Sale: “Surrender to Chance” Boxing Day Sale

If any of you are interested in trying out some perfume, the sample site Surrender to Chance is having a sale where everything is 20% off on Dec. 26th and 15% off on Dec. 27-28 with the applicable codes. The site has everything imaginable and the best shipping rates, in my opinion: $2.95 within the US (no matter how big or small your order), $5.95 to Canada or anywhere overseas on orders under $50, and just a little bit higher for orders over $50.

The information I received in the email provides the codes and states:

“We want to celebrate Boxing Day and thank you for all of your support this year.

Take 20% off with code boxing all day December 26, 2012 (midnight to midnight Eastern time)

Take 15% off with code snowflakes from December 27 and December 28, 2012 (midnight to midnight Eastern time).”


I hope you’ll ring in 2013 with some new perfume. So, go shop! 😀 And make sure you let me know what you got.

26 thoughts on “Sale: “Surrender to Chance” Boxing Day Sale

  1. Heh, as soon as I got the email from StC with the coupon code, I dropped my plans for going to bed and instead made a wishlist. Then, since I couldn’t sleep this morning, I placed an order. I may or may not have bought 22 things. 🙂

    • How long did it take to make that wishlist? LOL. My story was the same as yours: I was exhausted and thought of trying to turn in early. In fact, I was in bed when I got that email. I debated if I should just wait until morning to post the codes here. I decided everyone needed as much time and advanced notification as possible. So I got out of bed, posted it, and then thought, “I should just check a few things.” TWO HOURS LATER, I clicked that “Pay Now” button. *sigh* You know how I swore I wasn’t going to buy perfume until the New Year? It’s as if Surrender to Chance knew that I had cash in my wallet!

      So, 22 things….. do you want to share? 😀 I bet you decided to explore more of the Andy Tauer line!

      • Not too long! I had some vague ideas of what I knew I wanted to smell, and then going down the rabbit hole that is the BaseNotes forum, used some recommendations from there as well. I’m trying a bunch of Tom Ford’s stuff, just because I’m curious (even though quite a lot of people [including you, IIRC] seem to think many of them aren’t really worth the price they command). Also trying quite a few Hermes things which I’ve been curious about. I suppose those aren’t particularly off the beaten path, but whatever. Let me post the full list in a new comment, since for some reason I can’t see what I type after a certain point…

        • Amouage – Jubilation XXV Man
          Chanel – Bois des Iles (Les Exclusifs)
          Creed – Aventus; Erolfa; Green Irish Tweed [I had to see what the fuss is about Creed in general, and Green Irish Tweed in particular since people seem to be fanatical about Creed]
          Escentric Molecules – Molecule 01 (I just had to see what the deal is with this. This was definitely an impulse buy based on curiosity)
          Frederic Malle – L’Eau d’Hiver
          Hermes – Bel Ami, Eau D’Orange Verte, Eau de Pamplemousse Rose, Equipage, Un Jardin sur le Nil
          Histoires de Parfumes – 1725 (Casanova)
          L’Artisan – Dzing!
          Serge Lutens – Rose de Nuit, Arabie
          Tom Ford – Black Orchid, Tobacco Vanille, Tuscan Leather, Noire de Noire, Italian Cypress, Japan Noir
          I can’t wait to hear about the Andy Tauer things! L’air du Desert Marocain definitely made me want to try a lot more of his stuff, but I sadly didn’t indulge this order. However, I clearly have enough to keep me sniffing for a while!

          • Oh, and I’ll stop blowing up your blog with my inane comments, but I tried Azemour by Parfum d’Empire. I really loved it – I would definitely buy a full bottle (and maybe I should sooner rather than later since Oak Moss is an ingredient!). Very bright and happy, and would be especially nice in warm weather. It’s the essence of oranges (+ some grapefruit), but so much richer and deeper than simply that. (Actually, I feel like I already told you this, but maybe I just thought about it in my head last night that I wanted to tell you about it. Who knows, my memory is non-existent). Just a “yum” scent, and I don’t even like oranges all that much! 🙂

          • No, I’m glad you are. Don’t stop!!! Azemour sounds lovely. Hmmmmm…… I need to really delve into the Parfum d’Empire line. I started yesterday to tiptoe into new niche houses like Etat Libre d’Orange, Arquiste and Parfums de Nicolaii, but I want to focus on the Parfum d’Empires in detail at some point. Poor Oakmoss perfumes, they are so doomed. Is it easily available at places like Barney’s, Bergdorf’s, LuckyScent, BeautyHabitat, and how much is it?

          • I know LuckyScent and MiN New York have Azemour (unfortunately, those vendors don’t seem to have coupons beyond free shipping which…booooooo!). I have a *lot* on my wishlist from Etat Libre d’Orange. Many of them seem fascinating, but they also don’t seem to be things one would really “wear,” but more fun/intriguing/neat than anything else. A lot of people don’t seem to like them much, but I think most people would admit they are a fun experience, but not necessarily something you’d like to smell like all the time, which I can appreciate. I think my next binge will be a bunch of those because my curiosity is definitely getting the better of me for some of those ones in particular. Their marketing definitely works on me, because the titles definitely pique my curiosity and make me want to buy them. This deal isn’t too bad: I have other scents I’d be more willing to spend $150 bucks on before I did this, but it would be a nice way to experience a ton of them at once! 🙂

          • Nice list! I hear a lot of people talking about Aventus. I think my blogger friend, Scent Bound, had a post on it. People seem to have mixed reactions to that one, if I recall properly. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you got Bel Ami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!. Equipage too! Molecule 01….. oh boy. You’ll definitely have to let Miriam know if she was alone in considering that a GTFOMY (Get the F* off my arm) scent.

            My Monday SyC package included DZing or Dzhonga, I can’t recall which. I’m always confusing the two in my mind.

            When I did the Order 5/set thing of Tom Ford a while ago, I had wanted to include Japan Noir but it’s SO hard to find since its discontinuation that I didn’t include it. I am looking forward to trying out his Ambre Absolut as I hear it is the most concentrated, intense amber scent on the market.

            Casanova…. I’m dying to know what are the notes in that one and what they would think Casanova smelled like! Got any details at your finger tips?

          • I didn’t try Andy Tauer this time round. A few of the things I got: MONTALE!!! Yes, I thought I needed to give them one more chance before deciding that they should be stricken off this blog as forever verboten. LOL. I got a leather oud Montale essentially: Oud Cuir d’Arabie. It’s supposed to be one of the most leather-y things around. I also got:
            ~Etat Libre d’Orange’s Tom of Finland,
            ~Parfum de Nicolai’s Maharanih
            ~Serge Lutens: Borneo 1834, Cuir Mauresque, Ambre Sultan, Musc Khoublai Khan, Chergui and.. um… one other non-export super spicy one which I now forget.
            ~Penhaligon’s Amarinthine (super skank, apparently)
            ~ Anima Dulcis, because of Scent Bound’s amazing description of it!
            ~ Several Hermenessences and… um… I’m blanking out now. Last night is a blur. A blur of insanity!

  2. For Casanova: Top notes are bergamot, citruses, grapefruit and licorice; middle notes are lavender and star anise; base notes are vanilla, almond, sandalwood, cedar and amber. I think some people said it was a little too tame/sweet whatever, but I’m still curious. Even though I wasn’t head over heels with Marquis de Sade (I think I’ve come to realize that boozy notes tend to be off-putting for me, even though they tend to fade away), I liked it enough that I wanted to try more from that house. But again, even with Marquis de Sade, I need to try it a few times, because my tastes seem to change a lot and I sometimes learn to love things I didn’t fall in love with initially. Azemour was love at first sniff, though, and so was L’Air du Desert Marocain. I haven’t been disappointed with anything really, though I will say Knize was comparatively the biggest disappointment to date for me. I usually like, or can appreciate the brash, in your face stuff, but I don’t really like having to go through the rubbery part to get to the leather. Again, I need to try both the Knizes again, because people seem to love them and I feel like I’m missing something!

    • Ha! Tom of Finland is on my “to try” list as well. I’m afraid of the rubberiness, but I don’t think I inherently dislike the smell, I just think the Knize version wasn’t to my taste. True confession: The smell of new tires is one of my favorite smells, so I think I just need to find the right rubber scent in order to not be put off by it. I’ll be curious about Borneo 1834, I’m trying that too because it sounds totally and completely up my alley. Chergui sounds great too. Glad we have a little overlap in our buys because I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on those! You’re being so charitable to Montale. Must be the Christmas cheer in the air. LOL

      • Re. the Montales, I decided I need to at least have a vestige of fairness….. *snort* We’ll see if this one persuades me, but I’m dubious. I remembered the 6th Lutens that I ordered: Fumerie Turque

        You ordered the Borneo as well? See, we’re on the exact same wavelength! You are making me intrigued by the Knize, even more than you had originally. I saw that on the list for the sampler set of the Top 5 rated/Top 4 rated scents and almost went with it but decided to try the Montale instead. I remembered your distinct lack of enthusiasm too well. I almost ordered the Andy Tauer Morocain Pour Elle version, but decided to wait on that one too.

        • People seem to love Knize. Or maybe it’s just that the people who love it really, really love it (which I guess is the case with a lot of things). Either way, I really thought I would be head over heels and I just wasn’t. But again, I need a few more tries before my feelings are totally known. LOL.

    • Casanova has a very interesting set of notes. Fresh and citrus-y but then, warm. Hm, interesting. As for Boozy Scents, I like them — along with incense — a lot more than you, I think. I’m really intrigued by the Marquis de Sade description now. Do you think your nose interprets boozy as “too sweet”? Could that be it, or do you mean boozy in a very different way? Is it boozy like rum or aged cognac, or like something else?

      • I mean boozy like hard liquor (at least to my nose)! It definitely tames, but to me the opening blast of liquor was extremely pronounced. I do think I liked it more than Knize, but not as much as Ambre Russe (those are perhaps arbitrary comparisons, but I am comparing them because I think they all have a leather note somewhere in there).

        • Ah, hard liquer, so back to the rum and cognac. LOL. See, I think that is so much more up my alley than some other categories of scent. I’m definitely keeping the Marquis de Sade on my list. Speaking of leather, I ordered Bandit from Robert Piguet. (That is supposed to be one of the best leather scents around, or is it tobacco? Both, I think. It’s all a daze right now.) It’s part of my prior order which arrived Monday but I don’t know if I should review that first or Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, or Tom Ford’s Ambre Absolut. Hmm, decisions, decisions. If I didn’t have to deal with my car registration stuff today and do some other unpleasant things, I would try to squeeze in two things. As it is, reviews may have to wait until tomorrow.

          • You have my sympathies regarding car registration. I had to do it when I moved from Arlington to DC proper and it was an irritating process. Admittedly, once I actually went to the DMV it wasn’t *quite* as horrible as I envisioned (though I had to bring a bazillion different documents, and saw several people turned away after two hours of waiting because they didn’t bring the adequate paperwork!), so I hope you have the same relatively painless process.

  3. Mmmmm, I just tried Cuir Ottoman. So decadent and rich and leathery and elegant. Awesome. Makes me feel like I’m the library at Downton Abbey or something. Definitely worth trying if you like rich leather. It’s totally warm and delicious!

    • Cuir Ottoman is from Parfum d’Empire, right? I think I looked at that yesterday but hesitated for some reason. I think I was getting too many leathers and incenses, so I changed my mind. Is that your favorite leather scent thus far?

      I do wish you hadn’t mentioned the library at Downton Abbey. Damn you, Kevin! *shakes fist* You know exactly what my triggers are!! If Cuir Ottoman isn’t already on my short list, it will be now!

      • Indeed, it is. I’ve been trying a lot of leathers too because I’m looking for the perfect one(s). I personally liked it way, way more than Knize Ten or Knize Ten Golden Edition, but I think it’s probably a bit overlapping with Cuir Russe, though I’d have to smell them side-by-side to clearly differentiate them. I remember thinking Cuir Ottoman was more leathery than Cuir Russe, but that might just be a function of not really remembering Cuir Russe, having smelled it a few weeks ago. I also tried Ambre Russe again last night and liked it a lot less. I’m not sure if I ignored it last time, or if it was mixing with the remaining traces of what I was wearing before, but the cumin smell in Ambre Russe was in full-on blast mode for me last night and I didn’t like it at all.

        • Mixed with the remaining traces? Oh-oh. What I always do is either wash my arm or use an unscented baby wipe to remove any minute traces of the prior scent before trying a new one. I would suggest trying the same, so you can get a more accurate portrayal of the fragrance in question.

          Cumin in Ambre Russe? I thought you didn’t smell cumin or, at least, much at all? Do you think you tried it the 2nd time round in a place that was considerably warmer –temperature wise — than where you tried it on initially? Do you think the heat may have brought out underlying notes?

          • Maybe it wasn’t cumin, but it was *something* that smelled very body odor-ish/urine-like (which, I know those aren’t the same smells but it was some sort of bodily fluid that is generally thought to be unpleasant!). I thought every remaining trace of previous scent was gone, but that’s the only way I can think that it would smell so dramatically different than it did for me the first time!

  4. P.S. If you like incense, another one to add to your list to try might be Parfum d’Empire’s Wazamba: “This is an homage to the tradition of burning incense to purify oneself and one’s surroundings. The fragrance combines the aromas of Somalian incense, Kenyan myrrh, Ethiopian opoponax, Indian sandalwood and Moroccan cypress into a composition of astounding depth. The bitter freshness of the coniferous note lifts the luxurious mix of resins, bringing a certain airiness and translucency into the dark and soulful blend. The unexpected and delightful addition of a delicate fruity note softens the solemn arrangement, adding another lighter dimension, and reminding us that the most enlightened souls are childlike and carefree. A new favorite for the lovers of incense and balms! ”

    Just [yet another] thing to consider! I wanted to say, I’m wearing Marquis de Sade again today and I definitely like it more than I did at first. But as I mentioned, I liked Ambre Russe a lot less. I can’t really explain why my attitude has changed toward each of them, but they definitely smell different than they did when I first tried them. I’m having a *really* hard time resisting the urge to buy Azemour since I bought so much in the past couple weeks, and since I’ve spent all my Christmas money (and then some!), I don’t have a good excuse. I also really want to try Aziyade by Parfum d’Empire. Also, Iskander, which is apparently “dedicated to Alexander the Great, is a bracing and fresh fragrance with a slightly spicy and surprisingly warm and earthy undertone. The citrus notes are bright and tangy, the spices are sweetly-piquant, and the musk has an animalic side that we adore. The base of Iskander, with its oakmoss and amber, displays an unexpected, chypre-like, quality and a classic, understated elegance.” Citrus? Chypre? Oakmoss? Earth? Alexander the Great? Sounds amazing!

    • I have Iskander and the Tsarist one from Parfum d’Empire on my lists, so I’m happy to read your description of the former. And, yeah, how can either of us possibly resist the Alexander the Great aspect?!! 😉 Wazamba sounds very good but I have to say, I’m going to have to do some readinhg on this Azemour of yours. You don’t fall HARD for things very often; Sycomore and M7 were it, in terms of real passion and obsessively lingering yens. You should do a guest blog analysis and review of it!

      • Heh! Well especially lately I feel I’ve been so attracted to heavy, rich scents and I will eventually need warm weather stuff! Azemour is really deep and rich, but refreshing (not Acqua di Gio refreshing, I promise you), which I think will play nicely in the oppressive DC summer heat. I think citrus can be phenomenally boring, so it was nice to smell one that I personally find so decadent and surprising. And though I love M7, I’ve only worn it once since the initial spray – I guess I should stop waiting for the right occasion. It’s a little much for the workplace, I think, though. 🙂

        • P.S. The need for an Azemour full bottle comes both from a real admiration for it + the oakmoss noted in it. I’m so afraid one day it will be gone and I’ll be stuck with a mere memory! LOL. This is probably how hoarding begins.

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