Hello world!

Hello everyone. I tiptoe into the land of the bloggers. Consider this an Opus to Verboseness, covering everything under the sun from perfume to food, dogs to television, politics to religion.  I’m new to this, so I hope you will be gentle with me as I venture into technological unknowns.

A little about me: I was raised in Europe, educated in the United States and now live in Texas. My life has been both Sisyphean and Kafkaesque, hence the blog name. I’m a gourmet gourmand, a dog fanatic (especially if they are German shepherds), a history lover, a lawyer, a television junkie, a perfume addict, and a perfectionist who is passionately opinionated about most things. I’m rarely perfect, but I always try my best. I’m owned by “The Hairy German,” also known as Zola, Zoli Zol, Émile Zola, or Angel Face And he will be a silent contributor to my blog.

I hope you are all having a good day and I look forward to sharing my random babblings with you.

6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. hieeee kafka 😀 i need your mail id dear … can i ask a query here ? …
    so hubby is in your country for next 20 days and i have given him small list but i want to ask you which fragrance shall i ask him ?
    i tried GUERLAIN SHALIMAR sample but there are 2 – 3 versions i guess ?? not sure dear but i guess i like floral or fresh floral …
    pls tell me if i want a medium size bottle from where should i ask him to get ? he will be in san jose so Great Mall is nearby and there is perfumania shop or some perfume shop there … or shall i ask him to get it from SEPHORA ?
    a gift set or what ??
    pls tell me dear … i have CK EUPHORIA and i loveee it and i loveee ESTEE LAUDER Beautiful too ..
    can you suggest me what to buy or try ?

    • You can write to me at AKafkaesqueLife@gmail.com if you would like. I don’t know what shops are available at the Great Mall but my first recommendation for someone who likes a big floral scent like Beautiful would be Fracas by Robert Piguet or Amarige by Givenchy. Euphoria is a fruity-floral is perhaps you’d like the new Chanel Coco Noir. The thing is, those two fragrances you mentioned don’t really tell me a lot about what you may like or not like. One is a floral, the other is technically a woody oriental with fruit. I don’t think Shalimar would be your thing. I would definitely recommend Fracas Eau de Parfum to you, but it’s not in Sephora. Perfumania may have it. It’s definitely available online. And, again, you may also want to consider Amarige by Givenchy. It’s lovely, imo, and I own a full bottle. If he can’t find Fracas, then I’d go with Pure Poison (white bottle) by Dior or Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera. Those are two big white flower scents that are commonly available and not expensive. Pure Poison is in Sephora; Carolina Herrera will probably be in Perfumania (which, btw, I think is a littel over-priced, esp. as compared to eBay or Fragrancenet. I’d see if he could order it from there and have it shipped to his hotel.) If you want to go a more high-end, 24 Faubourg by Hermes is fantastic. It was Princess Diana’s signature scent and it is an extremely elegant floral. One of my all-time personal favorites, in fact. It smells expensive, elegant, regal, sophisticated and very feminine.

      • thank you soooo much dear for all the reccos … am making a note of it and storing it for future references 😀 you are a sweetheart dear …. mu hybby is staying with his real sister so no issues regarding shipping and all 😀 😀 … i will def. share what he picked for me 😀 right now am thinking that givenchy is good idea 😀 😀

        • You’re very welcome, sweetie. All the names I gave you are things I own and love myself. Fracas will always be one of my favorite perfumes in all the world, and it is the gold standard for a white floral (as well as a tuberose) scent. But it can be a little too much, too diva-ish, too powerful. It will be interesting to see what your husband thinks as he smells all these. I can’t wait to hear what he ends up choosing for you. 🙂

  2. Hey there! Congratulations on the new blog and I am so glad we agree on some of Bourdains more extreme gastronomical pursuits.

    • Thank you, and thank you for stopping by, Duchess! 🙂 Yes, I fear that Anthony Bourdain’s African adventures are where I draw the gastronomical line. The mere memory of that one episode with the warthog sends shivers down my spine. LOL!

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