL ……… EEC pleaz + thank u thank u Kaf & Jeff !! 🙂

  87. I love leather scents. But the one I love the most is Serge Lutens cuir mauresque! The best leather fragrance I ever tried. Especially in this weather the scent is warm and comforting! Another one I really love is Leather Oud by Christian Dior.
    I live in the Netherlands!!
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway. I love your blog. I am very curious for the Hard Leather you reviewed earlier. I am searching the internet for samples, but they are still quite difficult to get.
    Happy christmas!

    • So glad to meet another Cuir Mauresque fan! As for Hard Leather, I updated the review almost a week later after the date of publishing to include links to where you can order decants: Laurent Mazzone’s Premiere Avenue or LM Parfums itself. It’s €19 for 5 ml of the perfume, which is an extrait. I don’t think other LM Parfums distributors or vendors will get the perfume until January at best, and none will offer a decant. I know ParfuMaria in the Netherlands generally carries the line, but I don’t know if she sells samples.

      I’ve got you on my EU list. Good luck.

  88. Dear Kafka, Mary Xmas to you – my vote goes to Caron’s vintage Tabac Blond and accidentally I do have US address. =)

    • Merry Christmas to you, too, Vlad! I hope you’re having a lovely day, and that some of your presents included perfume. 😉 I have you down on my US list at #68. Good luck.

  89. Don’t know if my comment went through, but I will try again. Knize ten, dear Kafka, and I’m in California.

    • No, it didn’t seem to go through for some reason, it didn’t post previously, and I don’t recall seeing it in the Spam folder either. I’m glad you checked though, and came back, Gabriel. I have put you on the US list at #70. Merry Christmas (if you celebrate), and good luck.

  90. It’s very hard to believe anything could outshine the wonderful English Leather made by Dana but I’m willing to give this one a shot. :). US here.

  91. I have not sampled very many leather scents because I live far from places to sample and I’ve spent my money on perfume samples whilst investigating other notes.
    However – I own a couple of Fabulous Leather fragrances which I adore!
    L’Agent by Agent Provocateur and Cuir de Lancome.
    I was lucky to have been gifted a bitty decant of Chanel Cuir de Russie EDT – I like it very much but find it quite short-lived on my skin. Sigh….
    I’m looking forward to exploring some great leather scents.

    • I forgot the other Fabulous Leather I own – Sonoma Scent Studios Tabac Aurea.
      Amazing stuff.

    • Where are you located, Gwenyth? I need to know which list to put you on?

      Such a shame that a fragrance you love doesn’t last on your skin. As someone with a similar problem all too often, I commiserate. Have you tried Cuir Ottoman from Parfums d’Empires? You may enjoy that one if you like powdery scents, softness, and suede. 🙂

  92. My favourite leather to date is Chanel’s Cuir de Russie, or perhaps Ann Gerard’s Cuir de Nacre. I live in the UK although I’ve got an address in the US if that helps. Oh and I totally get what you mean about being too tired over this Christmas period. Still, hope you had a great holiday! 🙂

    • Merry Christmas, dear Vagabond! I hope you had a lovely day and received some fragrant gifts. I’ve put you on the US list, as that increases your chances and saves the EU list for those without access to a US address.

  93. my favorite leather is unquestionably Helmut Lang Cuiron and Piguet Bandit though I will give credit to Knize Ten for being an original composition. I am in the U.S.

  94. Leather is probably my favourite fragrance category and I never pass up a chance to try another one. I’m not sure that I could ever pick one favourite. I own Bandit and Cuir de Russie (in extrait), so I guess those are my top two.
    I live in EEC (UK).

  95. I’ve only ever experienced one – a vintage bottle of Lagerfeld purchased on ebay based on your recommendation – but I’m liking it so far. (I live in the USA)

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Just to let you know, Grand Cuir is a very, very different sort of leather, not to mention type of fragrance. 🙂

      I have you on my US list.

  96. My favorite leather is probably Montale Cuir d’Arabie, which is both spicy and leathery. I live in the the USA. Thank you!

  97. My Favourite leather fragrance is Xerjoff Homme.Thanks for the give-away!
    I live in Bulgaria (EEC)

  98. Thanks for the post and the draw! Favorite leather: John Varvatos, but I like Kelly Caleche in hotter weather.

  99. Wow how generous! I would love to win a decant. I have several leathers I currently love, which include Cuir de Lancôme, Chanel Cuir de Russie, Piguet Bandit, and vintage Cabochard by Grés being my favorites so far. There’s one by Heeley that i enjoy as well, Cuir Pleine Fleur. I live in the US. Thank you so much!

  100. There is some leather in one of my favorites Tabac Blonde. Piguet Bandit is another that I love. I live in the U.S. Thank you for this draw!

  101. Leather is one of my favorite notes! While my husband prefers when I wear Cuir de Russie, I’ve always been a partial to Bvlgari’s Black.

  102. My favorite leather is the take-no-prisoners Piguet Bandit, and the softer A Fleur de Peau from Keiko Mecheri. I am in the US.

  103. I don’t have much experience with leather fragrances, but I have to say I’m a sucker for Chanel’s Cuir de Russie. Not a very original answer, but I can’t help myself!

    I live in the US. Thanks for the draw!

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  105. In answer to Jeffrey’s very generous offer, my favourite leather scent is
    Cuir Beluga and I live in the U.K. Thanks.

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