Perfume Giveaway: Neela Vermeire Créations

I’m excited to announce that Neela Vermeire Créations, Parfums Paris (“NVC“) has kindly offered to give away two prizes, each of which will include samples of the upcoming Ashoka fragrance that will be released next week, on September 13, 2013. The only restriction is that you have to have an address in the U.S., Canada, or the EU.




Mohur Eau de Parfum

Mohur Eau de Parfum

Grand Prize: one full bottle of Mohur Eau de Parfum (retail cost: $250 for 55 ml/1.85 oz at Luckyscent), along with a sample vial of Ashoka Eau de Parfum and a sample vial of Mohur Extrait pure parfum.

Second Place: The “Try your India” sample set (Trayee, Mohur Eau de Parfum, and Bombay Bling), plus one sample of Ashoka and one sample of Mohur extrait pure parfum. Each vial is about 2 ml, though perfumers rarely fill them to the top for leakage fears, so the liquid may be about 1.7 ml.

All the fragrances are Eau de Parfum in concentration, except the not-yet-released Mohur Extrait which is pure parfum and which won’t be out until the end of the year. If you’re unfamiliar with the fragrances, you can read my reviews linked within each name. In a nutshell, however:

Trayee encapsulated. Source:

One of Trayee’s many sides, encapsulated. Source:

Trayee is a powerful, spicy Oriental temptress with too many parts to list. She’s a complicated, dark seductress who blows through life like a force of nature.

Mohur is a exquisitely refined, quiet, elegant, haunting, floral beauty, centered around roses, violets, iris, sandalwood, cardamom, and more.

Bombay Bling is a happy, bouncy, outgoing, but sophisticated, fruity-floral scent. Considered by many to be an anti-depressant in a perfume bottle, she’s a flirt, made up of mango, lychee, jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, ylang-ylang, vanilla, sandalwood, and a few other tricks up her flirtatious Bollywood sleeve.

The brand new Ashoka is a refined, sophisticated comfort fragrance with milky fig, iris, lotus, osmanthus, tonka bean, leather, sandalwood, and more. It soothes you with a heart that is both powerful and gentle, and very much reminded me of a mother’s warm embrace.

Dress: Rami Kadi Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013. Source: FlipZone and

Dress: Rami Kadi Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013. Source: FlipZone and

And Mohur Extrait is one of the most va-va-va voom glamorous, sophisticated rose florals I’ve ever smelled. It takes Mohur Eau de Parfum and revs it up about 10 notches, turning her quiet elegance into diva glam, and sending her to a gala in an haute couture dress. To give you an idea of what I thought about it, I called Mohur Extrait “A Queen to Rule Them All.” And I’m someone who doesn’t particularly like rose fragrances, so I think that says something!


Both gifts are limited to people living ONLY in the EU, US or Canada. The problem is that new postal regulations make it extremely difficult to send fragrances (classified now as hazardous materials) to certain parts of the world. Some fascistic postal services go out of their way to search for and destroy perfume, even apparently using x-ray machines in their efforts. So, we’re terribly sorry, but please do not enter if you live outside of the three zones listed above.

To enter, you have to do two things:

1- “Like” Neela Vermeire Créations’ Facebook Page, if you haven’t done so already. (If you’re not on Facebook, you can follow Neela Vermeire on Twitter.)

2- Leave a comment here about anything you found interesting, fun, or appealing in yesterday’s interview with Neela Vermeire, entitled Neela Vermeire: Ashoka, Perfume, Food & Life. Okay, I guess that’s three things if you haven’t read the interview yet, but hey, the main prize is a $250 bottle of perfume, and samples of fantastic, not-yet released eau de parfums. I’m sure you can find the motivation… 😉


The giveaway starts today, Saturday September 7th, 2013 and will continue for 8 days until Sunday September 15th, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) in the U.S. which is -6:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).


The Grand Prize and Second Place winners will be chosen by, and will be announced sometime the next day, September 16th.

Once I post the winners, you have FIVE (5) days to contact me with your shipping information. Deadline is end of the day, my time, on September 20th. Please send an email to Akafkaesquelife @ gmail . com  (all one word, scrunched together). If you don’t, and if I fail to hear from you within the deadline, I will give the gift to the next person on the list.


Neela Vermeire Créations will send the prizes directly to the winners, and pay for all shipping costs. Given that NVC is located in the Paris, it may take some time (up to 14 days, depending on your location and Customs processing) for you to receive your gift. It may take even little longer if your country has really nightmarish customs issues. Neither Neela Vermeire nor I am responsible for items that are destroyed by customs or that are lost in transit for some reason. The Grand Prize cannot be replaced.


I’d like to express my enormous gratitude to Neela Vermeire for her generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness in offering two fantastic gifts. Some companies may give away a small samples, but a whole bottle of expensive pure parfum and samples of not-yet released fragrances, along with a generous consolation prize?! Amazing! I cannot thank Ms. Vermeire enough. Good luck to everyone! May the perfumed winds blow you to India. 

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177 thoughts on “Perfume Giveaway: Neela Vermeire Créations

  1. I loved your interview! You left no stone unturned and I loved learning about The historical background of the house and scents.

  2. Thank you for this thorough and fun interview with Ms Vermeire. She clearly is a bon vivant and it transpires in her creations. Her perfumes are all celebrations of India and I loved reading how her creative process takes place with Bertrand Duchaufour. Beautiful dedication.
    Thank you for this draw!

    • I’m very glad you enjoyed it, Yas. (Welcome to the blog, by the way.) I agree with you, I think Ms. Vermeire’s passion and lust for life clearly comes through in her fragrances! You’re entered in the giveaway. Good luck!

  3. Oh my, oh my! Neela outdid herself with the huge generosity.
    That would be awesome to have a full sized bottle of Mohur in my collection but I still think I like Bombay Bling much more and I like Ashoka more than them too.

    What I liked in your interview about Neela was that she gives free hand to Mr. Duchaufour in terms of picking the essences. She just trusts him he’ll chose the best quality ones.

  4. Lovely prizes I found it interesting to read that 2 of her favorite fragrances are tuberose and lavender as I like mixing these 2 myself. Was a great interview with Neela to read about her.

  5. You have really outdone yourself with this Neela Vermeire interview! So fascinating to learn so much about her and her beautiful perfumes. What I found most I interesting is that Neela enjoys Asian cuisine and dark chocolate of which I also enjoy more often than I should.

    • LOL! I wouldn’t have seen you as being a chocolate guy, but then there is your screen name, so foolish me. 🙂 You’re entered, dear Ferris!

  6. I really enjoyed your interview. I was amazed to read that Neela Vermeire and I share the same likes and dislikes when it comes to perfume notes. Maybe that´s why I find her perfume so beautiful?

  7. Ok… It would be a crime not to participate in the draw.

    I “Liked” NVC’s FB page a long time ago and since I’ve commented on the article yesterday not knowing about the giveaway, I think it qualifies as an answer to your second condition – right? 😉

  8. *thud* NV is doing a giveaway? And it’s for a bottle of Mohur?! Be still my heart! I ‘liked’ her Facebook page eons ago, so now onto the rest of it…

    So, one of the things I found interesting about the interview, though it has nothing whatsoever to do with her perfumes, was her seeming ambivalence toward French pastry! That’s damn near criminal! Luckily, she seems to be brilliant, likable, and have otherwise stellar taste! 😛 Related to perfume, while she didn’t say outright that Mohur was her favorite, I feel like she did imply it, which I loved hearing. I’m sort of a root for the underdog person, and I hear so much about both Trayee and Bombay Bling that sometimes I feel Mohur is undeservedly ignored! I know it’s silly to feel that way about a perfume, but I can’t help it. I think you’re review compared it to the reserved ‘middle sister’ of the three, which I feel is more apt the more I experience of Mohur. Thank you for arranging this giveaway, and thank you to Neela Vermeire for her amazing generosity!

    • I think Mohur is totally her favorite, though I doubt she would ever admit it. A mother can’t have favorites, after all. LOL! And I completely agree with you that poor Mohur is the often over-looked middle sister amongst the trio. But what an elegant, quiet beauty she is! You’re entered in the drawing, Kevin. Good luck!

  9. Good lord! What a draw! Thanks to both Neela and you! I guess I’m not surprised, but I found it delightful that Neela is a foodie (I think great perfume and good food go hand in hand). Although I have to chastise you for putting up a pic of the macarons as they look incredible and the fact that they aren’t available in the US makes me want them more! xoxoxox Steve

    • I totally agree that great food and great perfume go together in terms of passions. Wine, too. As for the photo of the macarons, LOL!! 😀 You’re in, my darling Hound, as #9 on the list.

  10. I enjoyed the entire interview, but I think my favorite part was her description of the creative process with b. Duchaufour.

  11. What a great giveaway! She’s fabulous. But, alas, I cannot enter but I do wish everyone else the best of luck. I’m one of the dozen or so people worldwide who are not on Facebook and even dangling a bottle of Mohur under my nose will not persuade me.

    • Hahahahahaha! Not even “dangling a bottle of Mohur under my nose”…. Hahahaha! I spoke to Ms. Vermeire and she amended the rules. Anyone who follows on Facebook or Twitter. It’s more fair, as I know a few people who don’t want to have anything to do with Facebook. And, since you’re into Twitter, so that should do it! You’re entered in the draw, my dear Poodle!

  12. Have to agree with Ms Vermeire interms of her dislike of fruity notes… of my pet hates in perfumery apart from the dreaded Iso E Supercrappy is The sickening blackcurrant note. … luckily in fragrances it’s a note seldomly used however I was first introduced to this ghastly note in my testing of the very original Enchanted Forest by the Vagabond Prince which was just saturated with this note throughout its notes pyramid.
    Now interms of Ms Vermeire fragrances unfortunately I’ve not had the privilege of experiencing yet and I could for see that I would thoroughly enjoy her work primarily because BERTRAND DUCHAUFOUR ROCKS! I’m an avid collector of his creations BUT WHY OH WHY IN THE GOOD GOOD LORDS NAME DID YOU HAVE TO COMPOSE ENCHANTED FOREST WITH IT REAKING OF RIBENNA THROUGHOUT?!? Any way get he has created so many amazing masterpieces especially one of the jewels of my collection Versilia Vintage Ambra Mediterranea Profumi del Forte!

    • ISO E Supercrappy….. hahahahahaha, I almost choked on my coffee. Man, I love you! As for the Enchanted Forest, I tried so hard to be tactful with that one, but Christ, the cassis! Cassis and Pine forests from something like household room spray…. gah!

      You’ve never tried any Neela Vermeire stuff?! A travesty! She spent a massive fortune ensuring that each has LOADS of almost extinct, rare Mysore Sandalwood in them! I’m a serious sandalwood snob, and almost nothing in other brands from Serge Lutens to Profumum onwards can compare. I think Trayee would definitely appeal to you, Bombay Bling not so much. (I don’t see you with the fruity stuff, even if it’s mango, not cassis.) You’re in the drawing, Sultan! Good luck.

  13. I enjoyed reading her list of favorite perfumes. There were some surprises in my mind. I wouldn’t have guessed Malle’s Iris Poudre would be to her liking. But isn’t that part of the joy of perfume, finding the unexpected. This draw is incredible and Mohur is my favorite of the original trio.

  14. Great interview, Kafka! You really covered all the bases, and I was especially happy to learn that we like a lot of the same BBC and American TV productions. I would enjoy watching ‘The Bridge’ and nibbling on dark chocolates with Neela. She sounds like a wonderful and fun person. I think Ashoka sounds intriguing!

  15. A fantastic interview and a wonderful prize! I checked out Neela’s chocolate recommendations, some familiar and some new. Isn’t it comforting that people who love perfume almost always show discernment in what they eat as well? Thanks again for brilliant blog. I check in every day, and there is almost always a new article to read! You certainly work hard at this! Well done!

    • Stephen, so nice to see you again! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview and that you like the blog as a whole. 🙂 It means a lot to me, as, yes, there is quite a bit of work involved. LOL! 😉 As for Ms. Vermeire’s chocolate recommendations, hopefully you live in a place where you can find some of them easily. 🙂 You’re entered and in the drawing. Good luck!

  16. WOW!!!! So wonderful, thank you Kafka and Neela you are both wonderful. I liked NV Creations on FB awhile back but also found it interesting that she is such a big Hercule Poirot fan because Ken and I love him too. Ken may even be him for Halloween this year. I also found the shortage of good Indian restaurants in Paris interesting and surprising.

    • I know how much you adore Mohur, hun, so good luck with the drawing. You’re in at #15. As for Poirot, I think that would be a fabulous Halloween costume!

  17. How generous of Neela. I’d love to enter. I liked her FB page and what i loved most about the interview was hearing what fragrances she loved before creating her own. It is always so interesting to see what a creative artist is drawn to. I loved how she breaks her fragrances into moods, too. Isn’t that so interesting? How would we know if Kafka didn’t ask? One more thing, I loved to hear how she wears Mohur frequently. All of them are her babies and a mother doesn’t like to show favoritism, but Mohur probably just works for her and her life more than the others. It is such a beautiful rose.

    • Personally, and this is just my own feeling, I think Mohur is her favorite. A mother doesn’t like to have favorites out of her children, but I think the rules are a little different when it comes to perfume children. LOL! And I agree, it’s always fascinating to see what other perfumes someone likes, but especially so when the person goes on to create their own perfume. You’re entered into the drawing, Cohibadad! Good luck!

  18. Oh, to be lucky enough to win either of these draws!!! As for the most interesting thing about the interview? I learned of a new champagne house to try, for one, but I’d say the most interesting thing was what a truly delightful woman Neela must be. She’s precisely the kind of person you’d want to pop in to share a new book with, to gossip about the neighbors, or simply to say congratulations on sweeping the front steps…let’s celebrate with a plate of oysters!!

    • I agree, Gretchen, she’s full of life, passion, and warmth, someone who has a great zest for living. I’m glad I could convey that in the interview. You’re in and entered into the drawing! Good luck, hun.

  19. I’ve been intrigued from what I’ve read about these perfumes, and may need to treat myself with the “Try Your India” sample set if I’m not lucky enough to win. I love that Ms. Vermeire pointed out John Slattery’s role in “Mad Men” – definitely one of my favorites as well. I’ve been watching the entire series again this summer.

    • “Roger Sterling” is one of my favorite parts of Mad Men, so I loved that she singled him out in particular! I hope you get the chance to try some of Ms. Vermeire’s creations, Lulubelle. You’re entered in the drawing. Good luck!

  20. I thought her background interesting in that she’s lived in many different places and cultures which most likely is why her perfumes are so captivating. This is an amazing giveaway, thanks to NVC for their generosity!

  21. That is a fabulous draw! Mohur is probably my fave of the three. Unfortunately I closed my FB account recently but I had ‘liked’ her page when my account was alive. A you know I found the food descriptions fun..I just finished binge watching House of Cards which I enjoyed (though I thought it lacked nuance unlike my other favorite shows) so I enjoyed the fact that she liked it as well.. And also that she likes Mad Men (and John Slatterly) which is one of my favorite shows..:D

    • Ms. Vermeire has altered the rules to take into consideration that some people aren’t on Facebook, and no amount of perfume will make them change their mind about that site. LOL. You can follow on Twitter, instead. 🙂 You’re entered in the drawing, dear Lavanya. Good luck!

  22. I loved your questions and Neela’s responses! My favorite thing was finding out that you and she both love Bukhara in New Dehli. I also was fortunate it to try it and adored it! I hope she comes to Houston sometime and you two can visit Indika, seems right up her alley. Of course I already like her FB page and I would love to win either of these generous prizes (since I do have a US mailing address). Can’t wait to smell Ashoka!

    • Oh, another Bukhara fan! I almost ROLLED out of the restaurant like a wheel! And that was without trying their legenday, behemoth Na’an! I read that Arnold Schwartzenegger ordered it when he went, which I can totally see, but for normal humans, it’s too much. Bill Clinton seemed to enjoy the restaurant too, which is very typical. lol. As for Indika, I think she’d like it, but Neela’s standards for Indian fod may be too high even for such an acclaimed restaurant as that. Still, it’s Nouveau Indian Haute Cuisine, so maybe.

      You’re in and entered, my dear! Lucky U.S. address. 😀

  23. Hello ! I found interesting that one her favourite fragrances is my fav too ! I am talking about Chanel No. 22 !

  24. “The perfume should make one “feel”/emote…”

    That sums it well for me. A perfume transforms me to a different place. A cloak that I wear… and I think of the Neela samples, I have tried…. they are very bright and happy scents. What department store scents aspire. She gets it. So, I could theorectically wear one of her scents and remember the sound and smell of a beach, beaches that I have travelled.

    Beyond all of that, I adore adore adore your blog… I feel more intelligent reading them and they of course, validate my purchases (Dior Mitzah, large bottle, anyone???)/

    • Hahahaha, Mitzah in the LARGE — LARGE?!! — bottle! My God, I bow down at your feet in awe! My kind of perfumista!

      Ooops, I suppose I should welcome you to the blog first, TeriW. Sorry, the large bottle of Mitzah totally distracted me. 😛 I agree, Ms. Vermeire’s fragrances are special and different. You’re entered to win. Good luck!

  25. What an awesomely generous giveaway! I really enjoyed the interview! Neela’s list of favorite TV shows had me laughing because it read like a list of my mothers favorite shows! Especially Borgen, Wallander and The Bridge! 😀

  26. I quite enjoyed learning about the things that she loves aside from perfume. I, also, love Poirot 🙂 This is a super duper giveaway. I am quite anxious to smell Ashoka. I am drawn to the idea of a perfume that is both powerful and gentle.

    • Hi, EchoCharlie, and welcome to the blog. LOVE your name! You’re entered in the drawing at #25. Good luck! And may Ze Little Grey Cells always triumph over evil. 😉

  27. Her fragrances are as vibrant in color as the country they represent. I also love that she lived in many different places, which is a great way to get inspiration for new creations. Neela is a beautiful and kind soul. Thank you so much for this wonderful draw.

  28. i was especially interested in the food comments…we have those oysters and champagne in common….although i live by a far more affordable brand! will make it a point to hunt down some of that better champagne for a very special occasion! thanks for all your answers…enquiring minds want to know!

    • You’re very welcome, Deb. It’s always great to see another foodie! 🙂 I haven’t had oysters (let alone good oysters) for such a while, as I don’t quite trust the waters of the very contaminated Gulf near where I live. I hope you manage to track down that champagne. You’re entered in the drawing. Good luck!

  29. Please enter me in the lovely draw. I was actually reading the interview while watching The Bridge. I enjoyed reading about “sandalwood paste” and other scents of her childhood — it’s the long-ago fragrances that inform our good-smelling present.

    • What coincidental timing that you were watching The Bridge! Great show, isn’t it? And I agree, the scents of our past definitely impact the aromas we’re drawn to as an adult. 🙂 You’re entered, Lisa. Good luck!

  30. I am delighted to see this line expanding. I think Neela has a wonderful vision, a taste-level beyond compare, and a generous heart. The food portion left me craving oysters (sadly out of season right now in my area) and I want to seek out the champagne she mentions. I wish her every success and wait for each new release with anticipation. Thank you for the draw!

    • Hi Brooke! Welcome to the blog. I’ve become obsessed with oysters now too, as it’s been ages since I had any (let alone any good ones). Do you have a favorite NVC creation? You’re entered in the drawing. Good luck! 🙂

  31. What a generous giveaway and great interview! I loved reading about Neela’s favorite perfumes and her interest in vintage perfume hunting! She’s like so many of us.

  32. Oh my goodness! What a generous treat of a giveaway! I have been fascinated with learning more about Neela Vermeire since I received my sample of Bombay Bling about a month ago. I find the fragrance intoxicatingly shimmery, bright and unique.

    What I enjoyed most about your article, outside of learning about her diverse background, is that I was really able to get a feel about her personality. I find her quiet inspiring. She doesn’t skimp on time, materials, ideals, or the people who help make her creations come to life. And it’s all truly reflective in her craft.

    • Hi Sue, welcome to the blog! I’m so glad you got a sense of who she is as a person. And I very much agree, she doesn’t skimp on using the best materials in her fragrances. (That real, genuine Mysore sandalwood!) You’re entered in the drawing. Good luck! 🙂

  33. What a fun interview. What I enjoyed most was being able to eavesdrop in the planning process of the perfumes. The way that ideas and themes can be developed into reflective scents. Please enter me in the giveaway drawing, thank you so much!

    • Hi ElizabethC, welcome. Isn’t it cool to see how perfume is planned, developed, and translated into reality? 🙂 You’re entered in the drawing. Good luck!

  34. what a wonderful, well written article (like all of yours, anyway)….I like where she says she doesn’t have a signature fragrance…always experimenting. That’s me to a “t”…always looking for the HG! 🙂

  35. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. The fact that she did so on her vacation time and without an y grudge is indicative of a warm soul. The perfume sound amazing.

    • The fact that she didn’t throttle me for having so many questions is equally amazing! *grin* I’m very glad to see you here, Steve, and you’re entered. Good luck, my dear!

  36. As always, your reviews are in depth and and cover all facets of the subject! Mohur is a favorite of mine, and my heart skipped a beat when I read that there will be an extrait!!!
    To sample food from all over the world would be fabulous. Miss Vermeire could certainly be my guide to all those incredible foods! Throughout the interview, you could feel her passion.
    Excellent read!

    • So lovely to see you again, Debbie! I was just thinking of you a few days ago, as I was testing a fragrance that I’d gotten from you!

      I’m so glad to hear you’re a fan of Mohur. You’re entered in the drawing at #35! If you win, you have to let me know what you think of the Extrait. 🙂

  37. Dear Kafka! Wow! Such a generous drawing. I’m glad the rules changed regarding following via Facebook (it’s my internet Iso-E Super…it is everywhere). I already follow Neela on Twitter. Although I already commented yesterday, one of the things I did not mention was that picture of macarons was so mouthwatering I decided to take my 2 remaining macarons from the freezer, warmed them up slightly and polished them off in 2 bites each!

    • Hahahaha, Facebook as ISO E Super! I choked on my coffee when I read that! Utterly priceless. *grin* I shall henceforth think of Facebook as ISO E Supercrappy, as the always amusing SultanPasha calls the latter. You’re entered, sweetpea. Good luck!

  38. Reading about the process and inspirations behind Ms. Vermiere’s creations was fascinating, but I must confess my favorite part of the interview was learning about her television watching preferences–her list included several past and present favorites of mine (The Shield, Homeland) as well as shows I’d like to discover (Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men) and made her seem less an icon of modern perfumery and more like a flesh-and-blood person I could relate to. Delightful!

    I follow NVC on Twitter (as @nanibrowneyes) and am in the US.

    • Welcome, Lizzy! I always love having another television addict around; it makes me feel less alone. 😀 Homeland is amazing! Have you seen The Americans on F/X? I hate to feel disloyal to Damian Lewis (love him!), but I think The Americans just inches out Homeland in terms of espionage suspense and very powerful, moving, forceful acting. I highly, highly recommend it! You’re entered in the drawing! Good luck! 🙂

  39. i was ho-hum-ing about entering this giveaway since i was going to purchase the discovery set anyway, but a full bottle of mohur… i must try my luck!! ;^) i already mentioned many things i loved about ms vermeire’s interview in the previous post, but i wanted to add that i loved the section about how neela and duchaufour chose notes to reflect aspects of ashoka – both the question and the answer! i love how they decided to translate his transformation from bloodthirsty warrior to compassionate ruler with strong top notes seguing into a gentle drydown – that’s so clever! i find that many perfumes that claim to be “inspired” by such and such bear no resemblance to the supposed inspiration at all – so i love that they clearly put thought into all aspects of the perfume.

    (re: your comment in the previous section, true about niche vs vintage perfumes!! but i do also feel intimidated by the amount of research one must do to buy vintage perfumes – plus no thrift shops here, and whenever i read about somebody finding a bottle of jicky extrait for a dollar in goodwill i get indescribably jealous 😉 bois de violette is on my very, very long to-try list)

    • Who can resist a full bottle of any fantastic perfume, let alone an NVC one?! I’m so glad you entered, Julia. As for Ashoka, I’m with you, the symbolic transformation of Emperor via perfume notes was extremely clever. I love it when perfume is a solid, concrete representation of abstract ideas, and when symbolism comes alive.

      As for vintage fragrance, the stories of people finding treasures in thrift stores or Goodwill are certainly true. But they sure as hell never happen to ME! LOL. So, I share your envy of their good fortune, and I can also understand how intimidating the amount of research can be. Some good places to start are, obviously, the perfume blogs that really devote heart and soul to vintage fragrances, and relying on photos in threads on such places as Basenotes or Fragrantica. The threads often have every bottle variation compiled in one place, like for Opium. It’s still a lot of work, but it can be done.

      My suggestion to you: set up an eBay notification for “vintage fragrance” and when you come across an entry that is very affordable, and you like the notes that you see on Fragrantica, then take the plunge. If it’s $10-$25, it’s not such an investment and, worse comes to worse, you can re-sell it. I also advise joining various perfume groups on Facebook and elsewhere, and seeing if you can buy samples of some vintage stuff from other members (who are likely to be happy to just send you a tiny vial). It will give you the chance to explore and test, without a huge financial commitment. Vintage really is that worth it because of the difference in ingredients, their strength, their quality, but also, because of how some of those essences often aren’t even allowed in perfumery any more in a natural way. (Ie, musk, castoreum, civet.) I hope that helps. 🙂 And you’re entered in the drawing, btw, at #38.

  40. The entire interview was really well done, and I found interesting how important the chakra is in the whole concept and execution of Ashoka, even down to the 24 ridges on the new bottle. There’s something incredibly warm about Neela. I am so glad that she is enjoying success in her work.

    • Hi Taffy, thank you for stopping by. I’m glad you found the interview interesting. You’re right the symbolic use of the chakra throughout the brand’s execution and even packaging of the fragrance is very cleverly done. 🙂 You’re entered in the draw. Good luck!

  41. Ah! Mohur is at the very top of my full bottle wishlist! I have drained three samples!

    I love all of Neela’s perfumes, they are truly remarkable. Great interview, she and I own almost all of the same perfumes! I’m not surprised that she loves Bois de Iles. She has a great attitude as well.

    I have already liked her FB page, but I am not on Twitter.

  42. Neela sounds as interesting as her perfumes! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this brand before. So glad I found this post!

      • Sorry not to get back to you earlier. I hit to get all follow up comments so I didn’t get through them till now.
        I have a lot to say. First, I’d never seen your blog before and I love perfume! So that was a great discovery.
        Next, I’m working on doing more creative stuff (writing, a new company, videos..) after doing finance for years. I’m finding a very similar experience to Neela’s …in that inspiration for new ideas and creations comes from a mix of our past and sensual – kind of – prods. I’ve gotten a lot more into makeup (colors) and scents (moods and memories) as I do this work so her creation process was very visual to me. And, my dad used to travel to India a lot when I was a child…bringing back comic books and dolls…of the various gods and folk stories…so she invoked some of those memories discussing Ashoka. And I’m also very into yoga and have visited India so the scents and memories of what she discussed felt visual…and I think spurred some creativity in my own mind. We draw from everything…
        Scents to me really are moods and memories and what I wear reflects that for the day…be it an intention or an unconscious choice. I will definitely check out the collection…I saw it on one site but not the sampler. Looking through the comments I saw you mentioned the site with the sampler.
        And, I just finished a yoga teacher training class…which was more spiritual than physical. My teacher spent years in India and was even a monk there for a while. Lot’s of incense and stuff…so her discussion of specific scents and memories recalled some of that. It all just ties in…creatively…as you can see…sort of hard to describe. But I loved it all!
        And all the scents sound amazing! I just wouldn’t even know which one to order…so I’m glad she’s offering a sampler. I wish the line was more broadly available…maybe soon right?
        Thanks for the blog, giveaway and interviews!

        • Dear Megan, first, you poor thing getting all those replies or posts in your email box! 😉 lol. Second, NVC perfumes are available for purchase from Luckyscent which carries the full bottles. However, their samples are significantly more expensive than ordering them directly from NVC Perfumes itself where Neela gives just under 2 ml each for about €21 or so. As for the perfume’s availability, like all high-end niche fragrances, it won’t be found in places like Macy’s or Sephora, but it isn’t actually so hard to track down if you’re really interested. The thing is that a lot of people don’t really know about niche fragrances in general, which is one thing I hope to correct with the blog. They are generally (not always, but generally) in a whole other class from the scents that are mass-marketed and mass-produced.

          I’m so happy for you that you’re changing paths to do what you love most of all. From Finance to more creative stuff …. it’s a drastic transition and can’t be hard, but I fully relate. I left Law after years (of loathing it), so I know where you’re coming from. In terms of which of the NVC fragrances would work best for you, it really depends on your perfume tastes thus far. I like intense, mega glam, diva scents and Orientals, so for me Trayee (a fiery Oriental) is my favorite, then the new Mohur Extrait. Those who like more harmoniously gentle, soothing fragrances would probably go for the new Ashoka. People who adore fruity-florals or more cheerfully joyful scents go for Bombay Bling which is consistently described as Prozac in a bottle. Mohur is the over-looked middle sister (kinda like Jan on the Brady Bunch, if you know the reference) but she’s beautiful in a very refined, quiet, almost soulfully melancholic way with the violets and iris. Soft and sensitive.

          If you don’t win, hopefully that synopsis (or any of my full reviews on the individual scents), should give you an idea of what to try. For someone who is as spiritual as you, into India, and into the emotionality of fragrances, Neela Vermeire Creations are perhaps one of the most deeply emotional fragrances that I’ve tried and something you should definitely explore. I think they will speak to you and your soul in a way that perhaps some other perfumes may not.

          Either way, I deeply admire that you’re following your dreams and are pursuing what’s within, even if Finance is an easier proposition in some ways. I really wish you the absolute BEST of luck in whatever you do! 🙂

          • I actually liked seeing the comments. You get more of a dialogue going on your blog. I never knew about vintage fragrances! And, as for these smaller and more high end fragrances…I only learned about them recently when I stopped by Neiman Marcus to return a gift and was given a few samples of Ramon Monegal. They are so different! I will check out these scents…whether I win or not…because I think you’re right in that they fit my mood, influences and life right now. We need to embrace what inspires us at any given moment, right!?
            I went to law school too! But never practiced! Doing something – risky – that’s more creative is definitely a little frightening but it’s also so rewarding (don’t you agree?). Anyway, I plan on using your blog for inspiration. Now, I’m going for a run. Thanks!!!

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  44. Besides hearing the inspirations behind the fragrances (which I never tire), I loved to hear Neela’s tastes in television. Just like mine!

  45. Hi!
    First at all, I want say that the only scent I have tried from NVC is Bombay Bling. And it was a shock! Like Neela I normally hate fruity scents, I have discovered this in the interview…and..she has managed to create the only and amazing floral-fruity scent that I have ever liked. I just had 2ml , now finished 🙁 ,and I now know that it is the perfect scent to wear when I am a bit depressed.
    Another thing I have liked in this interview is the passion that Neela has for the French cuisine. I live in Spain and I teach French so….France is my loved country and its food and wine of course! I would like to share with Neela some “petits vignerons de champagne” as I see she also apreciate them ( Larmandier Bernier, Egly Ouriet…., mmm).
    Well, I have discovered a passionated woman who likes the pleasures of life.

    • A foodie who lives in beautiful Spain, teaches French, and appreciates perfume — where have you been all this time, Merlinasil?! 😉 🙂 Well, you’re here now, and you’re entered in the drawing. You know, you’re not the only one who considers it an anti-depressant in a bottle. A lot of people do. And I think that mango note is quite intoxicating. Hopefully, you’ll win and get to replace your sample of Bombay Bling with another vial. But, you know, if you don’t normally like fruity florals, I would love for you to get the chance to try some of the others from her line. If you’re a rose woman, Mohur will steal your heart away. So, again, good luck! 🙂 And thanks for stopping by!

      • Thank you for welcoming me! I’ll try to smell all NVC….if I can! Perhaps the reason why I love Bombay Bling….is because my favoutite fruit is mango! But I like a lot of fruit that I hate to see in perfumes. Then , the good reason because this one is so good is because Neela and Duchaufour are genious!
        I wish a nice day to all of you!

  46. big fan of your blog! i particularly enjoyed reading neela’s list of her favorite perfumes and scents – as well as the notes that she doesn’t find appealing; i think we share similar tastes!

    • Hi AmyD, welcome to the blog and thank you so much for your kind words. If you share similar tastes to Neela, then you’ll probably fall for her personal favorite from the NVC line (though she’ll never admit it) which is Mohur. It’s really lovely. You’re entered, so good luck, and check back next Monday for the results. 🙂

  47. Fabulous interview with Neela and amazing to know that her two favourite Chocolatier’s are my favourites too – Pierre Marcolini + Patrick Roger. I can remember when Patrick Roger constructed a giant Chocolate ape, where he brought the Choco ape in by forklift truck and had to remove part of his shopfront, so that he could sit the Choco ape in the window of his Paris store.

    • Seriously, a giant chocolate ape being forklifted in?! How I would have loved to have seen that! How funny! I think I have to go Google this now to see if there are photos to go along with the visuals in my mind. LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Chris, and you’re entered in the drawing! 🙂

  48. Thanks for a great interview and draw! I’m from Sweden and it was fun reading that Neela likes Nordic television series :-). I’ve liked NVC on FB.

  49. I’m dying over this giveaway. Mohur is one of my favorite scents, and I would love get my hands on the sample of Mohur Extrait, not to mention Ashoka.
    I found her description of how the scent forms from an idea to be interesting. Also, I find her start in law and switch to perfumery interesting as well. All in all, the interview was a great read.
    Oh please, random generator, please pick me! 😉

    • Both your comments somehow ended up in the Spam Folder, which is crazy as you’re a regular reader and your comments have been approved in the past. Silly WordPress! Just as well, I always go through that folder and don’t just check “Delete” automatically. LOL. You’re in, dear Kelli! Good luck, hun.

      BTW, if Mohur is one of your all-time favorite scents, I think the Extrait version would probably make you fall to your knees….. I’m not kidding. 😀

  50. I think I have to like a woman who has lived in my birthplace (Aberdeen) and like Chanel 22.

    Plus she admits to loving food. What’s not to like.

    I often wonder how living in different places/climates affects your sense of smell. Does a perfume smell better in a cooler climate or a warmer one? How much does a person’s body temperature affect the fragrance?

    • Hi 50 and Counting, I think the question of climates and temperatures on perfume is a fascinating one, and something I’ve tried to test a few times. It would be great if there were actual studies done on it because I think perfume really does change depend on things like humidity because the molecules at the base or top get affected. The top ones are smaller, so they have to evaporate faster in the heat! Some people think that even body chemistry (like a woman going through menopause) can have an impact on how a scent manifests itself.

      Anyway, you’re entered. Don’t forget to Like NVC perfumes on Facebook! 🙂

  51. I don’t have a Facebook, but I follow NVC on Twitter. I was excited to find out how many television series her and I have in common like Mad Men and The Killing. I was also very happy to know the date of Ashoka’s release as I plan on getting my hands on a sample as soon as it is available. I have tried and and been blown away by every fragrance in the line and look forward to future creations.

    • Hi, Ashley, welcome to the blog. Actually, wait, I think you’re a long-time follower. Ooops, sorry. 😀 Do you have a favorite from the line thus far? You’re entered in the drawing. Good luck!

      • Haha no worries! I have tried to pick a favorite from the line for such a long time, but it always changes. Bombay Bling was my first love from the line, at the time I had dismissed the other two as they didn’t seem quite seem my style (it’s hard for us teen girls to resist our fruity florals, before I started reading fragrance blogs about two years ago my favorite fragrance was Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton lol). Then one foggy morning I randomly decided to spritz on Trayee and could not stop smelling myself. It is truly a fragrance like no other. Mohur took me the longest to “understand”, but once I did, it became my current favorite so that’s the sample I’ve been wearing the most lately. I plan on purchasing the 10ml discovery set soon but I’m going to wait until Ashoka is released so that I can decide whether I should wait until late autumn for the set that includes it. By the way, your blog is just phenomenal!

        • Awww, thank you for the very sweet compliment, Ashley. And thank you for taking the time to chart your perfume journey with the original NVC trio. I’m fascinated that Mohur was the one that you struggled with the longest, and not Trayee which is the one that some people initially find quite “fierce.” I’ve always had the impression that Mohur is the most approachable one for many people when they are first starting to explore the scents, or perhaps Bombay Bling. How cool that it went from being the most difficult to understand to being your current favorite. HURRAH! 🙂 By the way, to go from Paris Hilton two years ago, to Trayee today (a scent that some very experienced perfumistas find to be super complex) is a huge, huge statement about your perfume tastes and perfume maturity. It’s extremely impressive, and I’m completely blown away!! I can’t wait to see where you will be in two years from now! 🙂

  52. I’ve never tried any Neela Vermeire’s perfumes but the whole blogosphere is stunned with Trayee, Mohur and Bombai Bling, and Ashoka will do it again for sure…I’m just starting to explore mr. Duchaufour’s work.
    It can be silly, but my favorite part of the interviews with a perfumer or similar is always this question: “What was your earliest perfume memory?”, the answer is, usually, the grandma’s perfume or, like in mss. Vermeire’s case, the smell of a place, and you can see how always this first perfume memory is still present in the perfumer’s work

    Thank you for this awesome draw!

    • Hi, Joaquim, welcome to the blog. I think Ashoka will be a huge hit, but I think it would be fun for you to explore the existing trio as well as a Duchaufour fan. They’re all very different from each other, and with a very distinct identity. I hope you get a chance to try them. Good luck with the drawing. You’re entered at #48. 🙂

  53. I relived my big dream of creating perfumes while reading Neela,s interview. Especialy when she mentions sandalwood, incense, tea and jasmine, it reminded me of Durga Puja. In fact I grew up in a Tamil Brahmin household (and spent the first five years of my life i Calcutta) and instead of tea it is coffee for me, nevetheless it reignited my passion for my dream perfume. I have nowhere near travelled the world as Neela and therefore it gladdens my heart that she has created these wonderful pefumes. I am excited to enter this contest and would be so thrilled to death if I win. Thank you Neela, and if I ever get to make my own perfume surely you will get the giveaway. God bless.

    • Awww, this was the loveliest reply of all. Really, it was so beautiful to read, and I will send it to Ms. Vermeire. I’m sure she will be as touched as I was, Lakshmi. I really, really hope you get to explore the perfumes, whether by winning the giveaway or by ordering samples from Surrender to Chance (which now carries the original trio). If you don’t win, I hope you will look up Surrender to Chance and order the vials. I’ve been to India, and Trayee really, really transported me back like few things have done. It’s utterly glorious, and so damn sexy!

      You’re entered in the drawing. Don’t forget to “Like” NVC perfumes on Facebook or to follow on Twitter! 🙂

  54. I liked the NVC Facebook page and had already read the interview. I was amused and interested to read that she doesn’t like fruity scents as a general thing. I have been avoiding Bombay Bling because I don’t generally like fruity florals, but clearly it’s time for me to broaden my thinking.

    • Hi FeralJasmine, welcome to the blog. I love your name! I don’t generally like fruity florals, either, but Bombay Bling is very well done. Do you have a favorite out of the other two? If you haven’t tried then line, then I hope you get the chance to do so. You’re entered in the drawing, so good luck! 🙂

  55. I love that she has two advanced degrees but has chosen instead to follow her passion for scent. That takes guts and drive!

    • It definitely does! Perfumery is not an easy field at all, but one always has to follow one’s heart and passions, I think. 🙂 Welcome to the blog, Liz, and you’re entered in the drawing. Don’t forget to like Neela Vermeire Creations on Facebook or Twitter. Good luck, and stop by next Monday for the results. 🙂

  56. I can’t see my post from earlier and I really don’t want to miss out on this giveaway! Mohur is one of my favorite scents, and getting my hands on a bottle, along with the new scents, sounds like heaven.
    I enjoyed Ms. Vermeire’s description of creating a scent. So many things in life seem to start as one thing, but then morph into something else. I also love that she is obviously well-educated and loves perfumes.

    • Silly WordPress somehow suddenly decided to classify you as a Spammer. Don’t ask me why. I had to fish your comment out of the Spam folder next to a lengthy thing in Japanese and a lot of ads for Gucci and LV knock-offs. heh. You’re in and entered into the drawing, my dear. Good luck! 🙂

    • History nerds are the BEST! (I say that with complete bias and personal subjectivity. *grin*) You’re entered, Molly, and don’t forget to Like Neela Vermeire Creations on Facebook or Twitter. Good luck with the drawing! 🙂

  57. I love that she collects vintage perfumes and i hope she will always place quality above everything.

    • I agree, Dzing!ly. Welcome to the blog. You’re entered in the drawing, but don’t forget to like NVC perfumes on FB or Twitter, if you haven’t already. Good luck, and stop by next Monday for the results. 🙂

  58. Thank you for a great interview and an amazing draw! Delighted to learn that Neela is a film buff and a foodie. Those New Delhi restaurant tips spawned a new lemming and made me miss India so much! 🙂

    • Hi, Ella, welcome to the blog. I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview. If you haven’t had the chance to try some of her very acclaimed, award-nominated scents that far, I think that they would definitely take you back to India once you do. They really are like India in a bottle. They make me miss India myself. 🙂 I hope you get the chance to try them. You’re entered in the drawing. Don’t forget to Like the NVC Parfums site on FB or Twitter, if you haven’t already. 🙂

  59. What a wonderful interview. I just adore Neela and her fragrances. I’m on pins and needles waiting for the 23rd. I was fortunate enough to get to sample Ashoka recently and it’s a beautiful addition to her line.

    • Hi Drew Z, welcome to the blog. So, based on your early sniffing thus far, do you think Ashoka will rule your heart, or is there one of her original trio that you love above all else? For me, nothing had the chance of unseating Trayee as my absolute favorite, until I smelled the upcoming Mohur Extrait….. WOWZER! I’m afraid Trayee may just be edged out, just by a nose. 😉 You’re entered in the drawing. Good luck, and stop by next Monday for the results.

  60. For me the most mindblowing thing about her life is how many cultures it encompasses. From Kalkutta to the US to England/Scotland and then Paris? That’s a true cosmopolitan and citizen of the world.

    • She definitely is! Thank you, Anneri, you’re entered in the drawing. Don’t forget to Like Neela Vermeire Creations on FB or Twitter, and to stop by next Monday for the name of the two winners! Good luck! 🙂

  61. i must begin by saying that i have been SO eagerly awaiting Ashoka i can’t see straight! i was delighted by thought of Ms Vermeire’s earliest fragrance memories as well as her description of a favorite meal. YUM.

  62. I didn’t know that Neela had lived in Scotland.. she is so well-travelled! I am already following her on Twitter, and my favorite scent of hers is Mohur – would love to try the extrait version! And of course Ashoka.

  63. Lovely interview. I liked seeing that Ms Vermeire is not a fan of heavy patchouli and very sweet gourmand fragrances. This makes me conclude she and Duchaufur will avoid these in their creations. Please enter my chance in the drawing.

  64. I was surprised, but also unsurprised, to find out that Neela does not like fruity notes. Surprised because Bombay Bling is all about the mango! But the more I think about it, I think that it could only be as well-done and perfectly presented as it is if you had someone who doesn’t normally gravitate towards fruity notes. I don’t know if that makes any sense . . .

    In any case, I am already following Neela (and you!) on twitter and live in the US! Thank you both for the amazingly generous draw!

    • It makes perfect sense, Baconbiscuit. If one struggles with a note, one can usually treat it in a way that would be great for others with similar issues. It’s treated with care, caution, and the perfect about of finesse or balance, so that it can shine even for those who normally don’t like that sort of note. 🙂 It’s a very astute observation, hun!

      You’re entered in the drawing. Good luck!

  65. Thanks, Kafka, for a wonderful interview. I enjoyed reading that Neela likes macaroons, as we just got a French-style macaroon bakery here and even though I am not really a foodie, they are my current obsession. I am planning on buying myself a bottle of either Trayee, Mohur or Ashoka for my birthday, just trying to figure out which one I must have first. I’m in the US.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, dear Nancy. As a point of clarification, I think Neela only likes dark chocolate. I’m not sure about the macarons, but they certainly caught my eye when I checked the website of one of her favorite chocolatiers. 🙂 You’re entered in the drawing, but let me know what you think of Ashoka even if you get a sample elsewhere. Personally, I see you as a Trayee girl, but then, you do love your milky notes, too!

  66. The gowns in the pictures above are exsquisite-I think i would like Mohur best if i had to choose. If the fragrance is anything like those beautiful gowns, oh my gosh. What a wonderful prize to win-so generouse. Thanks for the chance.

  67. Alas, I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, but best of luck to your less anti-social readers. It’s a very generous giveaway, and Neela Vermeire certainly has excellent taste. (John Slattery! And baroque opera!)

  68. Crawling out of the woodwork again. You have the best draws. Thank you in advance. I have been wanting to try Neela’s line but pale at the prices; not because they aren’t worth it (my favorite juices are pricey), but because I have to accept the reality that I have champagne taste on a social worker’s salary. To answer your questions: for some reason, and I don’t know why I should care, but I liked reading that some of her go to favorite scents of the past are ones that I have in my collection like, Iris 39 and fleur de Cassie. Unlike Neela though, I love patchouli in all its iterations. I also assumed, and this is pretty judgmental of me, that Neela must

  69. It’s hard not to gush about Neela Vermeire. Her perfumes touch me viscerally and emotionally. She’s managed to tap into archetypes with her vision, and, at the same time, has a brilliant sense of humor and authentic personality. It was fabulous to read her list of favorite perfumes, too; I have always wondered which one she loves.
    I found the whole interview really engaging and fun, most especially the discussion about Ashoka. What a generous draw! I’m eagerly awaiting the Mohur extrait and Ashoka. Thank you so much.

  70. This interview with Neela Vermeire was just fascinating. I really enjoyed reading about the cuisine she enjoys. Her fine taste is reflected in all aspects of her life! I also, of course, found her vintage perfume collection interesting. Thanks so much for the interview and the generous draw. I am located in the U.S.

    • Hi Holly F, thank you so much for stopping by. I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview! 🙂 You’re on the list at #68. Good luck and check back Monday for the names of the winners. 🙂

  71. I love how Ms. Vermeire is so down to earth and she loves the Sopranos and the Good Wife. I really want to try Ashoka as well as Trayee and Mohur as I have only sampled Bombay Bling. Thank you for the oppurtunity!!

  72. Something I noticed from the interview is that while I also like all the notes that she does, I only really love about half of her favorites. Huh… Also, I’m very glad that she doesn’t have a signature scent. Thanks for the very generous draw.

    P.S. This blog is new to me, but I like it, and I’ll be following it from now on.

    • I’m very glad, LaurenW, that you’ll be sticking around. 🙂 I found your comment about the notes vs. the perfumes to be interesting. I suspect that you may not like powdery scents? Some of the ones on her list (from Guerlain, at least) are quite powdery in my view, so I’m guessing that’s why you may not like some of her favorites? Or maybe that’s just me? LOL! (I don’t like iris or powdery scents.)

      You’re entered in the draw at #70. Good luck!

  73. Wowow! New here and quite late…but better late than never!

    The things that struck me the most we’re her favorite notes and the food porn(Duh!) I noticed that the smells of her childhood are directly related to her favorite notes. Sandalwood, the sambac(common flower there), and resins(that’s what’s used for incense right?). I guess childhood is really the most important time for us, since it shapes what sort of persons we’re mostly likely to be. Like since you hated the lavender when you were a kid, Kaskasque, your not much of a fan of lavender.

    I second the notion that Asian food is the best. I may be a bit biased since I’m Asian, but when I compare our everyday foods, I simply can’t help but pity people who don’t eat Asian food. Although French food comes quite close! (:

    I have a US address. Thanks so much NVC and Kaf(Can I call you that? I haven’t really memorized your name…)! 😀

    • Resins are actually the tree sap goo that end up being the basis for amber scents, but you’re very right about everything else, Belle! And I completely agree that our childhood shapes the things we love or relate to as adults in terms of aromas or perfume! 🙂

      Please feel free to call me Kafka, Belle. Kaf may be a little too much of an abbreviation. lol! 😀 And you’re entered in the drawing! Winners will be announced Monday. Good luck!

  74. I “Like” Neela Vermeire Créations’ Facebook Page & loved reading that she wears Mohur frequently, that’s my favorite one of her line.

  75. well anyone who goes straight to my favourite nose – BD – and follows through with that guidance to realize their own vision has got to be respected. i like the way the interview flows – casual yet covering a lot of ground, even food (always interesting!). i’m intrigued by the rather philosophical regard in which fig is presented in an indian cultural/religious context; it’s always great when the scent you wear can invoke those sort of grander connotations. they sound solid yet quite fun – i look forward to checking them out. as usual, well done k

    • You’re in and entered in the drawing at #74! Results will be posted tomorrow, Tim. Don’t forget to “Like” the NVC page on Facebook or Twitter. If you don’t win, I hope you will try to get samples of the fragrances from NVC because I really think you’d be blown away by Trayee!

  76. I really love that her redesigned bottle and her logo were inspired by Emporer Ashoka. And I appreciate the remeberence of her first scents like insence and candles.

    Xx Brianna.

      • Oops! I thought WordPress didn’t publish my comment so I made another below. Thanks though! Sorry!

        Xx Brianna.

  77. I really love and appreciate that her redesigned bottle and logo are inspired by Emporer Ashoka. It just goes to show how ingrained the Emporers actions and system of running India are. I also connect with the memories of her fist scents like sandalwood (my grandpas aftershave), and incense at my local church and candles I made at home with my mom and cousins.

    Xx Brianna

  78. I loved reading that Ashoka the perfume was created to reflect Ashoka the emperor: not just in imagery and notes, but also in the transformation of both (the fierce opening and gentle drydown of the perfume mirroring the emperor’s youth and eventual enlightenment into a compassionate, peaceful Buddhist ruler).

    …Not to mention the fig notes! I absolutely adore fig.

    (This is my first time commenting here, though I’ve been lurking for some time…)

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