Perfume Giveaway: Oriza L. Legrand & 10 Travel Sprays!

Oriza logo.

Oriza logo.

I’m incredibly excited to announce that Oriza L. Legrand (“Oriza“) has generously offered a really huge giveaway of ten (10!) prizes. Ten winners will each get one 10 ml travel spray of their choice of Oriza eau de parfum. There are no geographic restrictions, either, so you can be anywhere in the world.

Oriza is an ancient, once-renowned perfume house whose history goes back to Louis XV and 1720. It made perfumes for the Tsar of Russia, and numerous European royal families, as well as winning prestigious prizes in World Fairs of the late 1800s and early 1900s. The perfume house died in the 1930s, but it has been brought back to life by its current owners, Franck Belaiche and Hugo Lambert. I’ve met them both, they are true gentlemen, and, for them, Oriza is a labour of love. They want to return Oriza to its old glory while staying true to its heritage and history by offering its original fragrances, only with lightly tweaks to appeal to modern tastes.

One of the ancient Oriza bottles, in baccarat crystal as many used to be. This one seems to be for "Violets Prince Albert" and the winner of the First Place prize at the 1900 World Fair winner. Source: with the original on Flickr.

One of the ancient Oriza bottles, in baccarat crystal as many used to be. This one seems to be for “Violets Prince Albert” and the winner of the First Place prize at the 1900 World Fair winner. Source: with the original on Flickr.

Each of the fragrances is sophisticated, unusual, and smells like absolutely nothing else on the market. One of them — Chypre Mousse — stopped me in my tracks on my way to Serge Lutens, made me turn back, and buy it then and there without any further testing. Those of you who know me (and my feelings about Serge Lutens) will understand just how remarkable that is. Chypre Mousse is one of my absolute favorite chypres, an otherworldly foresty, leafy, damp, green, mushroomy fragrance that feels like a homage to Nature itself.



The rest of the fragrances in the line range from an Oriental patchouli-cognac-amber, to a Serge Lutens-like twist on white lilies, to incense-y High Church fragrances, to a delicate green floral that evokes Spring, and more. All of them are unusual, and all of them have a long history going back to their original release date in the early 1900s. Oriza’s modern fans include Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Adjani, and, hopefully, now, some of you as well.


Ten (10) readers will each get ONE (1) purse spray of 10 ml/0.33 oz of the Oriza perfume of their choice. Just to be crystal clear, the prize is not a full bottle, but a travel spray of 10 ml.

Reve d'Ossian bottle. Source: Oriza L. Legrand website.

Reve d’Ossian bottle. Source: Oriza L. Legrand website.

If you’re unfamiliar with Oriza L. Legrand, you can read my three-part series on the house and its perfumes. The reviews include other people’s impressions of the fragrances as well:

Part I – Oriza, its Paris store, and the return of its fragrances;

Part II – Reviews for Chypre Mousse, Horizon & Reve d’Ossian; and

Part III – Reviews for Relique d’Amour, Oeillet Louis XV, Jardins d’Armide & Deja Le Printemps.

You will find below a cursory, nutshell synopsis of my thoughts on the seven Oriza fragrances. You should be aware that my very brief description doesn’t cover the full (and very lengthy) list of notes in each perfume, or any possible issues of sillage and longevity:



Chypre Mousse: This one is almost impossible for me to describe, a perfume that isn’t really a “chypre” in the way that we usually understand it. It has notes of wet leaves, damp earth, mushrooms on the forest floor, moss, violet leaves, and dark resins. That description still doesn’t really convey just how unusual the fragrance is, or its haunting beauty. It’s truly spectacular. Some of its many notes include: violet leaves, galbanum, oakmoss, pine needles, vetiver, fern, clary sage, chestnut leather, green shoots, wild fennel, wild clover, resins, and labdanum.

Horizon. Source: Oriza L. Legrand.

Horizon. Source: Oriza L. Legrand.

Horizon: a patchouli fragrance with aged brandy and cognac, candied mandarin, spices, smoke, hints of leather, tobacco, ambergris, and vanilla. This is my second favorite from the line and the fragrance that I had originally intended to buy before Chypre Mousse swept me off my feet. Horizon is a beauty, a true patchouli oriental with discreet sillage after an opening burst of aged cognac. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t last a huge amount of time on my skin, but I find it really beautiful.

Reve d'Ossian label. Source: Oriza L. Legrand.

Reve d’Ossian label. Source: Oriza L. Legrand.

Reve d’Ossian: Frankincense, pine woods, dust, myrrh, resins, cinnamon, leather and amber. For me, this started out as a High Church fragrance in the vein of Bertrand Duchaufour’s Dzongkha before turning into a warm, ambered, cinnamon fragrance centered around myrrh.

Isabelle Adjani.

Isabelle Adjani.

Relique d’Amour: a very twisted lily that feels like something Serge Lutens would do. Another fragrance that starts out feeling like an old monastery infused with cold white smoke and dust, it soon turns into a sweet white lily fragrance infused with pollen, incense, myrrh, wax, woods, a touch of soap and powder, and green notes. It’s as though a ray of light shone through a monastery window to light on a vase of lilies, release their aroma, and have it mix with the other notes in a complete paradox. This is a another favorite of mine. It is also Isabelle Adjani’s perfume.

Relique d'Amour poster. Source: Oriza L. Legrand website.

Relique d’Amour poster. Source: Oriza L. Legrand website.

Oeillet Louis XV: Oriza’s homage to their original patron, King Louis XV, this fragrance is centered around white carnation with rose, powder, cloves, iris, and many other notes. On me, it opened sharply like Serge Lutens’ carnation fragrance (Vitroil d’Oeillet) before turning into something much more powdery, in the vein of a very old Guerlain creation, atop some mysterious green, fresh parts and a light, woody musk. You have to like carnations and powder for this one, but it’s very well done.

Source: Oriza L. Legrand.

Source: Oriza L. Legrand.

Jardins d’Armide: hardcore powder and floral soap. Too much so for me, though the fragrance has its fans in Ida Meister of Fragrantica. This one is the most dated of the seven, in my opinion, and feels very much like something from the 1800s. I had to scrub it, but I have no tolerance for intense powder or soap. The notes include: iris, iris powder, old rose, violet wild, glycine, carnation, almond, tonka, musk, and more.

Catherine Deneuve.

Catherine Deneuve.

Deja Le Printemps: a green floral with galbanum, mint, fig, vetiver, cedar, moss, orange blossom, clover, grass and more. On me, it opened exactly like Serge Lutens’ Iris Silver Mist. I can’t explain it, especially as the fragrance contains no iris (let alone that funky iris nitrile that Serge Lutens used), but it was shockingly alike on my skin. Then, the galbanum and other green parts take over, creating very much a Spring bouquet that people say evokes a walk in the countryside. This one is Catherine Deneuve’s fragrance.

If you’re interested in trying the whole line, Oriza offers a very affordable sample set of all seven perfumes. I have further details at the end of the post.


Vintage Oriza poster. Via Oriza Facebook.

Vintage Oriza poster. Via Oriza Facebook.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment about what you found interesting or appealing about Oriza L. Legrand, its history, and its new mission — or — a comment about whichever one of the perfumes struck your fancy thus far. You won’t be tied into your perfume choice. If you win, you can always change your mind, and choose something different for what you want as your 10 ml travel spray. 


The entry period starts today, Friday November 8th, 2013 and lasts until the end of Wednesday November 13th, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) in the U.S. which is -6:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).


The 10 winners will be chosen by, and will be announced sometime the next day on Thursday, November 14th.

Once I post the winners, you have THREE (3) days to contact me with your shipping information. Deadline is end of the day, my time, on Saturday November 16th. Please send an email to Akafkaesquelife @ gmail . com  (all one word, scrunched together) with your shipping details and your choice of perfume. I will then forward the information onto Oriza L. Legrand.

If you don’t contact me, and if I fail to hear from you within the deadline, I will give your prize to the next person on the list.


Oriza L. Legrand will send the prizes directly to the winners, and pay for all shipping costs. Given that Oriza is located in the Paris, it may take some time (up to 2 weeks, depending on your location and Customs processing) for you to receive your gift. It may take even longer if your country has really nightmarish customs issues.

Please be aware that neither Oriza L. Legrand nor I am responsible for items that are destroyed by customs or that are lost in transit for some reason.


I’d like to express my enormous gratitude to Mr. Hugo Lambert and Mr. Franck Belaiche of Oriza L. Legrand for their generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness in offering so many fantastic gifts. Some companies may give away a small sample, but travel sprays of such a wonderful size and to TEN readers all around the world without restriction?! Amazing! I cannot thank Oriza enough. My real excitement, however, stems from the fact that more people will get the chance to experience a really unique perfume house whose high-quality creations are done with elegance, finesse, and sophistication. 

Good luck to everyone! May the perfumed winds take you back in time to the very heart of French history and to Oriza’s royal European courts. 

Cost & Availability: All Oriza L. Legrand fragrances are eau de parfums with about 18% concentration. They come in a single size, 100 ml or 3.4 oz, and cost €120. You can buy them directly from Oriza’s e-Store that also offers perfume samples. All 7 fragrances in the range are offered in a single Sample Set for you to try. Each fragrance comes in 2 ml spray vials, and the whole thing costs a low €9. Shipping is listed as €9 extra, but a friend said he was charged only €7. Oriza ships globally, as I’ve had readers order the sample set from all over. Other vendors in Europe: Oriza’s perfumes are also sold at Marie-Antoinette (which was my favorite perfume shop in Paris), as well as one store in Sweden and one in the Netherlands. For details on the Swedish store, you can check Oriza Points of Sale page. The Netherlands retailer is Parfumaria.

275 thoughts on “Perfume Giveaway: Oriza L. Legrand & 10 Travel Sprays!

  1. Chypre Mousse as your words were inadequate to describe it so one can only hope to smell this ‘fume and be similarly befuddled. No disrespect intended Kafka.

    • None taken, dear Jordan. Chypre Mousse feels almost beyond my abilities to describe. It is too otherworldly to easily pigeon-hole by talking about moss, wet leaves, the forest, or dampness. It’s really so much more. You’re entered.

  2. Oh, my!!! What a wonderful surprise, and how kind of both you and Oriza to offer such a lovely gift. What was unexpected? That such an old house would have fragrances that are so contemporary/revolutionary. I have already asked for Chypre Mousse for Christmas, but a travel bottle sure would be a treat. The Stop-you-in-your-tracks sheer delight you described, as wel as its forest violet mushroom loamy indescribably appealing nature has me willing to buy this sight/sniff unseen, because I’m just like that. It would be better than my wildest dreams, I am certain!

    • I’m so happy that Oriza’s history meant something to you, dear Gretchen, but you’re absolutely right in noting that some of their scents have a very contemporary feel that could easily go side-by-side or toe-to-toe with modern, high-end niche offerings. You’re entered. Good luck! 🙂

  3. ooh- what a fun giveaway. And after reading your review of Chypre Mousse- of course I know which one I’ll pick if I win ..:D

  4. Because you and I are “twinners” in many fragrance respects and me, being of Russian heritage, this would make a wonderful birthday present to myself, for next week. 🙂

    I’m still on my fragrance quest…..

    • Oooh, Happy Birthday to come! 😀 Another Scorpio! Perfume would be a lovely birthday present, Jean, so good luck! You’re entered at #4 on my list.

  5. What a fabulous giveaway! This is the first time I’d heard of Oriza but they sound like a wonderful company, so steeped in history. Reve d’Ossian sounds like my kind of ‘fume, spicy, warm and just in time for winter! The bottles and labels are so gorgeous, too.

    Nafia x

    • Hi Nafia, welcome to the blog. The history is definitely impressive. Wouldn’t you love to know what the Tsar of Russia smelled like? lol. You’re entered in the giveaway. Good luck!

  6. Chypre mousse! 10ml would give me time to save my pennies before buying a full bottle. It really is that good! And I totally agree, it’s hard/impossible to put into words!

    • Chypre Mousse = masterpiece. Definitely worth the €120 price, especially given the body and huge longevity! You’re entered, Kevin. Good luck!

    • Oh, I’m so glad you’ve enjoy the series and become intrigued by Oriza! And thank you for helping to spread the world, Pipette! You’re entered and on my list at #7. Good luck.

  7. I’m most intrigued by Chypre Mousse. It sounds truly haunting and thought provoking. Most of my perfumes in my collection evoke a certain emotion like poetry or music. However I’m yet to find something that is haunting or sombre. The much talked about Serge Lutens Des Profundis is another one that has eluded me but frankly I’m more interested in CM as it was created decades ago….especially during my favourite art deco period.
    I expect nothing but the best from this house as it is an institution in its own right and are ancient pioneers in occidental perfumery and deserve to be known as such even more so than the much coveted house of Guerlain. I commend Mr. Lambert and Mr. Belaiche on reviving Oriza and hope they can returns to its former glorious days such as when the company won the grand prize in the world fair.

    • I love how you appreciate Oriza’s history and that you think they deserve to be appreciated in their own right, as an institution that had great impact on the world of perfumery. I think that would touch the owners, Mr. Lambert and Mr. Belaiche. They really, really care deeply about the brand and wanting it to be the very best that it can be. I want nothing but success for them.

      You’re entered, my dear Sultan Pasha! Good luck.

  8. I love how they are bringing back these old fragrances. Anyone that releases something other than a fruity floral has my support. Since a girl can never have enough incense I’d love to try Reve d’Ossian if I won.

    • LOL at the comment re. fruity florals. *grin* No, you won’t find that here. And you know, Reve d’Ossian really has your name all over it, you incense fiend you! You’re entered, Poodle. Good luck.

  9. This is so exciting!! I was chomping at the bit after your first Oriza review. I figure any thing that stops you dead in your tracks has to be EPIC. So if I win I would have to toss a coin between Chypre Mousse and Horizon. I am so glad you are covering a house I never heard of!

    • Tora, I can see you more in Horizon, I think, given your love of deep ambers and patchouli. 🙂 You’re entered at #10. Good luck, hon.

  10. Damp, leafy and mushroomy? Wow! I hope I win a sample…cannot wait to try this!
    Naples, Fl

    • I’m glad you found one that speaks to you. 🙂 I have you on my list at #11. Good luck, Martin, and stop by Thursday for the list of winners.

  11. I am not familiar with this brand which makes it even more exciting to win!!! I would feel honored to win any one of them and thanks so much for offering the opportunity!!

    • You’re very welcome, Rnocean. It’s a lovely brand with fragrances that range from a vintage, almost ancient Guerlain feel, to very contemporary modern and edgy. But when you think that many of these fragrances were created over 100 years ago and have been left largely EXACTLY as they were, it shows just how revolutionary Oriza L. Legrand was on the perfume scene. Some of the fragrances would be stuff that Serge Lutens would make. They have real character and distinctiveness. You’re entered in the drawing. Good luck!

  12. How generous and divine! I love that they are staying true to their history while still remaining relevant. Bravo to the owners for bringing this bit of perfume history back for us all to enjoy.

    • Grace, you nailed it. They are being true to the history and to what the fragrances were like, but tweaking just enough to make them approachable for today. I think Oriza is a VERY relevant house to today’s perfume scene, as they offer something very different, very unique and with a distinctive voice. At the very least, I think the fact that Oriza was a perfume pioneer gives them meaning for true perfumistas. Those who love vintage fragrances would really find them fascinating, I think.

      Anyway, enough of my enthusiasm for their glorious tradition. lol. You’re entered, my dear. Good luck.

  13. An otherworldly and haunting chypre from a resurrected perfume house, what’s not to be intrigued by, especially after your incredible reviews, Kafka!

    • Awww, I’m so touched, Cacomixtle. Thank you for your kind words. I know you already succumbed to Chypre Mousse, but this way you can get to try Horizon or another from the line. Or perhaps just double up on Chypre Mousse. LOL! I have you down on my list. Good luck, sweetie.

  14. Did you call? 😉
    As you know, I have practically been dying to try Jardins d’Armide: floral, powdery, nostalgic…it seems to have my name written all over it.
    I know it wasn’t your favorite from the line, but I would like it to be the first one I sample.
    I had been keeping a correspondence with the charming Monsieur Lambert prior to his answering a few questions for our blog, but I haven’t tried any of the Oriza L. Legrand fragrances yet.

    How generous from them and from you. This sure is an exciting draw!



    • Hahaha, I was wondering if you heard the Oriza chants being sent down your way. 😉 I had absolutely ZERO doubt as to which one you wanted to try! 😀 You’re on my list, darling Caro, at #15. Good luck, and may the Jardins d’Armide gods be on your side.

  15. What a bewitching set of descriptions! They all sound gorgeous – if they were people, I’d be batting my eyelashes at them – but I think Chypre Mousse is particularly captivating.

  16. What a wonderful giveaway! I started yesterday reading your studies on Oriza for they cannot be called anything less. Reve d’Ossian sounds just perfect for me, particularly now that I am having an amber hunger, excuse my rotten rhyme since it was totally unintended and cheap. “Dark and precious essences, wooden notes filled with the mystery of the forest with fairies and pixies…” do take me there right now.
    Thanks to you and to Oriza of course.
    Happy Friday

    • My posts certainly are long, so I really appreciate the fact that you gave them a glance, WeFadeToGrey. Thank you for taking the time. 🙂 And I enjoyed your rhyming! You’re entered in the drawing at #17. By the way, I love your posting name!

      • I hope it didnt sound like a criticism because it was not my intention at all, on the contrary, your posts are so helpful, smart, and comprehensive 🙂 My posting name refers back to my new wave early years. This is my favorite song by Visage! Yes, the 80s are still haunting me…

        • Oh no worries, WeFadetoGrey, I didn’t take it as criticism. It’s merely an unfortunate reality that I’m the most verbose blogger around. Probably on ANY subject! *grin* As for ’80s music, I love it too. I was listening to Midnight Oil earlier, in fact, along with some Terence Trent d’Arby. Long live the ’80s — and may it be forever young…. 😉

  17. Thanks for the wonderful draw Kafka :-). I would love to win either Chypre Mousse or Deja de Printemps. The vision of green, wet mushroom forest sounds very intriguing. The spring garden sounds beautiful.

  18. Wowowee, nice draw, dear Kafka! I hope I get my sample set before you announce the winners. I am hoping for a lucky streak ;-)….In any case, for now, I am thinking that Chypre Mousse may be my first choice. Good luck to ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!

  19. I have to admit I knew nothing of Oriza until I read your reviews. Perfume and history: what a wonderful combination. I am an Isabelle Adjani lover since I was a child so I need to smell Relique d’Amour. Your description makes me think of her in Queen Margot. I am taken.

    • Relique d’Amour is lovely, though perhaps not quite as lovely as Isabelle Adjani herself. There aren’t many people or things who are. 🙂 You’re on my list, Xtopher. Good luck, and check by Thursday for the list of winners.

  20. Oeillet and Printemps sound wonderful, but I think I might need that sample set to try them all!

    • It sounds like you’re a fan of florals, in which case you should definitely explore the full Oriza line! Their earliest roots go back to florals, and I believe their perfumes for both the Tsar of Russia and Prince Albert were violet in nature. 🙂

      I have you down on my giveaway list at #21. Good luck.

  21. Totally struck by Relique d’Amour. I’m a sucker for monastarys, Catholic relics or symbolism, lilies and a bunch of other things in the description. The whole line sounds amazing and some scents – as described – might be better. This one just brings in history, symbolism, spirituality and a whole lot more. Amazing.

    • MeganLisa, I think you made an excellent choice for your particular tastes and interests. Really excellent choice. I like to think of it as a Serge Lutens-like Twisted Incense Lily, except about 100 years older. lol. I have you on my list. Good luck! 🙂

      • Thanks! I’ll take any luck coming my way. Your descriptions are beyond amazing. I could never write about perfumes with such details. I want them all (but am happy with my purchase of a few days ago…as you know!).

  22. I am TOTALLY intrigued by Chypre-Mousse. It sounds like an oakmoss throwback…right up my alley. Count me in on the contest, please!

  23. I don’t know this brand, but I’m lusting for Chypre Mousse- I have a passion for forest scents. And Oeillet Louis XV sounds rather exciting.

    • Oh, I can totally see you in Chypre Mousse. That said, I could also see you in some of the others as well, like the pure florals. You’re in, my dear. Best of luck!

  24. I’m so excited to hear about Oriza! Reve d’Ossian sounds like just what I’ve been looking for. I’m looking forward to trying Chypre Mousse one day, too. Your description has sealed the deal for me, I’m already smitten. What a fascinating history, too. Please include me in the draw!

    • The history is really cool! To think that their first fragrances were issued almost 300 years ago is quite something! You’re on my list, Holly F., at #26. Best of luck. 🙂

  25. Well, this is the frist time I hear about this house. And that is really one of the great things on the web….give us the chance to know new things. It is great to know a house with such tradition and history. It seems Horizon will suit my tastes, as I am a patch lover.

  26. I’m most interested in Reve d’Ossian. I love myrrh! Chypre Mousse also sounds amazing though!

    • Reve d’Ossian is a great choice for a myrrh lover. Relique d’Amour has myrrh too, but it’s not the central or dominant note as it is in Reve d’Ossian. You’re on my list at #28. Good luck, Jen M., and check back Thursday for the list of winners. 🙂

  27. You write so beautifully, I almost always turn on a CD of the sounds of wind, and rain while I read your utterly gorgeous descriptions of scent….I would have to say, while it is hard to decide, the Relique D’Amour garnered the most attention. You had me at “Serge Lutens”. I am currently in the midst of a love affair with his scents, thanks to your blog….the scent memory of smoke, lily, church, incense, filled me with anticipation. This House sounds amazing!

    • Ohhh, what an incredibly sweet comment, and what enormous kindness in letting me know. Thank you, Michele, I’m truly touched. (And how wonderful that you have fallen for Serge Lutens! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!)

      As for the Relique d’Amour, it’s such a paradox, such a bundle of deeply evocative notes all in one. I believe it is the personal favorite of one of the Oriza owners himself, so you would be in good company if you went with that one. Good luck with the drawing. I have you down at #29. And, again, thank you for your huge kindness about the blog and my writing.

      • I just received my bottle of Kalemat today. I have NEVER purchased a scent without testing it first…but your description and scent memories compelled me to jump in and buy it. The scent is EXACTLY as you described, heady and redolent of honeyed smoke. I teared up as I could recall the smell of my beloved father’s pipe tobacco ( slight echo). This scent makes me very, happy. I am garnering compliments left and right. I can’t wait until it gets cold and windy here ( So Cal, 80 degrees today….sigh…I have to wait!) so I can envelope myself in this mesmerizing scent. Thank you so very much!

        • Oh, I’m so happy, Michele! And how wonderful that it brought back a small, tiny whiff of your father’s pipe tobacco. I can imagine how much that must mean to you. *hug* If you have time, could you perhaps post this in the Kalemat thread so anyone who stumbles across it for opinions and other people’s experiences with the perfume could read your assessment? I think it would be a great help for others. 🙂

  28. Carnations and powder? Are you calling my name? Doesn’t everyone talk to his or her perfume? The three that appeal to me are Oeillet, Horizon and Chypre Mousse. Fabulous draw!

  29. Relique d’Amour, Chypre Mousse and Horizon sound most interesting to me! Thanks for introducing the line and thanks for the giveaway!

  30. OMG I can’t believe I have the opportunity to experience such a legend in fragrance. Oriza fragrances sound so complex and wonderful as well as it’s history. I think I will fancy Chypre Mousse if I were to win the draw. Wet, mossy , earthy and dark. Sign me up!

  31. I’ve never smelled any of these fragrances, nor do I know of the line, but your descriptions makes me want to try all of them. Your writing is always so evocative that I’m entranced by every description. Be that as it may, Reve d’Ossian, Relique d’Amour, and Deja le Printemps particularly seem to catch my fancy. Thank you for the draw.

  32. I already have a bottle of Relique d’Amour, but I am intrigued by Horizon and would love to win that one. Or Rêve d’Ossian, also.

    • Relique d’Amour is lovely. I’m curious how long it lasts on you, Matildaben? Regardless, you’re on my list at #33. Good luck, and perhaps your bottle will get a small sibling. 🙂

  33. Lovely series, and what a great giveaway. Thank you!

    My friend fell in love with Reve d’Ossian after we were in Paris, and I have started fantasizing of going back (as if I needed another excuse!) to get her a full bottle. Also, your description of Chypre Mousse has me intrigued…

  34. Your description of Chypre Mousse makes my mouth water or nose run. Would love to win the draw.

  35. After reading your reviews I think that I’ll have to go for their sample set: I got it that their perfumes are good but I can’t tell even after reading all your reviews/impressions for perfumes from other brands that I’ve previously tried which of these might work for me. But even if I end up not liking them as muchas you did, I enjoy reading posts that you write about perfumes/brands that you like: you sound differently… pieceful maybe?

    But since I want to take a chance in winning in this generous draw, I’ll say that I’m interested the mostin Deja Le Printemps – I like the notes and the name (but I might change my mind – if I happen to win 🙂 ).

    • I’ve got you on my list, Undina. 🙂 Regarding the fragrances, I actually think Deja Le Printemps might work very, very well for you. But since you do have a weakness for florals, I think you may enjoy a number of the other scents as well. I also think that the feel and mood of Chypre Mousse would appeal to you, in the same way that De Profundis does. So I really do hope you go for the sample set in order to explore the line. I think you’d find them very different and very interesting. Anyway, good luck with the drawing. 🙂

  36. Oh, historic perfumes brought back, so lovely
    My choice would be “Reve d’Ossian”
    thanks so much for the draw

  37. I’m incredibly interested in these perfumes after you said, “One of them stopped me in my tracks… made me turn back, and buy it then and there without any further testing.” I feel like these must have something pretty special to them! This giveaway is also very exciting, and it’s so generous of the company to offer to ship the prizes anywhere. I live in Iraq and I’m not sure when I’d get another chance like this!

    • Hi Daria, welcome to the blog. You certainly live in a location where not every perfume company will ship, so I definitely hope you get the chance to try Oriza L. Legrand. I have you on my list at #39. Good luck and check back Thursday afternoon-ish (my time, so perhaps Friday for you) to see the list of winners.

  38. What a wonderful draw! I love that this old French perfume house is ressurected as a labor of love for these gentlemen. Everything I’ve been hearing about them has been good. I’d love to try Chypre Mousse or Reve d’Ossian. They sound brilliant!

    • Have you heard about Oriza? That’s wonderful, and makes me so happy! I really want people to learn about Oriza and give them a chance. What these gentlemen are doing is not easy — not easy at all — and I really hope for them to succeed. Anyway, I have you on my list, Devon, at #40. Good luck, and stop by Thursday for the list of winners.

  39. i still need to play proper catch-up on your posts (school has been busy), but please do enter me! chypre mousse sounds fascinating but the mushroomy note scares me a little… horizon sounds delicious though, especially for this upcoming winter 🙂

    • It’s not mushroom, per se, and definitely not like the smell of cooked mushrooms, but it really is hard to explain. It’s almost more like a damp, sweet, earthy touch, I guess. Not the pungent earthiness or earthy extremeness of truffles, but…. gah, I can’t explain it. It’s one of those things one has to smell for oneself, I guess. lol. Anyway, I have you down on my list at #41. Good luck with the drawing and with school! 🙂

  40. You convinced me to try Chypre Mousse (and a few other fragrances!). It’s a line I’m not familiar with and I really looking forward to it. I live in the Netherlands and really recommend a visit to Parfumaria. It was the perfume highlight of my year.

    • Hi, Jane Elisabeth. Welcome to the blog. How fun that you got to go to Parfumaria. I’ve heard lovely things about it. Hopefully, you can go back again to smell the Oriza line for yourself. (Or did you already do so at Parfumaria?) In the meantime, I have you on my list at #42. Good luck, and check back Thursday for the list of winners. 🙂

  41. I had the chance to smell the first 4 fragances from Oriza and my favourite one was Relique d’amour, it’s the smell of a real old church, amazing! But if I win, I think I would choose Chypre mousse because I love old chypres and forests, mushroomsy smells…… and I’m sure I would like it. Anyway…I can’t wait to see if I win and as I wanted to know all the 7 fragances, I ordered on Monday, after reading your posts, the 7 samples . :))

    • Oh, how lovely that you’ve tried some of the Oriza fragrances already. Relique d’Amour is gorgeous. I love that twist on the lily. I hope you enjoy the other 3 from the line as well, Silvia. 🙂 Anyway, I have you on my list at #43. Good luck with the drawing. 🙂

  42. I love the flavors of Oriza because each bottle has a story that is not a single bottle … Once you open a bottle to more distant memories resurface … I fall for the “Rêve d’Ossian” This is the century of romance, art, freedom, dreams, creative side! For my part, whenever I open this bottle, I feel I am in a library in the 11th century … I love it! Thank you to remember me as a souvenir with nothing fragrance … You are a magician! The magician of high parfurmerie!

    • Oh, how lovely, “a library in the 11th century” with a magician who stirs up memories of the past. Very pretty, Savas. I have you on my list at #44. Good luck, and stop by Thursday for the list of winners chosen by

  43. This wonderful giveaway came only 2 days after I ordered my own Oriza discovery set.Of course your reviews were the ones to convince me to push the buy button and also the very affordable price offered on the samples.I wish more companies would follow suit.I love the quaint and quirky aesthetics of the brand and Chypre Mousse sounds exactly like one of the types of fragrance I would love.Would be most wonderful to win a Chypre Mousse travel spray.Thank you Oriza and Kafka!

    • The samples are VERY affordable for the number and quantity involved! I really wish others did the same thing, to make perfume exploration easier. I hope the set arrives soon, Ana, because I’m dying to know what you will think of them. Oriza’s perfumes are so incredibly different to everything else that is out there. Starkly different — and on that basis alone, one has to give them kudos. Anyway, you’re on my list at #45. Good luck, sweetie.

  44. I just love hearing the history of vintage perfumes.
    I love smelling them even more. Thanks for the wonderful drawing, I am dying now for the Jardins D’ Armide, sounds femanine and sophisticated.

  45. Very fond of your blog. Thanks to you I discovered Amouage Tribute and Hedonist, and most of all the beloved Jubilation XXV. Keep up the good work, it’s inspriring.

    • Ah, Jubilation XXV. Such a great perfume! And you love Tribute and Hedonist, too! That makes me really happy. I have you on my list for the drawing, Dr.Nini, at #47. Good luck, and check back Thursday for the list of winners chosen by 🙂

  46. As the nights are so definitely drawing in, and I am finding myself wanting to be curling up in front of fires with a glass of something warming, Horizon sounds like it could transport me to exactly this whilst my reality is completely different!

  47. What a lovely giveaway idea! I am exited at the chance to get my nose on something that is not readily available where I live. Before you said it was your favourite, I had a feeling Chypre Mousse might be mine from reading your description, which seems as though it could smell similar to the forests of Miyazaki Prefecture (Japan) after rainfall in late summer. Ah, memories! I’m in Tokyo now – not much around in as far as mossy earth smells.

    • Oh, how lovely! The forests of Japan… I think Chypre Mousse might take you back there, and out of Tokyo. 🙂 I have you on my list, Trine. Good luck.

  48. I have samples of the Oriza fragrances (the sample pack is amazing value) and think it is one of the most interesting lines out there. They are all so very evocative. I think Chypre Mousse is wonderful, Reve d’Ossian is perhaps the nicest incense fragrance I’ve tried (I love the opening especially), and Jardins d’Armide is a beautiful powdery scent. But my favourite is definitely Horizon.

    • I’m so glad you find the Oriza line to be interesting and evocative, Sarah! They really aren’t like anything else on the market, are they? Extremely unusual and different. Horizon is a beauty. Really deep, then soft and cozy. I wish my skin weren’t so difficult and neurotic, because Horizon definitely was one of my favorites. Anyway, I have you on my list, Sarah, at #50. Good luck, and check back Thursday for the list of winners. 🙂

  49. I love the history of this house and the scents really do transport me into another era. I would want to step in a time machine and sample all their wonderful perfumes from long ago! (Yes, I am assuming they will be great. The sample set was intoxicating as it is!) I love Relique d’Amour in particular but I really do not know how to describe it. Ethereal perhaps? Of herbal goodness? A touch of green? Or was it the softness of the lily that drew me in? There was a hint of sweetness to before the incense took centre stage. And then it was gone. I so wish the top notes lasted forever on me!!! Even though the longevity was poor, I cannot help but crave for more!!!

    • I think Relique d’Amour is all those things that you described, plus waxed floors, a monastery’s dust and smoke, wood, and more. It’s lovely. I wish it lasted on me too, Anige. 🙁 I have you on my list at #51. Good luck with the drawing. 🙂

      • I believe I was just taking a leaf of your book! Your descriptions of all the scents were spot on. Reading your review on Chypre Mousse help paint the scent alive in my head! Thank you!

  50. “They have the classique feel of fragrances created in decades gone by, much like the very old Guerlains legends” – that phrase stopped ME in my tracks! And then, your comments about Chypre Mousse……well, now Im really entranced! Thank you so much for several marvelous reviews and for this draw.

  51. Wow! What a fantastical tale and huge feat of accomplishment and successful vision! It always amazes me what people can do with a golden nugget of an idea and how it is grown into a successful ad-venture. And like you, Horizon’s list of notes call out to me to try first. I will have to add Chypre Mousse to the list as well, thanks to your description, my interest has been peaked. Wonderful article, as always!

  52. Wow, these all sound absolutely gorgeous, of course your wonderful way with words helps enormously. What a generous draw. I am thinking I would like Horizon but honestly, I would be happy with any of them. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this drawing and have a happy weekend.

    • I hope you have a lovely weekend, too, CC. I have you on my list at #54. Good luck! BTW, it’s really nice to see you back here, even though I know you’re more comfortable lurking. But we’ll get you chatting and at ease in no time. I’m determined! lol 🙂 🙂

      • Oh, just the thought of the possibility of being able to smell a fragrance steeped in such rich history… Were those who wore these scents transported to a state of bliss? Were they reminded of other times as I am when smelling specific notes? I just love to imagine that those of us who have a very strong appreciation for fragrances are really not so very different from one another, be it 1813 or 2013. I would LOVE to smell Chypre Mousse OR Relique d’Amour, and get acquainted with Loriza L. Legrand myself!! What an opportunity!!

        • I’m so glad you appreciate the historical side, Lexi. History is one of my great loves, so it’s wonderful to see it in action with a house as old as this one. I try to imagine the men and women who wore Oriza too! 🙂 I have you on my list, my dear, at #72. Best of luck! 🙂

  53. First, thanks to both of you for this generous draw and for this wonderful article.

    What I like about Oriza is that this house is “true” and sincere, it doesn’t try to please crowds with the latest trends (yes, oud :-D). This is soooo refreshing !

    • Hahahahaha at the Oud comment! Very true. They are staying true to Oriza’s legacy, and that is to be commended. 🙂 I have you on my list at #55. Good luck, Kristina. 🙂

  54. This wonderful giveaway is going to get you lots of comments ! I’ve already tried Relique d’Amour and Reve d’Ossian in lovely Marie-Antoinette in Paris but wow, your review of Chypre Mousse makes me want to go back there right now ! It Iooks like my dream perfume, I’ve been searching for years for a green, foresty chypre ! I’d like so much to win it. Thank you (you and Oriza) for this draw 🙂

    • I *love* the Marie-Antoinette boutique in Paris. The chap is adorable, and so, so sweet! I have you on my list, Olivia, at #56. Good luck, and stop by Thursday for the list of winners. 🙂

  55. Admire this brand’s aesthetic…and enjoy reading your blog. Delurking here to enter the draw. Both Chypre Mousse & Deja le Printemps sound quite tempting!

  56. Horizon calls to me the loudest based on the notes listed, but I’m also intriqued by Chypre Mousse since it had such an impact on you. I hope I get the dilemma of chosing between the two if I’m lucky enough to win 🙂

  57. I’ve already ordered my sample set on your recommendation Kafka! Thanks for the extensive reviews…they seem like a house all perfumistas must get to know. I would love to win the Chypre Mousse based on your glowing review. It sounds so intriguing and mysterious. Thanks to Oriza Legrand for the generous draw!

    • They’re definitely unique fragrances that don’t smell like anything else out there. Given that, and the vintage feel to a few of them, I think perfumistas should try them, so I’m very glad you ordered a sample set. At the very least, it will be a window back in time. 🙂 You’re on my list for the drawing, StaceyW. Good luck. 🙂

  58. Besides the gorgeous sounding scents, I love the vintage look of the bottles and labels. I am easy prey for beautiful packaging.

  59. Thanks to your high praise the sample set is already on its way to me! But I would love to get a travel bottle of Chypre Mousse (or maybe I will get to decide after testing them and I will change my mind). Thanks for the wonderful draw!

    • You’re very welcome, sweetie. I think you’ll find the line to be very different from everything else out there, and sometimes, to be a little like a time machine back through the ages. I don’t know if you’ll like all of them, but I think you’ll be intrigued by a few. I have you on my list at #61. Good luck, hon. xoxox

  60. Oriza L. Legrand is the first perfume house that made me love a soapy but fresh perfume like Jardins d’Armide which i obviously bought right away! I am normally for the more oriental, dark, incense and spicy scents but this just blew me away (in a positive way ofcourse).
    If i should be one of the lucky winners i am not sure if i would go for Horizon or Chypre Mousse.
    I am curious what you would see me wear Kafkaesque

    • Hi, Scensodine, welcome to the blog. In terms of your question, I don’t know what notes you struggle with or what your skin is like in terms of retaining or eating up perfume. Do you like High Church white, myrrh as opposed to the more usual sort of incense that is frankincense? Do you like galbanum, iris, or lilies? How do you feel about chypres in general? Or boozy perfumes?

      Given what you wrote as your general preference in fragrance, I’d probably say Horizon is more your thing, but it’s not quite as unusual/unique and I don’t know how it would last on your skin. But perhaps you will get to find out, if you win. 😀 I have you on my list at #62. Good luck! 🙂

  61. If only Relique d’amour would smell half as good as Isabelle Adjani looks, I’m in love for life! Can’t wait tot try it!

  62. After reading your review of Chypre Mousse, it hasn’t been out of my perfume thoughts and dreams. Oriza L. Legrand is this historians idea of scent/presentation bliss.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  63. Chypre Mousse, Relique d’Amour, and Deja Le Printemps all sound quite wonderful. Thank you for running this ever-intriguing giveaway. I love to learn about a house I didn’t know at all before.

    • Welcome to the blog, Leather Mountain. I’m glad you enjoyed learning about Oriza. It’s always fun to learn about completely new houses, I agree. 🙂 I have you on my list at #65. Good luck.

  64. Like I said in your original review my dear, you left me in the forest with Chypre Mousse which would be my choice, but I am also pondering Horizon. But ultimately you seem to know me better than I know myself and would leave the choice up to you! Hmmmmm, which way would you go??!! 🙂 Thanks to you and Oriza L. Legrand for the wonderful draw! xoxoxoox

    • I think you would like both, my dearest Mr. Hound, but I think you would be moved by Chypre Mousse. It’s much more unique, rare and original. 🙂 Let’s hope you win so you can see for yourself. I have you on my list. Good luck, my dear.

  65. I love the look of the bottles. Since I adore chypres I would love to try Chypre Mousse if I am fortunate enough to win!

  66. I am overwhelmed. They all sound stunning and they speak to different moods. I guess I am in a wintery, cathedral, mood. I am burning myrrh right now so I’d have to say Reve d’Ossian: frankincense, myrrh, resins, leather and amber!
    Thanks so much for hosting this give away

    • You’re very welcome. I’m glad you found a few to intrigue you, Helicalgnome. If myrrh is your drug of choice, then I think Reve d’Ossian might work very well for you. Wintery cathedrals, but also ancient monasteries, and their special smoke. It’s a very evocative scent. 🙂 I have you on my list at #68. Good luck! 🙂

  67. I’m a huge fan of Relique d’Amour and find Chypre Mousse and Rêve d’Ossian are two of the most intriguing fragrances I’ve ever known. Longue vie à Oriza!

  68. My thanks for putting together this amazing draw for ten winners. After reading your descriptions, it sounds like Chypre Mousse would actually be a unisex fragrance and something that I would enjoy wearing. I am also curious about the “chestnut leather” note.

    • I think Chypre Mousse is most definitely unisex! I think Horizon and Reve d’Ossian are too, actually, but Chypre Mousse may be the more unusual, evocative, and different one out of the 3. I hope you get to try it, Martin. I have you on my list at #71. Best of luck. 🙂

  69. I’ve read every word you wrote on your blog of the history and re-emergence of the Oriza L. Legrand perfumes and shop. I would LOVE to visit that shop — it is aesthetically intriguing with the vintage-looking bottles and their beautiful presentation. People who care this much about all aspects of the perfume experience should be encouraged and supported.
    Your evocative writing had me enthralled! Chypre Mousse is so very enticing. I’ve been to the Oriza website and wander around there a bit. I’d love very much the opportunity to win such a generous gift — but if I don’t win, I will definitely order a set of samples.
    Thanks again for the opportunity and for the outstanding reviews.

    P>S> THANKS for your wonderful recommendation of Kalemat. I ordered a bottle after you posted the review on POL. It is a fanstastic perfume. Both The Hubs and I are enjoying it!!!

    • First, welcome to the blog, Gwenyth. Second, yay for the Kalemat!!! 😀 I’m so happy both you and your husband are enjoying it. I basically took a bath in it the other night myself. LOL.

      With regard to Oriza, I’m really so hugely pleased that you could feel the love, passion, and attention to detail shown by Mr. Lambert & Mr. Belaiche through even the small things in the store. From the old, gold lamps to the little luxurious touches, mixed in with old vintage posters carefully framed, and mementos of the past, it was done with such endless care. I really want them to succeed. You know, they do almost everything themselves and by hand, from the bottling to the packaging and more. It can’t be easy, so I’m really glad you will order a sample set if you don’t win one of the 10 travel sprays. (But I have you on my list for the drawing, so good luck.)

      It’s for people like you that I write these pieces, and focus on the history or the details, so it means a lot to me that you felt something for the house and its owners’ labour of love. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know.

      • Thanks for the welcome! I’ve actually been a ‘lurker’ here for a long time. I don’t post much on blogs (however, I should!)….I think most times I am simply content to read your wonderful writing and stand in awe of your understanding and grasp of nuance. I will make an effort to post more regularly — you need to know you have a dedicated following, right? (grin)

        • Awww, you’re so sweet. Thank you for your kind words, Gwenyth. It’s nice to know one has a following but, honestly, I’m just glad for the company. Perfume is really more fun when it’s shared. I truly believe that. 🙂 And I look forward to getting to know you and your perfume tastes better. 🙂

  70. I am excited because the fragrances seem honest and delicious. Also , I. Looove . Churchy incense..

  71. I posted a photo of perfumes used by the Romanov family during their captivity and before their execution on my basenotes profile. It was the anniversary of their shooting. Macabre? I don’t know. I know that Ernest Beaux’s father (Edouard) was associated with Rallet, whose creations found favour with Tzarina Alexandra. There is too much to recount here but finding historical snippets of the European perfume houses does quicken my pulse. I am a Chypre sister so that is the way I would go if lucky enough to win a draw. Chypre Mousse sounds wonderful

    • Believe me, I love the history too. 🙂 In fact, I used to write about royal history. If you’re ever bored, you may want to dig in the archives and find my piece on royal food. There is one piece that focuses, in part, on the Tsars with their banquets, while also talking about Catherine the Great and her favorite dishes. It’s not perfume, but it may interest you. 🙂 As for Oriza, I have you on my list for the drawing at #75. Good luck. The list of winners will be posted on Thursday.

  72. These sound seriously interesting Kaf – much thanx for the introduction ! (to me at least) – In fact considering their more than impressive history I’m surprised I’d never heard of them. So this is a really lovely (+ indeed generous!) giveaway. … And since it seems we have pretty much close to identical tastes or ‘nazal-aesthetix’ (‘aescenthetic’ ?) :), I imagine that Horizon or Chypre Mousse will equally be the ones to ‘float my boat’. That chypre sounds outstanding, tho’ at the mo’ on notes alone Horizon is shouting my name. … (As it is I’ve already got a totally blind-bought Kalemat on it’s way to me – just shows u how much I trust your nose since I never buy blind.)

    • Haha at Nazal-aesthetix and aeSCENTetic. Love the word contortions and gymnastics! We shall have to think of the perfect word. 🙂 As for Kalemat, Yay! I really hope you like it. Do let me know when you get it, okay? With regard to Oriza, I have you down on my list. Good luck, Julz!

  73. Really enjoyed reading the line-up of descrips from this venerable House, Kafka. I love
    all of Roudnitska’s creations, especially the chypres, so I think the Mousse would have to be
    my choice for the draw. Thank you for the opportunity and thanks to the Legrand duo for their munificence. Ciao

    • Edmond Roudnitska didn’t make any of these (they were far before his time), but I do know what you mean. That said, these are very different fragrances in feel and smell, including the chypre which isn’t like traditional chypres at all. It doesn’t have the citric opening, followed by a floral heart based in oakmoss. Chypre Mousse is radically different, and nothing like that traditional structure. I need to stress that. Chypre Mousse is nothing like that at all! Perfumes like Roudnitska’s Femme (or Mitsouko, not his creation but perhaps the benchmark chypre) have a very different profile than Chypre Mousse which is very leafy, damp, earthy, mushroomy, resinous, and slightly leathered. It’s really more like a forest’s floor with greenery and a whisper of violets.

      But if you enjoy vintage fragrances, and the classics that Monsieur Roudnitska represents, especially Diorissimo, then I think you may enjoy the line as a whole. Especially some of the pure florals. 🙂 I have you down on my list, so good luck.

      • K — Yesh, not Roudnitska’s creations, just giving a little backstory on my personal taste, that’s all 😉 And I understood from your thumbnail sketches that the ‘Chypre Mousse’ wasn’t a trad. chypre construct, but just an homage of sorts to the genre; nonetheless the evocation of a forest floor appealed to my sensibility. They all sound lovely, and as all the others here have posted, it’s a difficult, but deliciously fun choice to make. Ta

  74. Many of them sound wonderful (if they were available on Luckyscent I’d just get samples of all seven), but Oeillet Louis XV would definitely be my top pick — I love carnation more than almost any other note in perfumery.

    • Hi Robert, welcome. 🙂 If you’re interested in the whole set, it probably would be cheaper to order them from Oriza than it would be from Luckyscent if they hypothetically carried them. The full set of 7 samples, each in a large 2 ml spray vial, is just €9 or about $12. Shipping to the US is €7 more. So, the whole set of 7 (in sizes far larger than Luckyscent ever offers) comes to about $20. And Oriza ships quickly to all around the world. It’s just a thought if you’re really interested in the line. 🙂 In the meantime, I have you down for the drawing at #78. Good luck.

      BTW, I really enjoy your blog!

  75. Horizon sounds lovely. Your review of Chypre Mousse is intriguing, but the mushroom note scares me. I have to say, your review of Jardins d’Armide broke my heart a little, as the name conjures up images of the sorceress who falls for a crusader and creates an enchanted garden of love. I just listened to Handel’s Rinaldo a few weeks ago, and there are several other wonderful operas featuring Armida, but I hate a soapy floral, so despite how the name strikes a chord, both literally and figuratively….

    Thank you and Oriza L. Legrand for the generous draw. The sample set is definitely going on my list. (Another commenter noted that she usually hates soapy florals but loves Jardins d’Armide, so perhaps not all hope is lost.)

    • I love Handel, but I haven’t heard the Rinaldo. Clearly, that is an omission that I must fix pronto, so thank you for the comment! How do you feel about powder, Laurels? Perhaps Jardins d’Armide would be more powdery on you than powdery and soapy. It could very much depend on skin chemistry. Regardless, I have you down on my list and, if you win, you have a few days to ponder it all. 🙂 Good luck, my dear.

  76. Hello Kafkaesque

    This is MarIA from ParfuMaria in the Netherlands. I want to thank you for rhe link mentioned on your beautiful website.
    I made a link on mine for you too. What an amazing article about all the perfumes. They are very special and they all smell so vintage to me. They all have touched my heart and memories of the past. That’s the beauty of niche perfumes.
    I wish you all the best and hope to read more from you (if I can spare some time)

    Warmest regards from Maria

    • Dear Maria, what a lovely surprise to see you here. Thank you for the link reference on your blog. That is very sweet and kind of you. I often turn to Parfumaria when I want to link to a Netherlands retailer for a niche perfume, and I’ve admired your wonderful selection of things. I’ve heard lovely things about the store itself. Perhaps one day I can see for myself. 🙂

      As for Oriza, they are special indeed. Unlike anything else out there, even though some of them have quite a contemporary feel to them. Or, perhaps a better way to describe some of them is “timeless.” Either way, I’m glad you carry the whole line, thereby giving perfume lovers another option and place in which to try the fragrances. 🙂 All the very best to you, and have a lovely week ahead.

  77. Thank you for this very generous offer. I would love to smell something created by a perfume house with such a long, illustrious history. I believe the name Oriza is taken from the name Oryza Sativa or the rice used in powdering wigs and in make up of the time.
    The scent that has my name written all over it is Deja le Printemps – I adore iris!

    • You’re absolutely right, Kate, the “Oriza” part is taken from Oryza Sativa! You’re clearly someone who knows or loves their history, too. 🙂 I have you down on my list at #86. Good luck. 🙂

  78. Thank you for this amazing draw, my first choice would be Horizon, tobacco, cognac and leather are my fetiche notes but Chypre Mousse…and Deja le Primtemps and Reve d’Ossian…well, I’m going to order a sample set right now! I love the vintage look of the whole brand.

    • Oh, I’m so glad you’re intrigued enough to test the whole line. That’s wonderful! 🙂 I have you down for the drawing, and you’re #80 on my list. Good luck!

  79. What a wonderful line of fragrances. The history is fascinating, thank you for bringing it to us! Chypre Mousse, Relique d’Amour, and Déjà le Printemps all speak to me!

    • You’re very welcome, Ncmyers! I’m glad you found the history fascinating, and that some of the fragrances spoke to you. I have you down on my list for the drawing. Good luck, and check back Thursday for the names of the winners. 🙂

  80. Amazing! So much history and what a line of fragrances! Chypre Mousse sounds so intriguing and Relique d’Amour and Déjà le Printemps are calling my name as well. Must get a sample set! Thank you for the draw.

  81. The Reve d’Ossian sounds so beautiful to me, especially since it has amber and cinnamon!

    • It’s much more of a dusty myrrh, Church incense fragrance than a cozy amber with cinnamon, but Reve d’Ossian is very pretty. 🙂 I have you down on my list at #82. Good luck.

  82. I usually lean towards spicy amber/patchouli type scents but your description and reaction to Chypre Mousse has intrigued me. If someone with your impeccable taste is impressed then I must experience it for myself! Perfume is art and Oriza knows it. Perfume recipes with historic connections are so interesting. Also I love the old packaging! Thanks for the chance to win & I hope you are having a great weekend!

    • I love the old-style, vintage packaging, too! And I’ve been having a working weekend, so I hope yours was a lot more fun and exciting. 🙂 🙂 I have you down on my list, Stacey, but because there is another Stacey who has also entered, I shall put the first word of your email address next to your name to avoid any confusion. I hope that is okay? Good luck with the drawing.

  83. I was away and almost missed this opportunity! Pencil me in for Horizon, please. Patchouli or chypre – in my book – is no dilemma at all. But you already know that much about me. I agree with you, this is an amazing gesture on Oriza’s part. Bravo, Oriza.

    • Ha, I wondered why the word “patchouli” had been met with dead silence from your corner. 😉 😉 lol I have you on my list, my fellow patchouli fanatic. I don’t think Horizon will be deep, rich, or heavy enough for you in terms of its overall, long-term development, but I think you’d very much enjoy the beginning. Good luck with the drawing. 🙂

  84. Ooh, ooh, ooh – Chypre Mousse, Chypre Mousse, Chypre Mousse – me, me, ME !! 😀
    You make CM sound absolutely positively transcendental. Sounds just like my kinda thing – ‘forest-floor’ is just the kinda ‘green’ I like best in a scent, so it would def be my pick too. (But, u now have me wondering : IYO Kafka, does it lean more heavy ‘winter-y’ or sorta more lighter ‘spring-y’, in style & depth ??)
    However, since I could be partial to some ‘churchy-incense’ too, [& the ‘dustier’ &/or ‘stonier’ the better], Relique d’Amour is also sounding somewhat intriguing. Even find it’s ‘deadly-romantique’ gothicesque name kinda charming. [+ indeed sounds perfect for the gorgeous Adjani]. In fact I’m finding the entire authentic nostalgic retro Oriza ‘look’ rather charming.
    As for Horizon, that notes-list alone has already set my ‘SO’ on immediate blind-buy-trigger-happy mode. 😀 That even bribing with a sample-set barely restrained & appeased his itchy finger. [But hell, when they’re that nicely reasonably priced how is one meant to resist !?] 😉

    • ….. oooor wait , did I just get Rd’A mixed up with Reve d’Ossian ??? lol :/ [Need to go reread the whole thing again methinks]

    • I’m smiling so much at your excitement over the perfumes. 🙂 Re. Chypre Mousse, I think the projection is high, but the weight is relatively airy and light, so it would work well in all seasons. It’s not an opaque, thick fragrance by any means. I think it would probably suit Fall the best out of all the seasons.

      I find it so great that your SO is so, so drawn to Horizon! That’s adorable but I would caution that Horizon can turn quite soft on some skins, and without heaviness or huge projection. It’s not just me. A friend who got the sample set on my recommendation thought the same. But he did also think it felt a bit like Chanel’s beautiful Coromandel which has patchouli and some vanilla, so that’s a plus. But if your S.O. wants a very heavy, thick fragrance with powerful projection, he needs to test out Horizon before buying it. Just a suggestion. 🙂

      BTW, since you’ve already entered the giveaway under your Julz name, I won’t repeat your entry for fairness reasons. I know you’ll understand. 🙂

      • Ah, “Julz” u say ? , that IS in fact the “significant other” I mentioned before 🙂 lol , not actually me as such. But no confusion intended, so sorry bout dat !
        Thankfully my partner shares in my scent-addiction ‘fume-ho-ing’ ways, & when at home I often share his macbook when more convenient. So if I did indeed nick his email addy, I suspect a combination of auto-fill & laziness was probs to blame. So whilst I certainly do understand & even applaud your sense of fairness, there’s no attempted ‘hoodwinking’ going on here, promise ! 🙂
        I’ve now hereby forwarded u my own @ddy with this comment, for hopefully a separate entry, if that’s ok !? But if not, that’s also no probs, J’s entry alone is more than fine. (Besides, he’ll have no choice but to share it with me anyway, if he happens to be one of the lucky ones.) 😉 lol

        • Thanks for the explanation. You’re two separate people, so two separate entries is fine. I’m just glad he loved the sound of Horizon enough to want to enter for himself. lol. You’re on my list as ‘Fume-Ho at #107. Good luck. The list of winners chosen by will be up Thursday. 🙂

          • Cheers, thanx K’, much appreciated ! Actually u’ve got J’ to thank for turning me on to your excellent blog, as he’s probably even more scentoholic than I am 🙂 Not only is an Oriza sample-set already ordered, that’s on top of the Kalemat already on its way. – [Think it’s about time I insist on separate bank accounts.] lol 😀

          • Hahaha, you two are perfect together! And I love that last comment on the bank accounts! I can’t wait to see what both of you think of the respective Oriza scents. And, perhaps more importantly, Kalemat! 😉

            Enjoy your “Impromptu” movie tonight! You may want to keep an eye out on Julz’s trigger finger afterwards, given the perfume inspired by that same character, George Sand, and how much guys love it…. *grin*

  85. tHANK you for your review! It’s always a pleasure reading you. And this time it will be the first time I enter for a giveaway, and that’s because after reading your review I’m very curious to discover this brand.
    All the fragances seem to be wonderful….I think I would choose Rêve d’Ossian if I win, but any of them could be perfect! But the name of this one appeals to me the most: The dream of Ossian…and I love incense!

    • Welcome to the blog, Silfra72. I’m glad you came out to post and to enter the giveaway. I have you down on my list. Good luck, and may the incense and dreams of Ossian come your way. 😉 🙂

  86. I credit my growing interest in perfumes to one of your recent reviews (specifically Santal de Mysore, which I have now sampled) and all of these interest me, but most of all Chypre Mousse, because I like galbanum and vetiver and the idea of deep forests. Whether I win or not I will try this fragrance. Thank you for this generous giveaway.

    • Hi Zainab, welcome to the blog. 🙂 I’m glad I could help in your journey to learn more about perfumery. So glad, and I hope that you’ve found a few new things to enjoy along the way! 🙂 I have you down on my list for the drawing at #96. Good luck, and may the chypre/galbanum winds of fortune be with you.

  87. I try again my samples and I like the fragances in the following secuence:
    Reve d’Ossian
    Chypre Mousse, Horizon
    Oeillet Louis XV

    • Ah, I see that your order of preference has changed, Walter. 🙂 Horizon and Reve d’Ossian seem to have changed places. lol. I have you down for the drawing at #89. Best of luck.

  88. Deja Le Printemps is on my WL. Sounds so natural and fresh. Gotta have it. What’s good enough for Catherine Deneueve is good enough for me.

  89. Chypre are my favorite family, and the fact that someone who has had so much exposure to so many fragrances says that this is unlike anything else makes me desperate to try it.

  90. I love the fact that the current owners intend to honor the heritage of the house by producing perfumes as they were (as close as possible). Those of us not keen on department store stuff will be thrilled to admire the historic scents.

    • LOL at the department store comment! I grinned at that. It’s very true, Oriza doesn’t make fragrances that are generic or smell like everything else out there. 🙂 I have you on my list, Judy. Good luck, and check back on Thursday for the list of winners.

  91. They all sound beautiful, but three in particular caught my eye. Chypre Mousse, with its’ haunting description sounds absolutely decadent, bringing its’ wearer into a dark, delicious place of disquieting images in the woods. Horizon, as an original Patchouli fan from back in the day, I’m always eager to try new offerings of this leaf to see how a perfumer interprets it in today’s world and tries to bring back old world flavor. And Reve d’ Amour, a church-type incense, yet one with a vintage feel of soapiness and florals. Now that should prove quite interesting! Thank you for introducing us to this line of fragrances.

    • How nice to see another fan of real, actual, dark patchouli (and none of this purple, fruited, fruit-chouli silliness). 🙂 I’m glad you found a few that intrigued you, SorceressOfTheDark. I have you down on my list at #94. Best of luck.

  92. What a grand house. And so generous too. I am a sucker for your writing and reviews as well. Sometimes I am tempted to buy blind and your descriptions of these scents make me want to try them all. Were I lucky enough to win, I would be hard pressed to choose one but the perfume centered on myrrh or the chypre you swooned over would be contenders. Thank you both for the raffle.

    • How lovely to see you again, Patrick! I hope you are doing well. 🙂 Thank you for your very kind words on my writing and reviews. That’s very sweet of you. 🙂 I have you down on my list at #95. Good luck.

  93. Such an exciting draw! Regardless of whether or not I win I plan on seeking out some samples from this house, it seems so interesting. Had it not been for your amazing review of chypre mousse, I would have naturally been more inclined to try the Louis XV fragrance. I love roses, carnations, and yes, even powder so long as it does not dominate the composition to the point where the other notes are hardly detectable. I also love the vintage advertisements and the style of the Oriza brand overall.

    • Hi Ashley, I hope you are doing well. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the journey back in time with Oriza, and found a few to interest you. If carnation is your first love, then perhaps Oeillet Louis XV would be better for you. But, you have some time to decide if you win. 🙂 I have you down on my list for the drawing. Good luck!

  94. I think Chypre Mousse is the most exciting one to me – the notes sound absolutely divine, and a “haunting beauty” of a perfume is absolutely up my alley regardless! 😀 I’ve found that both oakmoss and violet leaves surprisingly seem to consistently work on my skin, although I’ve don’t believe I’ve ever tried the two in one fragrance.

  95. I was lucky enough to have discovered the Oriza.L.Legrand line at the very beginning and Relique d’Amour was just love at first sniff.Eery and gorgeous, it was like nothing I have smelled before. I cannot wait to try Chypre Mousse: it embodies everything I love: wet leaves, damp forests, mushrooms- the quintessential Autumnal Scent.

    • I’m so glad you found an Oriza scent you love, and that you’ve had the chance to explore the line a little. 🙂 Have you sniffed only Relique d’Amour, or a few of them? I have you down on my list, Yas. Good luck. 🙂

  96. Hi – fabulous draw by the way. These scents sound rather beautiful and I love the bottles and the historical context as well. I’m definitely liking the sound of the Chypre Mousse best primarily due to your rave review considering it was a stop you in your tracks type of scent, even though I am naturally drawn to the notes in Horizon.

  97. What a wonderful and generous drawing! How is it that I have never before heard of Oriza? I am tempted to send for the sample set and may do that very soon. Chypre Mousse sounds interesting because I love a mossy, wet forest floor type of scent. But Horizon also appeals strongly to me for the patchouli, vanilla, tobacco notes. The antique bottle is gorgeous!

  98. Oooooh you stopped my heart with your description of Chypre Mousse. Thanks for hosting this fabulous draw, Kafka, and many thanks to the good monsieurs of Oriza for their generosity.

  99. Your description of Reve d’Ossian, with decadent subtlety and faraway legendary memories, of Ossian himself, conquered my imagination. I’m sure all the fragrances color it in the right way. So Reve d’Ossian it is and thank you for your skilled descriptions and very interesting pages

    • I’m very glad you enjoyed the descriptions and story of Oriza, Amazen. I have you down on my list for the drawing at #102. Good luck. 🙂

  100. What a generous giveaway! Thanks to you and Oriza! Chypre Mousse sounds fascinating; what an incredible mix of notes that must be on the skin. Deja la Printemps is also highly tempting. I am a huge fan of Iris Silver Mist, and Iris Silver Mist with a twist (hee hee) at the end could be right up my alley. 🙂

    • Natalie, I think you’d adore the line. I really think you’d find it remarkable in how different they all are, their sometimes vintage feel -vs- the sometimes modern one, and the finesse with which they are all done. 🙂 I have you on my list at #103, but if you don’t win, I do hope you’ll consider the very reasonable, affordable sample set. I think that some of them would really speak to you, but it would be a trip into history at the very least. Anyway, good luck. The list of winners via should be posted tomorrow. 🙂

      • Thank you for the heads up! They definitely sound like my sort of thing, and I will definitely consider the sample set if I’m not the lucky winna’. 🙂

  101. What a great giveaway! I have recently purchased the Oriza sample pack and have found them all beautiful, interesting and well crafted. Definitely the best discovery for me this year. Horizon is without a doubt my favourite but Chypre-Mousse is also quite stunning.

    • I’m so happy to hear that you’ve explored the Oriza line, and that you’ve found them all to be beautiful or done with finesse. I’m really happy. They are quite a discovery indeed. I have you on my list at #104, Fabrice. Good luck. The list of winners will be posted Thursday.

  102. Being a lover of chypre, Chypre Mousse is the one that caught my fancy, especially after reading your magnificent review of the fragrance.
    Thank you for this exciting giveaway

  103. Great draw,
    I too am a fan of chypres, so the story of how Chypre Mousse stopped you in your tracks makes it sound very interesting.

  104. Shame on me, Kafka, but I knew nothing of Oriza L. Legrand until I read Caro’s interview and your detailed posting. Thank you for the giveway and I hope I would get the chance to know at least one of the fragrances. Just opposite to your feelings, I am craving powdery scents in the cold and Jardins d’Armide sounds quite right for me! Though I am much more curious about Violettes Prince Albert that is sadly not available…I’m a true violette devotee!

    • I’m just happy you found one that really calls your name, whatever it may be! 🙂 I have you on my list, Lyubov. Good luck. (BTW, I agree about the Prince Albert violet scent!)

  105. I have enjoyed reading your post about the history of this house–I had no idea! I want to make sure I am counted for the drawing, since my first comment went between the comment from meganinstmaxime (#99), and the one from thesmellyvagabond (another #99…?). I have enjoyed reading the comments as well.

    • I’m so glad you wrote back, as I did miss your entry! As for the 99 and 99, I posted up above to Lexi that I made a mistake on my list by going from 68 to 70, skipping 69 for some reason, so everyone was off by one. I didn’t realise it until I started inputting all the numbers/numbers in a Word Doc, caught it, and just kept everyone in the same order but moved down by one. Regardless, I have you now in the right order and between the two people you mentioned. All that matter is that people are in the right order when I put the names into Random.Org’s random generator. 🙂 Thank you so much for alerting me to the fact that I somehow skipped you.

    • Chypre Mousse is an utter masterpiece, in my opinion, so naturally I think you made a very good choice. 😉 LOL. I have you on my list, Escritora. Good luck, and check back Thursday for the list of winners.

  106. I really want to try the chypre mousse, as ive never tried this line, i would love to be given the chance to maybe find the one, my signature scent.

    • Oriza is a fantastic line because of how well-done each fragrance, how very different they all are from other things on the market, the very vintage feel of some of them, and the very Serge Lutens-like twists of the others. It’s definitely a line worth getting to know. 🙂 I have you down on my list at #114. Best of luck.

  107. Thank you for introducing me to this venerable perfume house! I enjoyed reading each description and now Relique d’Amour especially is calling my name.

  108. Oriza has such an interesting story! Both Chypre Mousse and Horizon sound fabulous – I would definitely be torn. I found it interesting that you were initially drawn to Horizon (as I am, from the note list) but then were so taken by Chypre Mousse. So I guess that would make my decision!

    • I think you might enjoy both, as they’re very different, but you would have time to decide if you won. I have you down on my list, so good luck! 🙂

  109. I didn’t know about this line, and it sounds great- like something I’d really like, so thank you for bringing it to our all attention. So much so that it’s really difficult to make a pick for a favourite of the line… Because I do love iris, I must confess I am curious about Jardin d’Armide, but I think with your beautiful description of Chypre Mousse that that would be my choice should I be so lucky. Thank you so much for the opportunity to you and Oriza L. LeGrand. ps The bottles are beautiful with those old-fashioned etiquettes, just lovely.

    • You’re very welcome. I’m so glad you find the line interesting, Asali. I think anyone with an appreciation for vintage fragrances would appreciate the florals, while the others have a contemporary feel but are also very different. That’s the thing that’s cool about the line: they all feel very different from everything else on the market. If you don’t win, you may want to consider the very affordable €9 sample set of the whole line. It’s a great way to take a trip back in time. Anyway, I have you down on my list at #117. Good luck.

  110. Oh, how wonderful, thanks for this amazing opportunity, I’ve never tried any of the Oriza L. Legrand perfumes! And after reading your review, stating that Chypre Mousse is an “utter masterpiece”, it is the one I would love to test (first, the others sound exciting too).

    BTW I cloved some oranges today like in your beautiful picture of the Orlando review. I put them on the heater and it smells just divine…

    • Oh, the cloved orange sounds great! What a perfect way to bring in winter and the holiday season! 🙂 As for Oriza, I’m glad you found the line exciting. It’s really a beautiful collection, all of which are very different from other things on the market, in my opinion. I have you down on my list at #118. Good luck, and check back Thursday (morning, US time) for the list of winners. 🙂

  111. Relique d’Amour is so wonderful that I also want to try the Chypre Mousse because I love Chypre! Thanks for this great opportunity!

    • Oh, how great that you know the line already, and have an Oriza favorite. Relique d’Amour is lovely, Mila. I have you down on my list at #119. Good luck.

    • I think Chypre Mousse would intrigue you to no end and that you wouldn’t be able to stop sniffing your wrists! Horizon would totally be your cup of tea too, but it’s far less unique and original. Glad you entered, my dear. If you win, you can make up your mind then. 🙂 I have you down on my list at #120! Good luck.

  112. Aww I lost the opportunity to enter the giveaway 🙁 , and I wasn´t able to go to the Oriza store in Paris, since I barely had time to see all the historical sides in depth, and not in the quick tour group way. But not all is lost since I will be in Paris again for one day in May, so I might just go to Orizas store in the Opera district, dedicate myself to go there 🙂 .

  113. This website was a dream come true in
    that it explains in detail all of the perfumes that were made in the 1800-1900 era. I have been looking for Oeilette Louis VX, the powdery fragrance, and the way it is described sounds spectacular. The first one described sounds very interesting just by the mere description itself. Living in the U.S. makes it very difficult to find these wonderful vintage fragrances that people like myself will fall in love with again & again. May I ask which is the fastest & easiest way to order from the United States?

    • As noted in the section at the end of the post, you can order samples directly from the company in Paris, which ships them out extremely quickly and sends their fragrances all over the world. The full sample set of 7 fragrances, each in 2 ml vials, is €9 with about €7 for shipping to the US. The link is provided in the post.

      • Their sample pack was despatched to me without delay and is a joy to behold. I cannot recommend Oriza LeGrand enough for their passion and professionalism in making these samples available. I am working my way through and have to confess Oelette Louis VX is lovely for our Southern Hemisphere summer, but there are others I haven’t got to yet, so I will keep my powder dry…haha

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