Perfume: Sample Sales In Time For Mother’s Day & May Codes

Two of the big U.S. perfume decanting/sample sites are having short sales in time for Mother’s Day, and I thought I’d share the codes and details.


I don’t usually use The Perfumed Court, but the site has a 20% off sale for two days: May 6th and May 7th. However, the sale applies ONLY to specific listed houses. A note at the start: shipping from The Perfume Court seems to have been reduced as I see it is now listed as $2.95 for domestic orders below $100 (I’m pretty sure it was more before). International shipping is $9.95 to Canada for orders below $100, and $9.95 to all other international destinations for orders below $50. International orders that total $50-$100 is $16.95 (which is more than Surrender to Chance’s $12.95). Prices go up from there.

Again, the sale is only for TWO DAYS — May 6th and 7th — and the relevant information on the discount code and applicable perfume brands is listed below:

Save 20%
Coupon code:  ILOVEMOM
Offer Valid: May 6th – May 7th, exprires 5/7/13 11:59pm EST Valid only for listed perfume houses

Every fragrance from over 75 manufacturers is on sale! Don’t miss out on this huge savings opportunity!

A Lab on Fire
Alice & Peter
Antonia’s Flowers
Ava Lux
Bois 1920
Carolina Herrera
Czech & Speake
D.S. & Durga
Dolce & Gabbana¹ 
Donna Karen
Hilde Soliani
Histoires des Parfums
Honore des Pres

¹Velvet Collection only
²Recolte Harvest fragrances only
Hutieme Art Parfums
I Coloniali
Ines de la Fressange
Jacomo Art
Jean-Charles Brosseau
Jil Sander
Juicy Couture
Kat Von D
Keiko Mecheri
L’Wren Scott
La Perla
Lady Gaga
Laura Mercier
Le Labo
Lorenzo Villoresi
Lucky Scent Decennial
M. Micallef
Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier
Majda Bekkali
Marc Jacobs
Miller Harris
Mor Cosmetics
Naomi Goodsir
Neela Vermiere
Nest Fragrances
Oliver & Co
Olivier Durbano
Parfum d’Empire
Parfums de Nicolai
Parfums de Rosine
Pascale Morabito
Profumum Roma
Sinfonia de Notte
Strange Invisible Perfumes
Tesori di Oriente
The Different Company
Ulrich Lang
YS Uzac

Surrender to Chance is doing something different. It’s more of a gift card issue with some store credit being given back to your account in June. The deal runs through MAY 10th. However, I also have the discount codes for May for anyone who doesn’t yet have a Surrender to Chance account and who may therefore not have gotten the newsletter. Here are the the full details on everything being offered:

I don’t like to show up empty handed on Mother’s Day.  Perfume is always a great gift any time, but it’s difficult to know exactly what mom would like.  I know some moms have their fragrance that everyone buys. Surely she might be wanting something new.

Every mom is different in what they like. Some moms want an uber-smokin’ perfume, some want something wildly feminine, some moms want a raspy leather, and others want something that smells natural or realistic.  That makes either a gift certificate or a perfume sample set a great gift for Mother’s Day.

We also think you should have a gift too.

Buy a Surrender to Chance Gift Certificate now for mom, for grandma, your aunt, best friend or, heck yeah, yourself through Friday, May 10 (midnight ET), and we’ll reward you with Chance Cash on June 3, 2013.

  • Buy a $50 gift certificate and get $5 Chance Cash on June 3, 2013
  • Buy a $100 gift certificate and get $15 chance Cash on June 3, 2013
  • Buy a $200 gift certificate and get $40 Chance Cash on June 3, 2013

You will need to have a Surrender to Chance account and use the code MOMANDME.

We recommend if you already have an account,  you should log out of your account (look at the top of the webpage to see the log out button) and log back in. If you don’t have an account, make sure to set one up on checkout so we can put your Chance Cash in on June 3.

You can purchase Gift Certificates on our website by clicking the link on  the very top menu or on the left side menu, or click here.

So you need some ideas for what to send mom. We’ve got some sample sets that should get you started that are great for spring.  

Flower Sample Sets for Mom 

Bouquet of Flowers for Mom – 12 samples for 25.99

Bouquet of Flowers – 20 samples for $64.99

Beginner’s Guided Walk through the Flower Garden – 12 samples for $26.99

White Florals – 7 samples for $14.99

Perfumes:  The A-Z Guide Best Floral Fragrances – 10 samples for $40.99

Want to introduce mom to niche perfumes?  Try a niche perfume sample set.  Or try a Beginner Classic & Niche sample set, or Note Introduction sample set.  

New to Store:

L’Artisan Caligna

Tauer Perfumes Noontide Petals

Jo Malone Osmanthus Blossom

Annick Goutal Neroli Les Cologne

Fragonard Muguet


 Discount Codes for May

5% off with code mayflowers

8% off orders totaling more than $75 with code maynotsnowagainuntiloctober (sorry, but this snow on May 1 has left me incredibly weary of snow)

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  1. Kafka,
    you are amazing….I can only imagine how long it took and the effort involved to put this all together with the links….thank you!

    • Actually, very few of those blue things are links, so I can take zero credit. I had copied the links from the email and posted them, but just received an indication that they weren’t going through due to WordPress’ issue on “unaffiliated links” or something to that effect. So, I took them all out except the Surrender to Chance ones which I manually inserted. There was no way I was going to link to 75 different perfume houses on the Perfume Court site at 2:40 a.m.! LOL. 😉 xoxox

      • yes but the sample sets on the bottom are linked and that took an effort on your part, right? Your readership (moi included) really appreciates this! and it looks like you and i are suffering the same fate of insomnia! 4am now and my fingers can barely type yet here I am!

  2. Great deals all around :-). I gifted myself to get 20% off at STC — gotta stretch those dollars and placed an order at The Perfumed Court. I had been waiting forever to order the Naomi Goodsir perfumes (based on reading Lucas’ review of Cuir Velours eventhough it really wasn’t for him.

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